15 signs that your ex isn’t over you yet


Valentine’s Day is over but is your recently love- Lost Valentine over you as well? While a break up signifies the end of a romance, it however cannot signal end of something more poignant. Because emotions refuses to be weighed down by the official stamp of a break up or a patch up. So how to know if your ex is over you yet? We list these 15 signs that will give away how much your ex is still devoted to you-

#1 Drunk visiting you

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He drinks a hell lot to drown out your memories. So drunk that you might encounter him loitering somewhere about your place, depressed and distressed and having no value of the life that was once so dear to you.

#2 Cares for you

More often than not when your ex still cares enough for you to check up with you and your pals every now and then, chances are they still aren’t over you completely. Of course, concern is a sure shot sign of love and when you are constantly being ‘loved’ even when you guys had given up on it some time back, it’s clear that you are still being his muse.

#3 Wanting to be friends

If your ex wants to be friends with you even after you have broken up just because he can’t bear the thought of not being with you any more, he most likely still have feelings for you. Because an ex who is unable to move on in life without you isn’t your ex after all. He’s still a lover, unrequited maybe, but a lover nonetheless.

#4 All his current affairs are just flings

Agreed, it might not be very easy to move on from a relationship that you were so emotionally invested in. And being in another relationship is also not the only sign of moving on. Yet, an ex who has been in several casual flings ever since you broke off even though a serious relationship isn’t something on his mind might just be an indicator of him still being stuck up on you.

#5 Indulges in social media antics

While being stalked can be creepy AF, your ex stalking you can mean that you are on her mind often. Be it checking your social media accounts every now and then to see what you are up to (romantically as well as otherwise) or bumping into you in real life at places they know you would most likely frequent speaks volumes about how much you still matter to your ex.

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#6 Wants to be your reason of happiness

Alternatively, unfollowing/ blocking you on social media also proves their weakness for you so much so that they can’t even get themselves to see what fun you could be having without them.

#7 Trying to get back at and with you

When you guys had been official for quite some time before deciding to call it off, it’s most obvious that your people would have known about the love. Even after the breakup if you find these people trying to make you reconcile your differences and bring you back as a couple, it’s possible that it’s your ex goading his pals to make you even one more time.

#8 Gets hyper about you

Pangs of desperation, momentary outbursts of anger, a silent zoning out or frustrated screaming- if your ex reacts in any of these ways whenever you pop up in conversations, be dead sure that he’s still very much into you. Extreme reactiveness is always a carrier of emotions, so you now know what bothers your ex about you.

#9 Ends up drunk dialing you

Whom do you end up talking to when you aren’t sober enough to handle yourself? Obviously, the person you are closest to. So when your ex drunk dials you or drunk texts you those heart emojis, you should be rest assured that you are constantly being a party to their subconscious thoughts.

#10 Is being visibly jealous

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The most obvious your ex can be about his feelings is when they talk bullshit about your new person. Be it degrading them or degrading you to keep yourself away from that ‘out of the league’ person, it’s all jealousy that takes over your ex partner once they discover your new relationship.

#11 Holding on to your gifts

However materialistic gifts might be perceived as, it’s undeniable that a gift from that special someone is priceless. More than the gift, it’s the emotions that come wrapped that matter. Though returning gifts once you are done with someone might come off as rude, they very often signal the dead end of a bond. So when your ex is still holding on to those things that were love struck gestures by you, its an obvious answer to all these hiccups that have been recently tormenting you!

#12 More than willing to admit their faults

You might have been the one who might have been apologising all the time your relationship went haywire. Yet when your ex finally starts owning up to their faults and are willing to make up for them, it’s time to let the truth sink in. They very much want you back in their lives.

#13 Goes OTT on social media

If you had an ex who’s not a very on-social media kind of a person, it’s even easier to know if they aren’t over you yet. Their social accounts suddenly get suspiciously happy with over the top happy pictures. Or distressedly suicidal with depressing quotes. Either way, they miss you bad and want you to take notice.

#14 Trying to bring back those memories

Bringing back the memories is the best shot at reviving love. If your ex is trying in subtle ways to make all those fond memories matter for one more time, then brace yourselves. You are likely to be pursued one more time.

#15 Finally, because your gut feeling tells you so!

Finally, if it’s your ‘inner voice‘ that tells you that there’s still something that binds you to your ex, believe it. When you have the feels that he’s not over you yet, he most probably isn’t.