7 major signs you will never get married ever!

signs you will never get married

Marriage can be a frenzy; but it can also be a fear. Some glorify the institution of marriage where others admonish it. There also is the continuing debate of love marriage versus arranged marriage that refuses to reach any consensus anytime soon. With so much of underlying assumptions and conflicting opinions in fold, marriage sure remains an important element of human existence. Which is perhaps why entailing ourselves with this social- or societal- phenomenon isn’t yet something we have been able to do away with.

With tying the knot very often seen as a significant life decision, it therefore becomes necessary to review ourselves vis-a-vis the vial of wedding vows as someone conforming to the expectations of it or not. In its essence, marriage should require only love as a personal choice. Involve the society however, as we do unwillingly but eventually, and marriage becomes the platform for reverence or parallely for chiding. So are you someone who has it in you to declare yourself a valiant individual seeking fulfillment through marriage? Or are you some lesser being exhibiting such signs that will lead you to not get married ever? Read on to decipher the disaster in making i.e you, if you exist in our ‘valid’ pinpointings of your invalidity when it comes to marriage-

You are always rejecting people

And no, its not just potential matches. You are picky to the extent that you even do not bond generally with people who do not adhere to your ‘ideals’. From finding someone too much of a narcissist to be your friend to considering that guy apt only for the friendzone, you constantly outdo yourself in expectations. Which is one of the clearest signs and also the main reason that you probably will never get married. Because obviously, when you don’t want to settle for someone or something because you are being way too dismissive of them, you cannot really expect the universe to conspire to sum a world of happy togetherness for you.

While marriage itself is not the most perfect of institutions, you aren’t as well. But in your pursuit of someone better every damn time, you are only leading yourself to a life of forever singledom. For better or for worse, that’s a different matter to debate however.

Sharing is somehow not your thing

hate sharing
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Sharing might be caring but refusing to yield to this nobility has been your characteristic all through life. For someone unwilling to as much as share belongings and minor stuff, it’s one of the absolute signs of never getting married. Expecting yourself to share your life with someone when you loathe splitting even your chocolate with your sibling is downright impossible. Marriage itself is a shared commitment, unless of course you tend to go the sologamy way. Which means one way or the other you would have to make allowances for sharing. Whether it be sharing your things with them or them sharing their emotions with you, marriage dwells always in shared components. And when you aren’t quite appreciative of the sharing virtue, let alone wanting to commit to it, you cannot be expected to commit to the idea of marriage as well.

You’re too skeptical a person

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Being skeptical can impact a lot of things. And that includes your chances of getting married as well. Your nature as a person can sometimes be one of the signs indicative of your married profile in the future. If you are someone who believes that things will go awry because they can and therefore stay away from them, it would be tough for you to lead a life with someone who just might leave you because they indeed can!

Being forever wary of relationships and life in general can therefore put you in quite a spot ‘when the time comes’. You are always so keen on deciphering the worst case scenario of every happening that you might in fact be sending out negative signs to people. Not to mention how your own doubting nature will never lead you to commit to anything for fear of the worse. Either way though you probably would end up never getting married because you are apprehensive enough of entertaining even the most positive of signs!

You are unwavering in your way

If you have been someone adamant all your life, then you already have been exhibiting more than enough signs that you won’t get married ever in life. Since as a person it’s difficult for you to conform to the norms and dictums of the world, it’s obvious that you cannot exactly live your life with someone else. Any successful relationship necessitates embarking on the middle route every once in a while. Not just marriage, all bonds of human life can find realisation only through effort and understanding. In your nature however as an unyielding individual, you might be squandering your marriage prospects up in smoke.

Being stubborn can perhaps help you in good stead in life when you have a goal to achieve or a valid point to prove. But in arrangements like marriage when you essentially need to ‘work’ with another individual or even whole families, it isn’t always possible- or even desirable- to have things going your absolute way. Needless to say, your dead- set attitude in life will likely not hold you on favourable ground for a married life.

Commitment is a serous issue with you

One of the most vital signs that you can identify early on in life as an indicator of not getting married ever is your fear of commitment. Why you would be someone averse to the idea of commitment is already a topic of serious debate and discord. And while that might throw other such lives in disarray who hinge on you to make the next move, it also does not spell exactly rosy propositions for yourself as well. A commitment phobic is a serious setback for any relationship enthusiast. And if you continue to turn down everyone interested in you with this personal aversion, then there’s no chance on earth that you will ever be able to walk down the aisle.

You are someone always annoyed

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Trust us, no one likes a snob and certainly no one ever likes a snob enough to marry them. Sending off signs that you are one of those unlikeable snobs will therefore seriously hamper any chance you would have had of getting married. If you are someone who hates people in general, it’s obvious that no one would want to have anything to do with you as well. Equivalently, for someone who finds every being of the world annoying, you should also not even be fancying your chances of getting married.

What we are trying to say here is that if every thing, no matter how small or big that might be, has the potential to bother you, it would be hard luck for you trying to find a partner you do not consider annoying. And with trials and turbulation like the sake of your ‘peaceful existence’ at stake, why even bother about marriage?

You don’t know maturity

It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80; you can still exhibit each and every of the signs that immaturity demands to foil your bid of getting married. Marriages might or might not thrive on love, but they sure as hell wouldn’t survive if the involved parties exhibit childishness in their approach to it. Maturity is knowing that marriages need compassion more than passion. Or that life isn’t always about love, it’s also as much about the loathings.

Preparing yourself for marriage can be quite a task, especially when you haven’t yet attained such levels of maturity that will let you coexist fruitfully and at peace with some other individual. If you are constantly on the lookout to while away life in useless pursuits and not live it in spirit and through duty, it’s only better for you to remain unmarried.

Marriage makes you responsible for also some people and circumstances outside of you. Which requires a stable, matured mind for you to make worthwhile livings out of it. And if you already are faltering in making things matter for yourself because you still tend to be that much of an unperceptive organism in mind, marriage sure is not the leap of faith for people like you. Whether you interpret it as one of the signs or identify it as one of the reasons why you will likely never get married, it sure is a definite assertion of your forever single status.