Soul stuff: Seeking solace in solitude

In all the dwellings the human mind hinges on, perhaps the one quest that drives a searching of the soul is contentment. And while concepts as abstract as this aren’t things that can particularly be comprehended, it’s only natural that this remains one of those crucial paradoxes that rule mortal yearnings.

Not so surprisingly, when it comes to decipher the futility- or otherwise- of existence, more often than not, there seems to be a tendency to delve into the confines of the unknown. Perhaps it’s the comfort we always seek in nothingness that grants us a special penchant for the oblivion and lures us with an uncertainty that is weirdly comforting.

Even when we are bothered only with the simpler pleasures of life, it is solitude in some form and shape that comes to make you drift away in a parallel universe of fulfillment and content.


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As human beings, we all are complex confluences of ambiguities and while our preferences differ, we all have an innate leaning towards all things solitary and lonely. Solitude and the like have so often been romanticised and projected as something so fulfilling that this concept of a personal space is inviting enough to pour our wallowing hearts into at some point of time or the other. And while there are some amongst us who perceive aloofness as somewhat negative, for those who like to dwell in the comfort of solitude, the experience is truly enriching.

And it isn’t that solitude is merely a solace for the soul, it is even a necessity. For it is in moments that you spend with yourself that you discover your true self; it’s an enlightening of sorts, whereby you get in touch with your identity and try to foster a bond with the self that is perhaps the most vital element that can sustain every inch of your existence.


Think of it this way- what would you do if you somehow realise that all your life you have been surrounded by people who have been fake? And mind you, this isn’t just an allegory, it is the reality in most cases now. And instead of being buoyed by the sorrows of your unrealistic expectations then, isn’t it better if you already learn to value your own presence so much so that ‘even when you are alone, you are whole’?

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Not to say that you should shun all interaction. But even then, a resort to the self in complete aloofness is something we all should aspire for from time to time. It would present you with a moment of introspection, of self realisation and even self appraisal. For if you can be contented with your own being, there isn’t any insecurity that can drive you to extreme negativity in life.


It isn’t realistic however to crave for loneliness all the time, in some cases it may even be deemed unhealthy. Of course, just as too much of anything can be dangerous, so is the case with too much of detachment. The point here is to seek out solitude as a detour that enables you to unwind and relax, lets you focus on things that actually makes you happy and endow you with a peace of mind that is so very essential.

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Here you might argue- in a world that is being increasingly limited by almost non existent conversations and interaction, why would anyone pitch for solitude? After all, even with all its calm and tranquility, it’s a space that is more often than not perceived as ‘evil’. Why, then, should you take some time off to dwell in solitude?


The answer actually is pretty simple and has been reiterated herein multiple times. Solitary liberation, as a means of delving into your own confines and understanding your own functionality is very much a necessity; it is even a therapy of redressing your inner conflicts and making you embrace your inner inhibitions so that they don’t become your demons, but rather manifest as your truest spirit to help you embark in this tedious journey of life in a world that is cruel, manipulative and unforgiving.

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After all, it is in moments of loneliness and when you are in complete silence with yourself, you begin to cherish life better. It makes you appreciative of the din of your existence, of the importance of someone to frolic about with and most importantly of the need to be grateful for this blessed gift of life.

In all that it does to impart you the lesson of how insignificant life is without peers and company, solitude is a paradox in itself- an oxymoron that strives to make you live, while delivering wisdom of the nature that perpetuates contradictory notions of a solitary whole.

Life is but a mess of contrivitions, and momentary dwellings in solitude is the way out of this veritable dilemma of thrust and sustenance. For lesser mortals like us, solitude is infact the magic potion that makes life all the more bearable.

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Happy aloofing people!