The states furthering the online gaming prospects in India

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India’s online gambling market has experienced significant growth. The availability of smartphones and cheap internet services have resulted in a substantial expansion of this sector. It was also the pandemic that increased the popularity of gambling. For example, many preferred gambling at Casino Wings as a form of entertainment during the lockdowns.

Which Indian states have the most online gamblers? In this post, we bring out the results from the ENV Media report.

Which the Indian States Have The Most Online Gamblers Per Capita?

The mentioned report provides valuable insights into the Indian gambling market. Maharashtra is the first one on the list, with Telangana in the second place. These states have had a significant expansion of this market and are expected to grow in the future.

Maharashtra participated with 17.4% of the total number of online gamblers. Telangana has 9.9% of the traffic. Karnataka and West Bengal are next on the list, with 9.3% of the total traffic.

Source: ThePrint

According to the report, some of the most favorite games for Indian players are teen Patti, rummy, and Andar Nahar. These classic card games seem to be quite popular among Indian players.

The pandemic widely struck the economy. Therefore, Maharashtra might legalize online gambling soon. This market is quite profitable, and its government regulation will enhance the economy.

The future of online gambling in India

At this moment, the situation isn’t oriented towards growth. The outdated laws that refer to gambling don’t support this industry. However, the gambling culture is still succeeding with the help of mobile devices and affordable internet connection.

According to a report from 2019, the use of the internet is growing in urban and rural areas. A few factors have influenced the significant growth of this industry in India. The improved internet access and cheaper service have motivated many Indians to access online websites. The availability of mobile devices and their affordability has become a significant factor in the growth of the online gambling market. And let’s not forget about a large number of app developers in India. With around 300,000 app developers, the online gambling sector has a bright future ahead. This takes second place in the world in Android developers, just behind the USA.

Sites like Bettingguru offer a wide range of games to choose from. With the market competition increasing, online sites will strive to provide better service to keep their customers and retain new ones. For users, this means lots of choices and options. You won’t have a limited set of games to choose from. Instead, you can choose between many different sites and their benefits.

One of the critical factors that led to market growth is the young population in India. The country has many young users who largely accept new technologies and own smartphones. When computers aren’t widely available, users can rely on their mobile devices to play games online. With a stable and affordable 4G connection, users can enjoy their favorite game from anywhere at any given time.

Final thoughts

Maharashtra is the leading state with the most traffic in online gambling. However, the number is expected to grow in the future. The factors contributing to market increase are the affordable internet connection services, availability of smartphones, the dominating young population, and the pandemic. As technology evolves, the online gaming sector is quite promising. We’ll see what the future holds for the productive market sector.

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