Watching the various news channels, flipping the newspaper pages, pondering over the most burning issue of all times which has remained unsolved over the years, trying to pen down my emotions and perspective.

“What is the religion of terrorism?” Thanks to the press and social media for making me so aware. After much research and analysis, I have come to the following observations (not my personal opinion) about the classification of terrorism under different heads:-

1) Goons killing in the name of protection of the most innocent and peaceful creature are termed as Hindu Terrorists.

2) Naming an organisation as Islamic State and the usual acts of beheading and bombing, done by barbaric men are called Muslim terrorists.

3) Racial hatred against the immigrants or Asians in America after 9/11; violence and killings are done by Christian terrorists (or white terrorists).

  There are many more religions, but I apologize, the media mostly informed me about these.

     So being a professional student, I believe in specialisation. And terrorism has become such a wide topic that its impossible to study it as a sub-topic. Then why we don’t apply specialisation and remove terrorism from the various religions and classify it as a totally different religion. Sounds legit, right?

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Ok…lets get serious now. In my opinion, the basic tenets of all the religions are love and affection towards mankind,  tolerance and acceptance towards different ideologies, peace, non- violence and universal brotherhood. (this part of social studies was always my favourite one, study one thing and understand many topics). Its time we accept and understand that NO RELIGION PROMOTES TERRORISM. TERRORISM IS IN ITSELF A RELIGION…..A RELIGION OF THE COWARDS…..WHO WOULD PREFER KILLING OTHERS AND BURN IN THE FIRE OF HELL TO DOING SOME GOOD DEEDS AND EARN BLESSINGS. A RELIGION OF HEARTLESS, BRAINLESS, BRUTAL ZOMBIES  WHO ARE EITHER BORN THAT WAY OR ARE BRAINWASHED TO BECOME ONE. WHO FIGHT AND KILL IN THE NAME OF THEIR HOLY BOOKS WHILE THEY ARE NOT BEING ABLE TO INTERPRET A SINGLE WORD OF IT. THEY ARE NEITHER HINDUS NOR MUSLIMS, THEY ARE NOT EVEN HUMAN BEINGS…THEY ARE JUST THE BLOODY TERRORISTS WHO DESERVE THE MOST BRUTAL PUNISHMENT.

    Does the holy river of Ganga asks the people their religion when they are sitting on its banks enjoying its serenity and the cool breeze?  Are non- muslims prohibited to enter the mosques or join the iftaar? Does a gurudwara serving free food to the thousands of people everyday asks your religion? Then why do we debate about the religion of terrorism?

For those who label any particular religion or faith for terrorism or intolerance or any other act of inhumanity, here was the most viral tweet by celebrity Randeep Hooda who said the most underrated but logical and sensible thing. Of late the hatred igniting in the hearts of the people is simply because of the widespread propaganda by the politicians and media for their own vested interests. We are going back to the time where Britishers used their policy of ‘divide and rule’ to spill poison in the minds of people towards one another’s faith and community. And it is the duty of the responsible citizens of our country to destroy that mind set and work towards the common interest.

One very simple question to all the readers…. in a country of 125 crore population(don’t know the exact figures… often heard PM Modi addressing the “sava sau crore deshvasiyon) , if even 5 crore people commit act of brutality, does that makes the whole nation or the whole religion intolerant? It is similar to the situation of a radical feminist who says “All men are dogs” just because she was hurt by the infidelity of the man she loved truly and he didn’t show up after the last night and is not answering her calls. Angry and depressed, she labels all men as drooling perverts quite forgetting the fact that she has been raised like a princess by her father who also comes under the category of male species. So if you believe all men are not dogs, similarly the whole nation or a particular religion is not intolerant.

Before hating anyone for their religion, just remember we have friends from different beliefs, living happily together, sharing sewaiyyan, gujhiyaan and plum cakes throughout the year during festivities. Wouldn’t it be much appropriate if we stop fighting over religions and think about the ways and policies to tackle terrorism. In the end, everyone is talking about being rational and promote harmony and brotherhood, but nobody know how to do it. If we stop paying lip service and actually act and teach our upcoming generation the essence of brotherhood since the early age it will definitely go a long way. Value education classes do their job, but it would only be implemented in real life when we would actually tell our children how to behave morally and respect humanity by being a role model for them and setting an example for them.