The amazing effects of bell metal in healthcare and beauty

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Bell metal has remained a boon for Indian civilization from times of yore. This type of metal was used extensively for manufacturing of utensils and for making tools of beauty too. Apart from being a structure possessing a pale luminosity that looks attractive to the eye, bell metal can literally be termed as magical mixture of copper and tin as it gives benefits in large measure that is instrumental for holistic health of a person. Bell metal, which is a hard alloy of bronze, is made by heating together copper and tin at 700 degree Celsius. Due to its high malleability, bell metal is widely used for making of utensils and temple bells in India.

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The metal alloy of copper and tin is known by different names in various places. It is know as Kanh in Assam while in Odisha and West Bengal it is known as Kansa. Bell metal industries are generally carried forward by a family from ages as the craft of manufacturing various end products of the metal goes down by word-of-mouth from elders to the younger generation. The legacy of carrying forward this ancient craft of manufacturing bell metal products are followed so rigidly by most families that they wouldn’t even think of giving up this economic tradition when also they don’t make much profits from it. Many of the bell metal manufacturers consider their craft to be sacred and they would always work with full concentration and passion while deftly carving out intricate pieces of end products by their expert hands with the help of tools like hammers, chisels, pincers and anvils.

Let us explore about the significant role of the bell metal in the sectors of healthcare and beauty


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Bell metal utensils have a number of health benefits and it is better to eat food from it than its steel counterparts. According to sources, bell metal has been in abundant production and usage since the beginning of the Bronze Age in the country which is around 3000 years ago. Unlike steel utensils, foodware made out of bell metal can help a person to eat good quality dishes even after a few hours as the metal is a good conductor of heat and thereby keep the eatables warm and tasty for a larger duration. Moreover, bell metal also alkalizes and purifies the food thereby making it good for digestion. Apart from food items, bell metal also positively charge water and keep it superbly fresh for around eight hours. Due to the effect of positively charging the vital liquid, drinking water from bell metal glasses can effectively balance all the three doshas ( Vata, Pitta and Kapha) in the body which is necessary for maintaining good health and a state of mind. Overall, bell metal utensils are a good source in which you can consume your edibles for getting excellent gut health and boosting immunity. Bell metal is also known to relieve stress and enhance intellect. The metal also has a property of destroying germs. Therefore, utensils made of bell metal are hygienic and safe for use. According to the descriptions given in Ayurveda Prakasha, bell metal foodware is also used for its therapeutic applications. The best thing about bell metal utensils is that it is durable from scratch and tear and can maintain its sturdy quality and brightness for decades. It is equally valuable even after damage as almost 90% of all bell metal alloys are recycled.


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Kansa or the bell metal is also an excellent solution for the skincare woes. It possesses alkaline properties which works wonders to balance the pH of the skin. Today, the widely used tools for facial massage include the Kansa Wand or the Kansa Coin. These tools can effectively make a face serum or oil work its benefits deeply in the skin as it wonderfully moves along the face at the time of using it for massaging. The usage of Kansa Wand and Kansa Coin for the purpose of grooming or beautifying oneself has been prevalent from the Bronze Age. Using the Kansa Wand or Coin to massage the forehead, eye areas, cheeks and the chin can deeply tone the facial muscles, firm the jawline and stimulate the production of collagen thereby giving a natural facelift. Apart from being an anti-ageing tool that is responsible for rejuvenating the skin and smoothening the complexion, it also assists in lymphatic drainage and boost circulation. It balances the pH level of the skin thereby proclaiming itself as an excellent source that can reduce problems like acne, premature aging, wrinkles which mostly occur due to the presence of high acid content on skin. With its activity of detoxification, bell metal can also help a person in maintaining healthy, youthful and of course beautiful skin.

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