Spinning tales out of your Daily dosage of Staples

Every thing has a story to it. Be it the sophisticated concentration of history galore or a mere introduction that will light up your fact file, even everyday things of use can seriously present a plethora of surprises with all those information that are waiting to be blurted out to enlighten you.

Have a look at our following compilation of interesting tidbits on some of the most common brands.


Source: CompareRaja

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but LG doesn’t stand for Life’s Good. This definitely is the tagline of the brand, so you get at least a part correct. LG actually is the abbreviation of the company’s former name Lucky Goldstar.


Potato Chips
Source: ThePinsta

Snacking has been the ultimate bliss with those potato chips on your plate. But the delightful crispies was a rather ‘unintended’ invention. Unintended in the queer way though! Chef George Crum created these wafers as something that you would actually hate! And to think that those chips would be your ultimate comfort food is, maybe, some wonder?



Wire hanger
Source: Grist

Immensely functional and convenient to care of your clumsy storing worries, wire hangers were a ‘rainy day’ invention of Albert Parkhouse who bended a piece of stray wire to arrive at this wardrobe blessing.



Source: eTeknix

The product itself is iconic but the story behind its name is pretty interesting. Well, not the story, the logic which endowed the name on the phone because of its keys which somehow resembled blackberry seeds.



Source: PostMetro

Girls adore their Barbies all over. But ask them for the full name and there aren’t many takers for that. Well Barbara Millicent Roberts is your favorite doll’s complete identity. So the next time you claim how much you adore that princess, be sure to keep your facts ready.