Stupidity of a human essence


Stupidity is amusing at times, annoying at others- but one fact it always will abide by is that there is absolutely no art in being stupid. And yet for the longest span of our human existence, stupidness has found representation through different expressions of scientific and artistic jargon. That makes this ‘quality’ of a universal account a curious manifestation but still something one would not like to personally identify with. Sure there’s no shame in laughing off something that you did and have found now to be something really stupid. There’s no offense meant as well in highlighting the sufficiently dumb actions of a fellow someone and sharing a good laugh about it. But proceed to brand someone as stupid and the response is never cordial- neither of them unwilling to adhere to that identity nor with you seeking to steer clear from future irritating encounters. Stupidity then is a complex act and one that therefore bears a power that is baffling in its invincibility.

It’s not any easy task to keep calm when bombarded with a stupid exchange- the problem being not just of a dumb assertion but also the seemingly infinite extent of it. As has been elocuted through so many quotes and speeches and sayings, the appalling awareness of stupidity is due to it being but an unrestricted scope of existence. The stupid person does not know either the extent of that characteristic of theirs or even the fact that stupidity has come to be a definer of their being.

Treading then the dangers of what a blissful ignorance bears but themselves undisturbed by that realisation, stupid folks exhibit a paradox of peculiarity. It is up to the more rational proportion of the world population to deal with this often suffocating constriction of knowledge, with nothing but their own reason to counter that strain, that too in almost nonexistent a chance of success to that effect such that their own exertion in intelligence leads them to withdraw from rather than persist in that attempt. And that exactly is the fearless power that stupidity holds- of basking in the recognition of something that just cannot be contended against.

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Stupidity is dangerous but not in the way danger is perceived to be. Worse still, it might not be exactly pinpointable as well with the relativeness of how that consideration might come to be. There even manifests an associated risk of haughtiness- in daring to call someone stupid, there might arise the notion of your person being seated in a bit too much glorification of the self. With so much complexities to maneuver before the definition of what stupid should sum up can be attained, it becomes almost impossible to attribute this trait in universalness. And that is also what makes stupidity assume an unrequired character of evil- in simply refusing to be discernible, stupidness then risks also falling into a malicious trap of what it is absolutely not.

For all such precariousness of its nature, it becomes tricky for the stupid moniker to be considered with certainty of what it is or what it’s not. Stupid asserts as a vice due to this ambiguity of identity. The funny thing about stupidity is that it is its whimsicalness that makes it exhausting. Unlike the bads of the world that are condemned unanimously, stupidity enjoys the privilege of being brushed aside due to- well, its very stupidity. And even in this variation of its nesting, there lurks within the stupid assertion some shades of the paradoxical. The hazy expression of this state is what makes it naive and evil at the same time.

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What’s fascinating however about this unreasoned, no- sense, ridiculous character is that despite its seeming uselessness it has strived to bear some semblance of significance. So stirring in fact has been stupidity that it has led to the emergence of such literature that attempts to classify the curious dumbfoundedness of what it means. Through such curation, the greater understanding of stupidity emerges as one being disadvantageous for the society at large. Because while stupid people do not accrue any riches out of their existence as such, they however sure make matters worse for those around them. This version of accountability in which stupidity is regarded also generally harbours the belief of its nature as being a deliberate practice by humans. Stupidity is largely derided due to it being a non- reversible condition because of the stubbornness in which adherers to this principle seem to have found their way with it.

Stupidity then is consistent- this furthering of a more generally desirable trait complicating things even further. Stupid folks will continue to be stupid not because they simply cannot comprehend the other side of things but more because they choose to exercise that privilege of remaining in ignorance. This makes stupidity limitless and unquestionable all right but what it means for the other fore of the world population more interested in exploring the power of reason and rationality and logic is what makes stupid people peripherally vicious. And that exactly is the enormity of the power that stupidity yields- in amassing a character that disrupts the very world order of an informed and intelligent existence.

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The very point of being stupid is one that is utterly pointless. So what it is that makes stupidity prevail still not only through the real world population but also as fictional constructs derived from reality? Even more pertinent would be to ask why is stupidness allowed to permeate the scientific spaces of research as something very essential? The answer is obvious but a bit too hitting to find proclamation. Think of necessity being the mother of invention and it all starts to make sense. But unlike this oft cited proverb the invariableness of stupidity being quintessential to existence would be disputed indeed.

The possibility asserts of stupidness inadvertently positing such circumstances that a more reasoned mind would deign to consider in all their logicalness. The postulation thus arrived at might be the most wildest of their kind and seldom worth considering as well. But the fact that there still exists the slimmest chances amounting to the trimmest percentages of what can harbour some hope in being worked around is perhaps what has ensure that stupidity continues to find free run along the worldly contours. Stupidness might occur as being the antonym to both scientific and artistic expositions of the human superiority but even in that behavior is emblazoned an aspiration that speaks of the duality in which both sense and nonsense has found their own basis for breeding.