The craze for Instagram shopping

With the innovative editing features of photos and videos that are found in social networking site Instagram, it has now literally emerged as an online shopping mall in the world. Due to the capability of posting high clarity photos and videos on Instagram, many aspiring entrepreneurs are using the social media platform for showing their exclusive creations in the best possible manner. From using reels to showcase each unique aspect of their product in a brief manner to using the variety of filters in order to upload only the best shot on their business account, entrepreneurs and companies are totally utilizing Instagram so that they can make big profits in their business and popularize their products across the globe. Moreover, the best thing is that the concept of ‘Vocal for Local’ has really becoming a roaring success via Instagram. A number of small businesses of India which only uses social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to sell products made by local artisans or by them directly online have been able to fulfill their dreams to a great extent. With the concept of buying products online from the comfort of homes becoming a global phenomenon today, the craze of the modern consumer to scroll through products of unique design and owning it as a part of their possessions has increased. As Instagram is now chock-a-block with a number of business accounts selling remarkably attractive and distinctive items, people are also using the social media app as a e-commerce platform to scroll through it and buy things of their choice as they do on the real online shopping platforms like Amazon, Myntra , Flipkart etc.

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To lure customers to their business feed on Instagram, the entrepreneurs and companies are using various kinds of advertising techniques. The most commonly known way by which brands are popularizing their Instagram business accounts is by contacting influencers who are well-known and have a good number of followers on the social media site.  With the help of fancy messages in colourful and good quality paper detailing about the advantages  of the product and also praising an influencer citing about why he / she has been choosen for advertising about their product, entrepreneurs / companies are reaching out to various prominent personalities like actors, sportstars and other independent people who makes their Instagram account public and have amassed a certain number of followers with their knowledge and advice on styling, fashion, beauty, healthcare or on any other fields. Moreover, the entrepreneurs / companies also go to great lengths to woo influencers by packing products innovatively with eco-friendly papers and decorative items like colourful strings, satin fabrics and small flowers. With the hope that the influencers would use their feeds to tag their business account and showcase a beautiful picture of their products and write a detailed account of its advantages along with an attractive review, entrepreneurs / companies are nowadays struggling hard to appease the ones who also uses Instagram to make money. The entrepreneurs / companies are also of the opinion that followers of some good influencers could visit their business accounts, show interest in their products, buy it and thereby bring profit in their business. Apart from doodling messages of high praise and presenting products to them in a beautiful manner, entrepreneurs / companies also don’t hesitate to pay huge amounts of fees to popular influencers as they believe that collaboration with them have high potentials of benefits. Therefore, people having a good knowledge in a particular field have also turned to Instagram in order to use it to make  a career option as an influencer and earn some lucrative and fame.

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Entrepreneurs / companies are literally making the concept of ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ quite true in Instagram. From using carefully chosen attractive props so that it makes a good colour coordination with the requisite product to taking a good and accurately sharp shot of the items in a bright area, each individual or a group of persons who owns an Instagram business account ensures that a highly quality photo of a product is used to lure customers. Meanwhile, there are also some Instagram business accounts who try to compare the similarities of their products with those worn by actors to gain customers in a world that is always obsessed with the ways of styling of the icons or stars of the film / television industry. Some Instagram business accounts also showcase pictures of their customers donning their products magnificently in order to boost the belief that they can gain trust of people because of the comfort and quality of their commodities and thereby boost sales. The entrepreneurs / companies are also hiring models, stylists and photographers so that they can team together to create a mesmerizing picture for uploading in their Instagram business accounts that has the capacity of arousing interest in customers in large numbers. For making videos, Instagram has been a big boon for entrepreneurs / companies. From using reels to present snapshots of biggest features or advantages of a product in a brief manner to using IGTV for explaining descriptions of it for a longer duration, the ways of marketing that has been provided by Instagram has been a blessing for many aspiring to make it big in the world of business. The power of hashtags in social media has also worked well for Instagram business accounts too as many people scroll or search for products online with its aid. Just like Facebook or Twitter, the concept of sponsoring a post on Instagram is also a good way to popularize an online business.

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People who had just kickstarted their entrepreneurial career by opening their small businesses only with the help of Instagram asks for feedbacks / reviews from their customers. After gaining a small feedbacks / review from their customer, they would post screenshots of it in their Instagram stories or feeds to showcase the level of trust or relationship they had been able to gain with the help of their buyers and thereby promote their online business more. The biggest advantage that Instagram has provided for fresher entrepreneurs is that it has provided them with a platform to sell their products irrespective of their economical status. With no worries of spending for infrastructural setup or contacting some authorities to make their mark on e-commerce platform, all one needs to open an Instagram business account is an email id and a phone number to register on it and then the opportunity of showcasing their entrepreneurial / creative skills to the globe is available.

As people desire to buy more beautiful products, many people have turned to shop from Instagram as the items available there is not only eye appealing but remarkable too. With the help of hashtags or by following accounts of influencers or celebrities, people come to know about various Instagram business accounts and visit it to scroll through it and buy products of their liking. By shopping from Instagram, people have been able to give wings to dreams of many aspiring entrepreneurs and also helping them economically.