The Relationship Between Casinos and Pop Culture

Casinos and Pop Culture

Pop culture encompasses many elements in itself. Movies, books, fashion trends and other things can be considered counterparts of popular culture. It’s difficult to define what makes up pop culture as a lot of factors need to be considered. Some might state that casinos are a part of pop culture and others may contradict them. However, a lot of elements of that culture feature casinos or casino elements that are featured in movies, books, and even music. So how do casinos fare in popular culture?

Casino Games and Elements in the Movie Industry

It’s no secret that the casino industry has moved online since the 90s. As a result, casino enthusiasts have been able to play casino games online for some time now. New versions of games have been invented but the classics remain timeless. Their popularity is so vast that some of them have found their place in movies. One of the most popular casino games to this day is poker. The game itself is exciting but when put in the right setting it can have a significant impact on a film. Some films center around illegal card games and poker is usually the game of choice of the characters. Rounders is an example of such a film.

Another example is Casino Royale. It’s a Bond film so it’s on every list of thriller Hollywood movies. The film features a tense scene set in a casino. A high-stakes poker game has a favorable outcome for 007. Besides movies, some TV shows feature casino games and casinos as well. There’s a TV series titled Vegas and it’s set in Sin City itself. Many other examples are showing how casino elements are featured in movies and how those elements have helped make blockbuster films.

Casinos and Literature

Punters either turn their life around in a casino or they touch the bottom. This happens daily in land-based and online casinos and stories such as these serve as inspiration for many writers. One of the most famous writers is known for his time spent in the casinos. Fyodor Dostoyevsky is a giant in literature and he also was an avid casino enthusiast. His first book is based on his experiences in the casinos he spent time in. The Gambler follows the adventures of Alexei Ivanovich and his encounter with roulette.

Another popular book that features a classic casino game is Bringing Down the House. It follows the story of MIT students who learn how to count cards in blackjack. Their skill helps them walk away with millions from Las Vegas casinos. These books and many others are examples that literature is no stranger when it comes to taking inspiration from casino establishments.

Casinos and Music

If you’re a fan of old music then you probably know the song Viva Las Vegas performed by the King Of Rock ‘ n‘ Roll himself, Elvis Presley. The song is an ode to one of the most recognizable casino cities in the world. There are many other examples when musicians have been inspired by casino elements. Ace of Spades is another example of the inspiration these elements provide.


Pop culture doesn’t shy away from implementing casino elements into its counterparts. In the same way, many online casinos have drawn inspiration from pop culture elements. Video slots with themes from famous movies, TV shows, bands, and solo artists have been developed. This shows that the relationship between casinos and pop culture is strong and fruitful. Both of them take inspiration from each other which is why they’ll continue to rely on one another in the future.