7 richest beggars in India who are richer than you

Indias richest beggar

For the initiated out there who think that begging is only a compulsion of existence and not a way of life, you guys might not be very right. Surely, a look at the richest beggars in India and all your pity and sympathy will up for a toss as you decipher just how wealthy they are in their begging business. In many cases, even wealthier than you! Here are the 7 richest beggars in India, some of whom are even among the richest of the world-

#1 Bharat Jain

He is very well the richest beggar in India but Bharat Jain’s claim to fame may also be as the richest beggar in the world!

The 49 year old beggar who can be mostly spotted in and around his ‘workplace’ at the Parel region in Mumbai is for sure not you usual alms monger. India’s millionaire beggar often begs at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus or Azad Maidan and earns a whopping Rs 75,000 (approx) per month!

But his ‘monthly income’ isn’t the only remarkably offbeat thing about this ‘world-class’ beggar. Jain also owns two 1BHK apartments worth Rs 70 lakhs each, so a cumulative property worth of Rs 140 lakhs is what counts as his life amassment.

But that’s not even all the accomplishments of this man’s life. A monthly rent of Rs 10,000 earned from renting out place for a juice shop also adds to his humongous earning stats in the course of just a month.

Bharat Jain lives with his family of his wife and two children, as also his father and brother. Jain’s family runs a business that deals in study material and school notebooks but the high income profession of begging is too lucrative for Bharat to give up even with a family business under his wings!

#2 Krishna Kumar Gite

A young beggar rich enough to make it to the ‘coveted’ list, Krishna Kumar Gite favours Mumbai’s Charni Road as his begging hot spot. With a per day income of around Rs 1500, Gite sure is a beggar rich enough to put any rich person to shame.

Gite also owns a flat worth Rs 5 lakhs at Nala Sopara, one of Mumbai’s premium destinations. Gite lives in the flat with his brother, who also happens to be his personal ‘accounts manager’!

#3 Pappu Kumar

Patna lad Pappu Kumar with his assets worth 1.25 crores is also another of the country’s richest beggars. A specially abled person who fractured his leg in an accident, Pappu amassed massive wealth by begging on Patna’s rail platforms. Not only does Kumar has four bank savings accounts in his name, but he also lends out money to small traders!

#4 Sarvatia Devi

Sarvatia Devi
Source: lopscoop.com

Among the most famous of India’s female beggars is Sarvatia Devi who is also one among the richest beggars in India. Also a Patna lady, Devi’s main source of income is the money she collects as alms by begging in the trains of Patna.

With an average monthly income of Rs 50,000, Devi can live quite the life of comfort. She owns a home behind Patna’s Ashok Cinemas and has a daughter who is now married and well settled. Not only that, the woman in her early 50’s boasts of a net worth of 10 lakhs and pays a whopping Rs 36,000 per year as an insurance amount!

With her substantial wealth, Sarvatia Devi has traveled across the country and been on pilgrimage to holy places. The woman in fact enjoys going places on train for free and begs even while on a journey!

#5 Massu/ Malana

Malana or Massu is another Mumbai beggar who has his own distinctive style of begging. He reaches his begging spot on an auto and also returns from there on the same. But that’s not all that this off beat beggar has to offer. Every day Massu has to change into his begging specific clothes after reaching his spot and begs there for 8- 10 hours. He generally begs in front of Mumbai’s most high end of restaurants which grants him with an average income ranging somewhere between Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per month. Maasu also owns property worth approximately Rs 30 lakhs in the city.

#6 Sambhaji Kale

Sambhaji Kale is another one of the richest beggars in India. With a daily income of around a thousand rupees, it is no wonder that the person who begs at the Khar region in Mumbai has managed to procure two houses. He also owns a piece of land in Solapur (Maharashtra) and has made quite some investments in different ventures. With a family of four, Kale also has bank savings worth lakhs to tide over the expenses.

#7 Laxmi Das

Source: BBC News

Kolkata also is home to one of the richest beggars in India. The beggar in question is Laxmi Das whose journey of begging for alms goes back more than five decades. Das has been begging on the streets of the city since 1964, when she was just a 16 year old teenager.

The polio afflicted Laxmi Das has an average monthly income of Rs 30,000 which can be attributed to her begging. Das also has a bank account to her name with a substantial bank balance.