The 12 New Year resolutions we should not include in our 2019 list

new year resolutions
Source: Cari Cole

2018 is almost passe and as the new year comes beckoning with delight and a whole lot of frenzy and anticipation, the world is geared up with all gusto. Surely, you must already be ready with a long list of resolutions to make 2019 a better year. But sit back and relax, for deep down we all know that acche din nhi aane wale hain.

Breaking the smartphone addiction


Be honest, how much time of your waking hours are you not gazing right at the screens of your hi- tech gadgets? Setting a de addiction course to partially dump your smartphone might look like one of the smartest resolutions to make for this new year, but don’t let that hype lure you too soon. Because you know more than well that it would be practically impossible for you to let yourself out of the addictive loop anytime now. And not very long enough, this will end up as yet another ‘unworthy’ liability of your to- do list. Concentrate therefore on lowering the amount of tasks you carry on mechanically and turn instead to menial means of working.

Eating out less often


Hectic life schedules, overtime duty bindings and a constantly stressed existence means we are forever on the look for take outs or dine ins. Either way, eating out remains the order of the day because it is fuss free and also because the food is tasty. But the after effects on health (and wealth) is well known. So, limiting the frequency of eat outs needs to be a resolution to stick to. But deep down we all know that it is far from the truth. Very well then if we strike even this one outta our “resolutionary’!

Drink less, smoke less


You are already laughing out loud at this one for sure! When even eating out less seems to be so much of an inconvenience, saying something about cutting down on the drinks and cigars is even more of a farce. These things are better said than done. And anyway it’s the new year, for heaven’s sake! How could you possibly make do without a few gulps down your throat to satiate your party savvy guts?! Not a worthy resolution to say cheers to!

Eating healthy


When ditching the fanciness of restaurant delicacies to stick to the comfort of home made food, maa ke haath ka khana to be precise, would prove to be such a dilemma, how on earth are you supposed to eat healthy? That’s outright ridiculous and as much as you try to convince yourself that you will be heaping up sprouts and nuts on your plate, dude that’s not gonna happen. So let yourself loose and better party away your 31st in the company of friends and loved ones. Life’s a one time affair after all.

Working out


Eating healthy is not even a complete new year resolution. Working out has to invariably accompany it. And the latter is as unreal an idea as the former. Specially in the chill of the winter days when the new year arrives, working out isn’t even an option!

Save money


This has to be one of the most wackiest of resolutions to make on a new year. I mean, how are you supposed to ring in the new year without celebrations? You for sure cannot! So how on earth would you expect yourself to save money? That’s some serious shit stuff you would put yourself into if you make this priority on your new year list. You can try the more feasible way out in this case- cutting down your expenses so as not to atleast fall into debt the year long. As long as you are living within your means, that should be perfectly alright!

Get more sleep


Are you already laughing away at this one? For you sure know sleep is a vicious cycle of never ending dreaminess from where there’s probably no coming out. You would rather spend long nights on the phone with your bae or stare dead at the screen as a spirit lurks around from some ghostly series playing on your laptop. Of course you would sleep somewhere at about 3 in the morn and if you need to have adequately good sleep, you would probably have to skip work for the day. Not a good enough way to ring in the first day of the year. And for sure not every day of the year!

Stress less


Easier said than done. How on earth are you supposed to stress less if you have looming deadlines, uncleared bills, complicated relationships, recurring ailments all striving to undo your entire life? Stress is so much an integral part of existence now. And simply resolving to stress less will hold no water. The least you can do is try clearing your deadlines and bills, getting out of toxic relations and striving to live free that will probably do the trick for you.

Travel more

You so wish to travel more. You have even made your bucket list, checked exotic destinations and perhaps even had an itinerary in place. But the expenses? Of course you are broke as ever and therefore static like you have always been. To travel more then, would be a desire and surely not a resolution you should make. Because deep down, not being able to tread the lands you desire will only despair your spirits more than ever. No way you should be making this a resolution. Better to leave it as a free will. Trust me, the experience would be deeper with this one!

Enjoy life more


As if that’s some thing you wouldn’t be doing already if you could have. Obviously, life is meant to be lived and enjoyed at will, but it’s not always that simple. And in any case, enjoying life more should not be a resolution. The focus should be on doing things you enjoy, living on your terms so as to extract the maximum happiness out of life. Live happy and you will be living it just right!

Learn something new


So what do you want to learn this time around? Plucking the guitar strings, perfecting the pronunciation of carpe diem or preparing the fluffiest pancakes– what’s your pick? And while all new things seem rosy and pretty at first, you will soon find your excitement waning away once you discover that your fluffy pancakes aren’t so tasty. Every single thing incorporates multiple layers within it and if you aren’t really ready to carefully read through them all, then this is one thing you should not be resolving to do this year.


Being more social

This is a complete no- no for most of us. As socially exhausted individuals of the 21st century, we cannot go further than social media engagements. So if your new year resolution includes being more social, then probably you would be venturing into no man’s land. With nothing to lose or gain from your digital interactions, this should not even count as a resolution.