17 filthy rich people who would rather live an ordinary life

rich people with an ordinary life
rich people with an ordinary life

It’s a weird, weird world out there! While we spend half of our lives dreaming up of a fortune that would endow us with a lavish lifestyle, there is the elite section who have all the money in the world but choose to live a life of means. While it is indeed given that rich people do things differently, it’s bizarre to find out that some of them live a life that is more of our type. Here are 17 of the world’s filthiest richie rich people who would rather live an ordinary life than splurging on their hard earned fortune-

#1 Queen Elizabeth II

As the lady dominating the hierarchy of what is perhaps the famous of all royal existences in the world at present, Queen Elizabeth II is a definite lesson in living modestly. At least as far as gifting extravagances are considered.

The matriarch of the whole of England quite surprisingly makes it an efforts to reuse gift wrapping paper whenever she can. Even otherwise, she encourages her family to spend a bit conservatively when it comes to gifting.

#2 Bill Gates

The principal founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates might be the second wealthiest man in the world. But that cannot lead him to be frivolous when it comes to spending on the most essential things in life.

The Harvard dropout still relies on a $10 watch to keep a check on how efficiently he is utilising his precious time.

Not only that, Bill Gates also does the dishes himself each night after dinner and saves on the electricity expenses of a dish washer.

#3 Mark Zuckerberg

The man behind Facebook, the world’s most gigantic social media platform, Mark Zuckerberg has a net worth of a staggering $71 billion. But he prefers to wear the same pair of jeans and tee to work every single day. Self professedly, it saves much of his time but we know that saves him a hell lotta fortune as well!

#4 Kristen Bell

The star of the highest grossing animated film Frozen, Kirsten Bell has a net worth of around $20 million. That combined with actor husband Dax Shepherd’s $12 million fortune brings their overall worth to well above 30 million dollars. But consider that the star chose to spend a mere $142 on her otherwise starry wedding and you will know just how common man like even celebs can be!

#5 Warren Buffet

A multi fortuner with a net worth of $84 billion, Warren Buffet is another simplistically rich person. Not only he continue living in his $31,500 home that he procured way back in 1958, he also doesn’t rely on a multi cuisine specialty for his meals. The octogenarian still eats a 6 year old. From gorging on the cheap deals at McDonalds to relying on Oreos for his travel meals, Warren Buffet is the idol we all need!

#6 Tim Cook

The CEO of the only trillion dollar company, Tim Cook is as frugal as he can get. Apple’s $625 million worthy Cook prefers yachting to riding, unlike a rich man. What’s more, he also picks up his underwear from Nordstorm’s semi annual sale obviously spending quite some bucks!

#7 Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad
Source: dagenshandel.se

IKEA has been raking in the moolah for more than seven decades now and with a net worth of more than $58 billion IKEA founder Invgar Kampard was one of the richest in the world. But the man did his haircut in poorer countries to save on grooming costs. That’s a bit weird though because travel costs would any day outrun mere barber costs. Anyway however, this is one remarkably frugal habit we have encountered.

#8 Beyonce

She might be Queen B for you but Beyonce even with her massive $500 million fortune is quite minimalistic on her spending expenses. She rarely splurges on expensive clothes or jewelry, cars or specimens of art. Rather she makes do with all those gifts generously bestowed on her. In fact, Beyonce was indeed spotted at Target once and that’s all evidence we need of her cheap life choices.

#9 John F. Kennedy

One of the most notable Presidents of the US, John F. Kennedy might be celebrated for his charitable ventures but otherwise he was a man who lived well under his means. He skimped on groceries and avoided paying bills and argued with his wife over simple clothes spending.

#10 Azim Premji

The chairman of India’s tech giant Wipro, Azim Premji might be one of the greatest philanthropists on earth but for his own spending, he is severely watchful- and to good measure. A net worth of $16.6 billion and Mr Premji still prefers to drive around in second hand cars and in auto rickshaws. He also keeps a tab on toilet paper usage in his office and regularly reminds his employees to switch off the light.

#11 Cary Grant

The highest paid movie star of his era, Cary Grant had been remarkably frugal in his lifetime. Not only did he mark milk bottles to monitor their use but he also charged for autographs and his house guests pay for their laundry. Now that’s not only miserly but quite a mean thing to do as well.

#12 Amancio Ortega

ZARA is one name that strikes as a shopper’s haven for the most of us. And ZARA founder Amancio Ortega counts on all of us to draw upon his fame as one of the world’s richest person. Yet with a huge 70 billion dollars net worth, Ortega lunches with his employees and wears simple clothes, quite un- ZARA like. For all his savings however, he does own a private jet!

#13 David Cheriton

A Stanford University professor with a 46 billion fortune, David Cheriton is for sure one of the world’s richest people. Notwithstanding his giant amassment though, Cheriton stikl rides a bike instead of luxury cars, flies commercial and prefers jeans over fashion clothing. But what’s somewhat a bit too much on the extreme is that he even reuses his teabags!

#14 Hetty Green

One of the lesser heard of wealthists of the world and the first female billionaire ever, Hetty Green might have been worth 2 billion dollars but was a complete money snob. With a gigantic amount for that time, the lady however even did not pay for her son’s medical bills when he had a broken bone!

#15 Carlos Slim

The world’s richest person for quite some time, Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim also harbours frugal habits. Not only he drives himself to work everyday, he has also living in the same six bedroom apartment for more than three decades now.

#16 Charlie Chaplin

The on screen silent tramp, Charlie Chaplin extended his movie influence to his real life as well. He hardly carried money on himself and forever relied n others to pay his bills, even when he was making a fortune for his time.

#17 Hillary Swank

The acclaimed actress, with a net worth of $40 million still hasn’t let her stardom get in way of her spending habits. Hilary Swank is unapologetic about how much she makes sure to steal discounts by religiously clipping coupons!