The ultimatum of the Unfuckwithable


You know that ultimate state of blissful existence when nothing and no one and no entity of any sort is potent enough to bother your peace? Not just in your physicality but also in your state of mind, your beliefs and aspirations and views and ambitions, so much so that you tend to even surprise yourself with this ideal position of dwelling that you have attained but nonetheless satisfied in all that supreme sense of self concerning just yourself and no any thing else at all. Even in being open to such interpretations as apathetic and disillusioned and even unhumanly, this is a dwelling most resounding with the calm we all aspire for in our lives. And indeed therefore when we somehow come to achieve it all, in all miraculousness and often perhaps outside of our striving attaining what can only be termed as the utter essence of existence, we most likely have realistically incorporated within us a desire that has been chased after by lives since eternity- of being the supreme epitome of the ‘unfuckwithable’ adjective.

At first it might sound quite bizarre, not the desire as such but rather the word that seemingly has no defined etymology nor any clear inkling of whether it is even an actual word. But given how words are nothings but mere letters strung together by humans very much like us to allude to such things and experiences and existences or entities that mark their presence, somehow, somewhere, even when only sometime, it does not really demand of us to make sense when we make such utterances slightly incorrigible. Like in this instance as well, when we are contradicting the whole notions of incorrigible in having it follow up the ‘slightly’ assertion across a not so appropriately fitting premise of what needs to be or at least what can be comprehended in all universality. And so too, other words and phrases and scribblings need not be so steeped in validation till the time they are delivering indeed of what they are intended to- in all essence of what they are as parts of a language that help establish communication and simplify it as well.

And so does unfuckwithable arise as a very legitimate prospect in alluding to one of the most desirable states of existence despite the stark red underline it provokes out of the all knowing eminence of the world wide web or the many a confused question marks entailing out of those when you make the ungraspable reference in front of them. Despite therefore being not so much recognised as a valid proposition in describing such a trail of thought very much conforming to a certain state of existence- and one among the most ideal of them as well- unfuckwithable has still managed to be felt enough by some of us worldly folks in its almost divine connotation to have a concrete definition adhering to it in utmost dedication. As Urban Dictionary elucidates in the smoothest manner of expression the way only it can, as it does with numerous other such relatable jargon of otherwise no substance, unfuckwithable sums up as ‘when you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you.’ And if that does not ‘gratify’ you as yet, in that you are blissfully ignorant of this particular sense of (heightened) awareness ironically to unfuckwithable extents, then dear old friend, one is too unfuckwithable as well to be bothered by your appalling lack of the supreme sense lending supplying so much serenity to souls and survivals.

There sure would be other more wordy words to describe this feel of all that does not matter in all its matterings, but unfuckwithable manages to still hit that sweet spot in greater orgasmic almost delight than any other more linguistically legit lexicon. It perhaps is the deliberate working around the frowned upon f- word or the rebellion it encourages by refusing to secure a place of its own in the staid list of proper words or perhaps even the curiosity it incites by the sheer unfamiliarity of its improper already mention, but unfuckwithable arouses in one an emotion gratifying indeed in its mere mention and matching up well to the expectations of it in efficient explanation of its essence. And it exactly is this evincing in thought by this particular expression that makes it far more evocative than what many others of likewise reference attempt and profess to elicit out of our presuming beings in all effectiveness. In contemplating therefore the most haloed of awareness arising out of that certain glory of residing in realms almost afterlife like, unfuckwithable brings upon us the power of a realisation that has us totally, absolutely and eternally in peace with ourselves. Sublime in its supreme rendition of the soulful sustenance that earthly mortals like us seek succour in, throughout all unsurpassed sentiments of the exquisitely contented state of ideal existence is this unfuckwithable ultimatum that presents us with the trope of what entails indeed the living of life fully in our own (eccentric) terms.

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