The Two Hardest Words to Say


How is it that people can so easily toss around those two words when they don’t mean it, but when it really matters, they can’t seem to pluck up the courage to do so?

How is it that people can use those words so lightly, as if it would make all their problems go away?

And how is it that people say those words when they know that deep down, they don’t really mean it?

The answer is simple, really— pride.

People don’t like to admit that they’re wrong; that they fell short; that they didn’t know. They don’t like to admit that someone else was right; that for that one small moment, someone else knew more than they did.

It’s awful, really, how jealous and narrow-minded people can be.

They know they’re wrong, but admitting it would be like admitting that they have faults and they aren’t as perfect as they make themselves to be.

In reality, it’s all about feeding the ego.

Source: BaviPower

People seem to think that being wrong is unacceptable and shows weakness and shame. But really, it shows quite the opposite.

By admitting you’re wrong, it’s like you’re saying that everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect; that everyone has faults. It proves just how brave and humble you can be, admitting that you’re not always right. It shows you care.

But sometimes people would rather nurse their bruised ego than accept the fact and admit it humbly.

I hate being one of those people.

I hate the fact that I can’t admit that for one little moment, I was wrong; that I can’t pluck up the courage to say it when I know how important I really is; that I can’t pop my over-inflated head and just accept it.

But most of all, I hate the fact that I let my arrogance cause pain. I can see the hurt in those beautiful eyes, and I hate myself all the more for it.

I wish I hadn’t said anything so cruel; I wish I hadn’t given reason for there to be pain; I wish I hadn’t watched my courage walk out on me.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t proud old me so I could honestly say it. I wish my ego hadn’t been bruised so I could honestly say it. I wish I didn’t have a reputation so I could honestly say it.

But most of all, I wish I could say it with the honesty that he does.

I’m sorry.