For love of the Pop- Up Bubble Wraps!

Bubble wraps

Who doesn’t love bubble wraps?! I mean, they are so much fun! And I bet mankind is yet to come up with something more amusing! It’s quite fascinating how something as silly as these air pops have caught our fancy so bad that sometimes it’s the wrap that we treasure more than the product it was intended to cushion!


Bubble wraps were initially intended to be a high- end wallpaper. However, engineers Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes actually ended up creating this dud wrap which, ironically, still found use as a cushioning agent for fragile items and better still, provided bored people with one of the most entertaining means to while away their time!


  • The pop sound itself is satisfying, not scary.



  • The pop itself is so gratifying that for once you actually wonder what would you have done if there weren’t any bubble wraps!


  • It’s an excellent source of distraction, as well as a mild version of destruction that serves to satiate your sometimes devilish spirit!


  • It is so fun and innocent and addictive and amusing and happy and entertaining and enjoyable and cheerful and gladdening and pleasing and delighting and engaging and relaxing and interesting and absorbing (Phew!) that you simply don’t want to let go the feel of it!



All things good need not be all things boring. Bubble wrap popping is as healthy as it is entertaining!

  • It’s a complete stress- buster.

    bubble wraps
    Source: Pinterest


  • The pop has a calming effect on your nerves and can even elevate your levels of mental alertness!


  • Bubble wrap popping helps in developing motor skills in children.



  • The pop can even aid writing by helping in maintaining finger strength and good hand coordination.


Source: From the Grapevine

So the next time you lay your hands on  a bubble wrap, be sure to pop each of them out for that added health. Happy Popping!