Royal families of India who are living like the kings and queens after independence

royal families of india

India might have emerged to be one of the largest democracies in the world. But that does not deter our erstwhile majesties to live the life and enjoy the glory that their ancestors basked in. With a privileged royal heritage to boast of, the modern day kings and queens embody opulence like no other. Here are eight royal families of India who are living like the kings and queens even after independence-

Royal Family of Alsisar

When you speak of the royal in Rajasthan, the names that are most likely to strike you would be Jodhpur and Udaipur. But flourishing simultaneously is also the Royal family of another town in Rajasthan- Alsisar.

The Alsisars are proud heirs to a legacy that is rich and that they are furthering with their uber cool tastes. In fact, the 16th scion of this royal family is the man who helped launch India’s coolest music festival!

The current Raja of Khetri, Abhimanyu Singh is the co sponsor of the annual EDM festival, Magnetic Fields. Alsisar Mahal, the family’s ancestral grounds, which in other times of the year is a magnificent heritage hotel, also stands ground to the magical musical festival.

The imperial man is a standout persona with his 6 foot tall stature and is a luxury hotelier and marathon runner as well. Apart from his ancestral heritage in Alsisar, Singh’s regal endowments also include a Jaipur haveli, a second palace in Ranthambore, and a third property currently under construction in Khetri. 

Mewar Dynasty

With a fleet of heritage hotels, resorts and institutions across Rajasthan as a symbol of their royal heritage, the Mewar royals are among the most prominent royal families of India.

The current custodian of what might very well be the world’s oldest serving dynasty is Rana Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar. The Chairman and Managing Director of the HRH Group of Hotels, Arvind Singh is also a keen sportsman and aviator.

India’s first polo destination, the Ramgarh Resort & Polo Club in Jaipur is attributed to this very royal man. A private airport in Udaipur’s Shikarbadi Hotel, a collection of crystals and a fleet of vintage cars exude gleam and glory from withing the royal confines of the Mewars in continuation of a legacy that flourishes even now!

Royal family of Jaipur

Resting in his claim to royal legacy is 21 year old Maharaja Padmanabh Singh, the multi millionaire king of the royal family of Jaipur. With a fortune spanning close to Rs 30,000 crores, the Jaipur royalites are an influential lot among the royal families of India.

The sprawling City Palace in Jaipur as well as the ancient Ram Niwas are the rich bounty that the Jaipur royalty is steeped in.

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Wadiyar Dynasty

The only royal family in India to have legit ruled over an empire for more than 500 years is the Wadiyar Dynasty. With that accumulated inheritance of a five centuries long legacy, the scions of the Wadiyars continue to live a royal life well after almost seven decades of being in a democracy.

The current king of Mysore is Yaduveer Krishnadatta, a young scion of the Wadiyar Dynasty who chose to live the royal life after being educated abroad. And rightly so. Because with property and assets worth a whopping Rs 10,000 crore, the Wadiyar Dynasty is definitely among the noteworthy royal families of India. The stupendous amount of riches is however justified given that the Wadiyars have been the rulers of Mysore, itself famed as the Land of Palaces. Guaranteed to have you esteemed in seething royal riches!

Royal Family of Rajkot

It has the royal vibes in its very name- the royalites of Rajkot in Gujarat are no less splendid in their magnificence that any of the other royal families of India. A 100 room royal home, the Ranjit Villa built in 1870 stands testimony to the enduring legacy and richness of these royal Gujaratis.

Like many other royals of the modern times, the current helmer of royal affairs in Rajkot Yuvraj Mandhatasinh Jadeja has put his ancestral fortune to good use for business investment. From revamping ancestral palaces into heritage hotels to investing almost Rs 100 crores in furthering bio fuel development and hydropower plants, the Rajkot royals know how to rake in the moolah while making a mark with their ventures that concentrate also on sustainability plus the sheen.

With their privileged and esteemed fortune along with a keen entrepreneurial ability, the royal family of Rajkot continue to live like kings and queens even after independence.

Royal Family of Bikaner

Now here is a royal family that nurtures it s legacy not just in the fortune it inherits but also in the valor it encompasses. The current heir of the Royal family of Bikaner, Princess Rajyashree Kumari is also the owner of the opulent palace cum luxury hotel Lallgarh Mahal. But perhaps her blue blood is more proclaimed in her own pursuits. An Arjuna awardee and a former shooter, Rajyashree Kumari has also authored two books- The Lallgarh Palace-Home of the Maharajas of Bikaner and The Maharajas of Bikaner.

Gaekwads of Baroda

The Gaekwads of Baroda are proud inheritors of the largest private residence in India, the 123 year old Lakshmi Vilas Palace humongously spread over 400 acres and encompassing an unbelievable 187 rooms!

And that is only the tip of the iceberg that leads the Gaekwads to easily become one of the richest among royal families of India. An inheritance amounting to Rs 20,000 crores in property and an unparalleled collection of jewels sum up the bounty of fortune that the current royal lineage feast on, courtesy their privileged ancestry and good fortune.

Royal Family of Jodhpur

If there’s one royal family residing in the country’s largest private home, there’s yet another that bears ownership of the world’s largest private residence. That’s exactly how much the royal families of India are steeped in an amassment of wealth so massive that lets them live the life of splendor as kings and queens.

The Royal family of Jodhpur besots the glorious Umaid Bhawan in Jodhpur, part of which is also as gorgeous a heritage hotel. Also a bearer of the ancestry is the ancient Mehrangarh Fort which is now also a museum that hoards antiquities. And the present king from the royal family Gaj Singh also oozes as much regal aura with his decked up jewelry and chiffon get up.