13 terrible life situations and the remarkable quotes to conquer them

terrible life situations and the remarkable quotes to conquer them

Life has never been a bed of roses. Not for me, not for you and even not for those you think to be oh-so-privileged. Because life has this knack of dishing out the most unexpected of worries that we come to realise that this race to survive is so futile. And yet ironically, herein lies its importance. Terrible life situations dot every mortal existence in this world. But so does hope.

Just because you live a life that is beset with problems and worries doesn’t mean that you need to wake up everyday like you have no purpose. Here are 13 of the most terrible life situations that can very well desettle you but not for long because the accompanying quotes will do wonders to uplift your spirits!


Having an emotional breakdown with someone you had considered spending your entire life with can be such a tough situation. Breakups can be seriously depressing but to think that healing a broken heart can’t ever be a reality isn’t so good either.

Losing a job

How much we all might hate or love our jobs, it’s indeed undeniable that having a job just about secures at least the present. And that’s something we all obviously need. Losing a job therefore, whether leaving it on your own accord or getting fired, can be a tiring situation to face.

Unrequited love

Loving someone who doesn’t love you back sounds so much like a tragedy. And indeed it is. But think of it the way John Green put it in words through Will Grayson- “You like someone who can’t like you back because unrequited love can be survived in a way that once-requited love cannot.”

Loss of a loved one

However accepting we might be of the fact that death is the surest part of life, we still find ourselves considerably lacking in realisation when the moment actually dawns. Dealing with the death of a loved one is painful not only because they are no longer with you, but mostly because it’s tough to suddenly accept life without someone whose presence had been so much of a necessity for you.

Friends no more

Friends spark up your life. Not only that, they can be your greatest support system and an even greater blessing in your life. So when you find yourself in the dumps after your long time bestie suddenly decides to give up on you, you will naturally end up wallowing in grief.

Ill health

Being ill or mentally disturbed or being stuck in a life threatening accident has to be one of those situations in life you weren’t really prepared for. This makes it even difficult to recover from these ills. But recover you must and you will, but only if you believe that you will.

Financial strains

Money matters. Like obviously, it does. So when you find yourself in a financial crunch you are bound to get all worried and stressed. But considering money as something that can be earned, if you have the will to do it, will dissipate so much of your troubles just like that!

A haunting past

Being haunted by a bad past can be one of the most harrowing life experiences. Because that’s something that’s somewhat tough to escape as it continues to live on your mind long after you had actually been in the dreaded among terrible life situations. But you can draw strength from your own experience. Because when you have survived situations as bad as those, you can survive just about anything life throws at you.

Losing all purpose

Sometimes life makes such backflips that you are thrown off guard from your track. You end up being disturbed and depressed, to the point that life stops making any sense to you. You find your existence to be devoid of any meaning, a lack of purpose overpowers your very being.

Ugly spats

Being involved in fights also contribute to making your life a harrowing experience. Because it unsettles you, the inhibition of so much darkness residing in you scares even your guts out. But as humans, it’s only normal to feel anger. And letting the wrath out of you is sometimes all the therapy you need.

Losing importance in someone’s life

Being loved gives you happiness. But the feeling of being important to someone is perhaps one of those things that give you a reason to live. Naturally then, when you cease to matter to someone for whom you were once the world, you get engulfed by shitty feelings.


As stepping stones to success, failures have been forever touted to be important life lessons. Even then, the stigma of failing very often leads to despair that translates into one of the terrible life situations. But failing is also a sure shot sign of at least trying out with things. And that’s perhaps what makes failing the biggest success of all.

Feeling of not being enough ever

Sky high expectations and incessant incapacity to do anything substantial might very often lead you into a crossroad of life. Wherein you start questioning your very worth. That feeling of not being enough ever overpowers you to such an extent that it makes you miserable enough to further not do anything. And there you are then- stuck in the vicious cycle of wanting to make things matter but bound by what you consider your limitation.