Sarah Stanley Fallaw studied over 600 super rich people and found 5 things they do differently from us

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Those who say and believe that time is money aren’t mere philosophers. The world thrives on a multitude of things and to say that wealth doesn’t come close anywhere to being a deal maker would be a white lie. Money matters and therefore matters of money aren’t to be speculated as being worthless. Because even when the worth of money tends to depreciate every passing moment (with inflation of the world economy forever on the rise), money speaks and indeed it does on loud, bold terms.

Had this not been the truth, the world would not have fretted over the number of billionaires and multi millionaires growing up over the decades. But assuming that all the people in this world are equally dedicated, talented and hardworking, a vast amassment of wealth isn’t a reality for the majority of them.

You might be tempted to assume that money and matters of luxury are something that depends on fate and luck, and strictly comes under the purview of the zodiac you are born under. Maybe to some extent wealth indeed does come more easily to a certain people. Yet when we talk of someone as stinkingly rich as those dealing in millions and above, the picture is a bit different.

The ethics of the richest 1% of the world

The difference lies in attitude. Work ethics and all are crucial but what is equally pertinent is how the richest people in the world spend their time? And where exactly do they stand out as being in a different league than the rest of us?

As director of research for the Affluent Market Institute Sarah Stanley Fallaw points out in her book “The Next Millionaire Next Door: Enduring Strategies for Building Wealth.” that encompasses a comprehensive study of more than 600 millionaires deciphers, how millionaires occupy their minds and time can influence how much wealth they build.

Stanley found that millionaires spend their time differently in five vital areas, namely-

#1 Working more

Working, you assume. And indeed you are right. All the wealth holders in the world are literally work machines, who work more than the average person. From working more than 100 hours a week to utilising even a ‘trip’ down the lift and to the car to seal billions worth business deals, work- both hard and smart- is the mantra of success for the richest people.

Sheryl Sandberg, Melissa Myers, Mukesh Ambani and almost all rich people are total work addicts.

#2 Sleeping less

So if these multi millionaires and the like devote so much of the day to work, it’s obvious that they would have to devote much less of their time and effort to things that ordinary people like us do. And sleep comes first on the list of things they compromise on.

With sleeping hours that last somewhere between a miserly three to a more decent six hours per day, these workaholics gain what makes them matter in the richey rich world.

Elon Musk, Indra Nooyi, Tony Robbins all are members of the sleep less gang.

#3 Perusing social media

Needless to say, wealthies around the world have far, far less time for social media antics. Either because it’s a distraction that can cost them their patience, peace of mind and in some case also their money. Or because the realise how worthless it is to put up one’s life on social media when they can be so much better off doing the things they enjoy- and that which counts.

Karlie Kloss and George Clooney are the surprising celebrities who have shunned social media and emerged to be millionaires!

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#4 Exercising more

Rather, worldly billionaires choose to devote more of their time and energy to self care. Working out and exercising counts among the foremost of things they would prioritise. From maintaining a fit body that stimulates the feel good hormones and the will to do better things to calming their nerves, rich people have their workout routines forever set in place. Equivalently, action sports also act as a worthy time occupier for being a healthy, wealthy (and wise) (wo)man.

Be it Tim Cook or Oprah Winfrey or Anna Wintour, just about everybody has a dedicated exercise regime.

#5 Reading even more

These multi millionaires who inspire and encourage by their life stories immortalised in print are also acknowleding indebtors to the phenomena of being avid readers. All those people who harbour a huge empire of wealth are also worthy keepers of knowledge.

No doubt they read for recreation and for pleasure, but mostly they read to improve. From being updated with whatever is going on in the world as well as their field of expertise, to gaining newer perspectives on how exactly they can goad themselves to excellence, richly successful people always have books as their best companions.

Warren Buffet, Melissa McCarthy, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg are the names that stand out prominently in the to-read list.

Our add ons:

Rich people all around the world also invest their time and interest in creative pursuits like pursuing art and culture. Travelling to newer places to discover new cultures (more than the place) also stand out as a hobby pursued by the ultra rich.

No wonder rich people do the same things as us, they only do them differently, with a more enriching view of the world than what we profess and emulate.