Some Subtle Realisations

Some Subtle Realisations

It was a happening  world till the other day when man was perhaps not in anyway concerned about mother earth, nature, atmosphere and the unseen power of this universe.

Humans started working dreaming realising that mechanical means were the only route to ultimate bliss .

There was no doubt that an undercurrent of thoughts about the ozone layer depleting, pollution mounting ,lifestyle related illnesses were increasing but our priorities were just invincible .

The concept of happiness and peace got centered around ones achievements ,whereas empathy , love , care and universal concern dwindled to almost oblivion.

It was just for things to go through an unprecedented change.

In Spite of many many calls in the form of disease ,death and dying natural beauty and resources mankind refused to slow down .

We sought peace in expensive holidays and fancy shopping. Financial security became our marker of happiness and success .

But mother earth was suffering and nature was in pain.

“SYMBIOSIS” the law of nature had to somehow establish to bring back what we were actually destined to be made for .

Today this little microscopic human enemy (Covid 19) which has taken grip of this earth has made mankind realise that we need to get back to our roots .

As humans remain confined under lockdown mother earth is healing .

Natural beauty is visible in huge congested cities .

Wild life is out on many otherwise busy roads from lockdown habitats to share a little space on this earth which belongs to them as well .

I am sure by now we all realise

  1. How little we need to be living
  2. A bag of fresh vegetables or a tray of groceries  is enough to make us feel happy
  3. Spending too much time in socialising to feel destressed is not always mandatory, just a connect even virtual is equally rewarding
  4. Peace within can be achieved alone, nobody will hold us down that path .
  5. Man is mortal, but as long as we are alive if we can be of some purpose in someones life that is ultimate “ Nirvana”

The idea of this whole realisation is not to advise man to become a monk but yes definitely if we could remain grounded and connected with the universe and maintain a scientific symbiosis mankind will live a physically, morally and emotionally healthy life unless after centuries an upheaval of workcentric activities topples this mutual coexistence .