The practical perspective of love


Love is the emotion which gives us meaning in life. Without love this world would be so dull and lifeless, it is the main ingredient that keeps our heart running, which holds the bond and a family together. But do you think it is enough? To be in love brings a lot of responsibilities. You have to take care of lot of things, just keeping your partner happy is not enough, you have to look after his or her family as well as yours. It’s harder than its being said. So how can we be practical in love? The romantics of the past has always told us that love is a magical experience through literature, art, music or movies and most of the people will not agree to this thought of love being practical.

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Being practical in love is as essential as being in love itself; it plays a very crucial role. This practicality will enable a person to have a rational and logical perspective of his or her love life and also help in making wise choices for themselves. You start putting yourself first and let your partner know what you expect from them, weighing down the pros and cons of the whole component. Listening to your gut instincts rather than making choices based on passion is a very tough decision but if you stick to your opinion, you will find the most suitable companion which confers to your preference.

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We can see couples where one of them is abusive towards the other, it can be deliberate or maybe not, but as it is said that ‘love is blind’, empathy play a pivotal role here and blinds the victim of his or her suffering and defending it away, trying to hide it from others and reassuring themselves that it is just a phase and will pass until it starts happening again. There are also some people who have been a failure their whole life and won’t let their partner to prosper either. They will keep on reminding their beau about their blatant fears and apprehensions and dishearten them to the extent that they give up in the end, which is not a good indication of healthy relationship.

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When you become practical in love, you stop enduring negative behavior from your partner and start questioning him or her about how to make the relationship mutually favorable for both of you. Without talking to each other about your wants and dislikes, before taking the big leap, it will lead the relation to nowhere as the other person will never know what’s going on in your
mind if you don’t express it openly. The focus should be mainly on both of your needs, stability in the relationship, and whether the ideals for the future are in harmony. You have to find out if this person enhances your lifestyle or is just wasting your time.

In a long term relationship, passion is bound to fade and people start questioning the stability of the relationship. You have to work hard to get the relation going and also change your expectations from your partner over time as it will be hard for him or her to maintain them, but as long as he or she is trying to do the best for both of you, you don’t have to worry about the consequences. The practical side of love helps in better understanding and sharing of views from both the sides equally. Sometimes disappointments are destined to happen and judgments can be misleading but you have to figure out a way as it depends on both of you.

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When you start being practical, it doesn’t mean that the love is not real. Sometimes a lot of factors mould us to become what we are, the environment in which we grow up, our parents influence us, our friends and colleagues at work, the books we read can create an illusion about how to handle love. You draw a line where things like any forms of abusive behavior towards you or harming others is not tolerated. It can also include reckless spending of money or not looking for better opportunities in career build up, or the loss of that admiration, weariness or social troubles can also be difficult to overcome, and when you have a serious discussion about what you want for both of your better future, you both will realize if this relationship is worth keeping or not.

Practical love should not be labeled as bitter and unforgiving love as opposed to the sweet and passionate ones, as love is unique. Every person has a way of showing their love differently, but to manage it requires a lot more effort and those who have achieved it are sure an inspiration.

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