That Ordinary Morning Would Have Been Forgotten Forever If Not For This Song – Ordinary Moments…Extraordinary Memories

graham nash our house

Graham Nash, singer extraordinaire of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young quartet and his famous song “Our House” still sets the hearts on fire. This is probably one of the sweetest love songs ever written and the story behind the song – even sweeter! 

They say it was one of those grey, smuggy day in Laurel Canyon, Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash had just shared a breakfast at the famous Art’s Deli “It was a very grey, kind of sleety, drizzly L.A. morning,” Nash said. “And we got to the house in Laurel Canyon, and I said, you know what? I’ll light a fire. Why don’t you put some flowers in that vase that you just bought?” Then he sat at the piano and wrote this song….

“Our house is a very, very, very fine house with two cats in the yard

Life used to be so hard

Now everything is easy ’cause of you

And our

I’ll light the fire while you place the flowers in the vase that you bought today…”

The beauty of this song as everyone says was the fact that it was born out of an incredibly ordinary moment which probably many people experience all the time. A laid back day filled with grey skies, a lazy breakfast at the local deli, an obscure shop, a beautiful vase in the corner, lighting a fire to warm ourselves, picking flowers from the garden and arranging them in that beautiful vase bought by chance, the home…and “Our House” the song that Nash wrote, just imagine if not for this song, this simple morning would have never been remembered!! Just imagine if Nash had just built the fire, warmed his toes and laid back while Joni after arranging the flowers in the vase sat by his side and continued to read or sleep, and that beautiful moment would have been forgotten on the pages of that unwritten song and the moment of beauty would have been pushed to oblivion as we push such moments, day in and out in our race for those special, bigger moments of life where we win some and lose some and file them into moments to be craved in our minds forever. We fill our minds with these, overcrowding, while those bigger moments jostle for space, pushing each other, sometimes even hurting each other, remember that bruised ego, the love that you could not make yours forever, the dream project that never took off, the one that did take off and flew all over that you suddenly lost control and wanted to land back to earth despite winning it all, the feeling that all is lost and also the “am on the top of the world” ecstatic moment feel. And then one day the space is not just enough, it gives away, breaks down letting all these bigger moments of your life to come tumbling down in cascades of uncontrollable feelings that is beyond you. You let go, you just stand still, you then do not know what? Why? Or where? You just be…and then those ordinary moments fill you up with the joy that you had always looked for in those big moments, trying very hard each day to capture them into your fold, failing inadvertently. 

Ordinariness is the new mantra, you read it every where, you even see it everywhere, the words that they use maybe fancy or a little different but if we put it all together, it’s just about being ordinary, doing things that you usually do without thinking and deriving joy from these everyday things. The “instagrammers” probably will refer to it as “minimalistic approach” and the generation next as “new life choices” or even “simplistically happy” but at the bottom of these hearts it’s just about the ordinary. Even more so as the world lies broken, hurt maybe ravaged would be the word to define what everyone feels at this moment. A feeling when all things remains scourged and havoc reigns supreme, when you do not know where you are headed next, to the bigger moments in your life or will they even be these bigger moments anymore? Questions that just float in the air with everyone trying their best to catch them with probable answers of there own, some half hearted attempts at trying to brave it with data and others faintly pushing it aside as if it was never meant to be there. The “someone’s” and the “others” have surely agreed on one path that they all are seen to be adopting to getting adapted to whatever the situation may turn out to be, getting the “ordinariness” into the canvas of their lives. Baking a loaf of bread and a tray full of butter cookies seems to emanate the smell of celebrating life, wetting those flurry paint brushes over the palette of water colours to draw that setting sun over the horizon sure signifies the hope of a new tomorrow and humming that lost tune while strumming the dusty guitar with those loose strings has definitely brought back the music into our lives, however ravaged and desolate the moment may seem on this day. 

“I’ll light the fire

You put the flowers in the vase that you bought today

Staring at the fire for hours and hours while I listen to you

Play your love songs all night long for me, only for me…”

Just remember that this ordinary grey, overcast day when Joni Mitchell picked those flowers and arranged them in a vase while Nash lit the fire would have been surely and slowly forgotten had he not written that song!! So let’s all write songs and create extraordinary memories out of these ordinary moments of our lives. #OrdinaryMoments #ExtraordinaryMemories