The life and literary of Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murthy

At a time when Indian society and culture had been ruling its economic and holistic domains at large, it is indeed remarkable for a woman in a patriarchal set up like that of India to venture into a world that was relatively modern , and therefore out of bounds for females. Ms Sudha Murthy, with her resilience and exploits is indeed one woman kicking some serious ass in her own right.

Sudha Murthy
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Professionally a computer scientist and an engineer, in addition to being the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation and a member of numerous public health care initiatives of the Gates Foundation, Ms Murthy is no doubt one true embodiment of the dictum of gender equality in every realm.

But personally, she is even more of an inspiration. Not only because she chose to tread unexplored grounds, but because she remained steadfast in the midst of it all.

Sudha Murthy
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The only female in a class of 150 students, Murthy was bugged by ink spills and paper planes and stuff, but she never let herself be bogged down by all of that disturbances. She had her eyes firmly set on her one goal, that of defying stereotype to define her life.

And while she is hugely successful herself, she is also the woman behind one hugely successful man, her husband N. R. Narayana Murthy, the co founder of Infosys.

As a woman, Sudha Murthy is all about going beyond conventions and living life on her terms. Free spirited and adventurous, a newly married Sudha set about to explore the US on a solo trip. And she did have the time of her life as she lived a near filmy experience.

Of course, Narayana Murthy is pivotal to his spouse’s ‘growth’ as well. But that’s probably only natural in a relationship as devoted as theirs. During the period of their courtship, Sudha would bear the expenses in most cases, while all the time being supportive of Mr Murthy.

Sudha Murthy
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Even then, it was Mrs Murthy who made the initial investment for Infosys and continued unheralded her dual role as a homemaker and a true professional and most importantly a dream chaser.

Sudha Murthy
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And to think that a person so actively involved in social pursuits and technological innovations would be a cine buff might come off as a surprise to most, but Ms Murthy has always been as passionate about films as she is about her work. Of course, she had gone to the extent of watching 265 movies a year.


However, to talk only about how this brilliant lady on tech wheels would excel in the digital realm is an understatement. Sudha Murthy is one prolific writer as well, with books ranging from a variety of societal and civic issues,while also entertaining and educating the masses and the children.


Stories weave magic through their fantasy based depictions, and dish up allure as they delve into the repertoire of a world filled with delight and wonder. And when it’s your granny dearest relating those delightful anecdotes to you, its sheer bliss!

Sudha Murthy’s Grandma’s Bag of Stories is one of those fascinating books that mystically transports you to wonderland, even as you flow in the vortex of love and warmth it generates.

Shiggaon serves as the perfect setting for this delightful book to open up its wings of imagination. Anand, Krishna, Meena and Raghu arrive at their Ajji and Ajia’s house, even as granny had prepared the choosiest of delectables. Not just the food, the fun and bonding with the animals in the backyard but also Grandma’s Bag of Stories invites them into a delightfully fun holiday.

Sudha Murthy
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The tales have it all. From animals and birds, kings and princesses, cheats and treasures, Grandma’s warmth and the characteristic magic woven by the retelling of these anecdotes from wonderland leave the children spellbound.

The stories are mere figments of imagination, the retelling simple and the settings commonplace. Yet there is something warm and cosy in this veritable bed of delight spun by grandma. Guaranteed to lure you into its pretty confines.

Undoubtedly, the warmth and lucidness in which grandma tells her tales is special. It is indeed the sheer comfort that oozes out of her words coupled with her incredibly delightful depiction of events in the make believe world that appeals to the little ones.

But that’s not just it. Children will definitely laugh and giggle and squeal with delight in between every instance of fun and glee, but it’s even the grown ups who will hold the narrative particularly dear. Mostly because, it transports us to our own times of the wonder filled childhood, but also because granny is just so good with stories, like always!


Sudha Murthy
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Half a centurion of myriad stories summing up an array of human emotions, this book is an inculcation of true life experiences to help discover the vital facets of existence.


Sudha Murthy
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Love finds way in the life of a despair struck young woman when she is diagnosed as having Leukoderma. The story line bordering on conflicts and uncertainties of life makes for one highly enriching, introspective read.


Sudha Murthy
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Wealth and corruption goes hand in hand and though this is not entirely empirical, this is how it has been shaping up over the course of human existence. A newlywed bride’s relationship with her mother in law and the dimensions that unfold in the trail of the latter’s penchant over a ‘worthier bahu’ and the realization that follows thereafter makes up for this particularly evocative writing.


Sudha Murthy
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Love indeed is the passion that energises life and Sudha Murthy depicts it amply in her writings. House of Cards is another city love story with reality hitting a young couple hard. The protagonist struggles to find love in the ideals of a man who has since embraced ambition and desire. A highly realistic take on the nuances of modern day relationships.


Sudha Murthy
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The title spells innocence. And that’s exactly what the book is. Simple yet touching to the core, Sudha Murthy poignantly teaches life values with this one.

A reader as passionate about books as an author herself, Sudha Murthy interestingly has a net worth that is mostly comprised of the amount she receives as royalty from her books.


For a person who is the co founder of one of India’s largest multi national corporation, Sudha Murthy’s value stems from a surprising domain. In an expansive empire that includes essentially India’s first digital family, Sudha Murth has a net worth of Rs 775 crore out of a empire of Rs 4000 crore.And while Mrs Murthy does draw a considerable salary from Infosys, the major contribution to her income is the tremendous royalty that she commands as a writer of and for the masses. Just for the record, she has sold over 1.5 million books ranging from children’s books, short stories, technical books, travelogues, 24 novels, and many nonfiction books.

Sudha Murthy
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But even in the face of a multi crore empire and an ever burgeoning digital world, the lifestyle remains modest. With spendings of just around Rs 7000 in a month, the living is ordinaire. In fact, Sudha Murthy has given up on buying sarees and stuff long back, and only does with bare essentials.

Books, however, form an important deduction from her budget what with around 20,000 books occupying two libraries in her house. Also, Mrs Murthy has established over 60,000 libraries in Karnataka alone through the Infosys Foundation.

Sudha Murthy
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A woman extraordinaire, a spirit resilient and a person dedicated to her own vision, all in humility follows the life story of Sudha Murthy, one of the illustrious daughters of India, who has all but enriched the nation and the world with her ideas and exploits.

A true woman of substance.

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