Sustaining happiness of the whole through individual bliss

Every day while you are running towards achieving contented and happy feelings; do you really know what you are looking for? Exploring the true meaning of happiness is a lifelong pursuit that slips in and out of everyday moments. This optimal state of being joyful is a deep sense of flourishing that comes from within us in the smallest engagements we make. To be truly happy, one must first define and recognize what happiness even is.

Trying to revel in a happy existence isn’t about disallowing your negative emotions or putting up the best versions of ourselves all the time. One faces adversities from time to time and it is only but natural to feel antagonism, sadness, or frustration as a result. To advocate otherwise would simply be denying our basic human nature. It is all about being up to making the most out of your joyful times; yet dealing effectively with the unavoidable dire times. Doing this would allow people to understand the best life experiences overall.

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There have been compelling assessments from 160 studies of animal and human subjects that have found clear and convincing evidence wherein contented and happy people have better health in general and tend to live a longer life than their less than happy peers. For instance, generally positive and happy people are by and large half as susceptible to the cold virus. In addition, people in touch with their primal happy self also show a fifty percent lesser risk of facing a cardiovascular event like a stroke or heart attack.

Barring a few exceptional cases, most of the reviewed long-standing studies by researchers have discovered that negative emotions like depression, anxiety, pessimism or an absence of day to day fun activities are all associated with higher rates of illnesses and a decreased lifespan.

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On the other hand, research has clearly proved that those with a general sense of happiness tend to engage in healthy practices and behaviors, for example, exercising, fulfilling the sleep cycle, avoiding smoking habits, and maintaining a balanced diet. On top of this, an overall well-being is also closely related to enhanced body functions, for instance, healthier lipid profiles, balanced blood pressure, & maintenance of standard body weights.

But happiness as a whole doesn’t help us to merely function better in everyday life circumstances. The true essence of individual happiness also holds the key to bring substantial benefits for the society that we are living in as a whole. There has often been a continuing discussion about the effect that happiness has on the lives around us. Now, is happiness socially connected?

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One of the most eye-opening revelations of life is realizing that all of life is intricately interconnected. Every action has an equal reaction. In the everyday sense, just like a smile being infectious to everyone surrounding you, content and happy individuals tend to create a ripple effect in society.

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Research has found out that happy people are more prone to making faster and correct decisions. Happiness has proven to be linked to improved decision-making and creativity. In fact, schools focusing on the emotional and social growth of their students have seen a clear and significant gain in scholastic accomplishments, in addition to improvements in the behavioral discipline. Studies have also clearly shown that happiness can, in fact, be the means to success.

Ultimately, happiness is the psychological disposition of an individual. A truly happy person does not carry negative baggage but suffuses with loads of optimism and positivity. Such individuals remain unperturbed even in the most distressful circumstances; they squeeze out drops of positivity even from the most trying moments. These kinds of jolly people tend to radiate plenty of positive vibes, which quickly catches on others. Happy people are great healers. The presence of these kinds of happy souls in a society quells aggression, resolves conflicts, injects confidence, and dilutes negative energies.

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A society that is blessed with these pacifist souls would always be peaceful and move ahead in the needful direction. Society is the basic unit in the structure of a nation. A cheerful and balanced society is the index of a blissful and prosperous nation. So do yourself and everyone around you a kind favor today, and spread the sweet gift of a smile!