The Wonderful Hobby Of Collection


Collecting ancient items and possessing artifacts that are very old is a matter of great pride for everyone. This type of hobby makes you earn great admiration in the society. People are always eager and looking forward to talk to you about the history of ancient objects that you acquire and are always curious about seeing it. When they feast their eyes on your ancient collection of great value, they will go gaga over it and soon will start gossiping about it and make you the centre stage of attention in almost every social gatherings and on the streets too, if they get a chance.

The art of collecting stamps and coins are the most intriguing hobbies . Philately, the art of collecting stamps and numismatics, the art of collecting coins are not only wonderful but also useful. These hobbies make a person learn about the geography, history and culture of the place from where their antiques came. The hobby of collection provides a wonderful way of seeking knowledge about different places of the world that are impossible for us to visit either because of lack of time or money. Let us look into details about the timeless arts of stamp and coin collection.


Source : Lighthouse Stamp Society

With the delicate art of letter writing having faded in the 21st century, it is almost an incredible sight to come across stamp collecting books nowadays. Gone are the days of the joys of collecting stamps. This hobby was quite a hit among some people in the 19th and 20th centuries. A stamp collection book is a precious souvenir for some families and had been handed down through generations as a treasure which has to be preserved with utmost care.

Stamp collecting had begun as a hobby in 1840 when the first postage stamp ‘The Penny Black’ was issued. Later it became a hobby which caught the fancy of children and teenagers. At first, adults didn’t took interest in collecting stamps but as time passed, people began realizing the worth of stamps and started adoring this hobby.

Stamps are considered to be petite forms of art. They were of various shapes and sizes and contains various images like animals, birds, insects, vehicles etc. Different types of stamps like postage stamps, revenue stamps, airmail stamps etc were collected and preserved.

Philatelists use various tools like tongs and tweezers to handle stamps as according to them, touching the stamps with fingers can either damage or tear it. They took great care in pasting the stamps in a stamp album or book.

Rare and old stamps are sometimes sold at auctions for a whopping amount of money. Ancient stamps are the most covetable items of many stamp collectors.  Some expensive stamps exist in the world whose auction prices can make us faint.

If you also want to make stamp collection a hobby, you can buy varieties of stamps from your nearby post office and preserve the collection in a stamp album. There are some famous personalities who are avid stamp collectors.


Source: Numismatic Guranty Corporation

In days of yore, coin collection was in vogue among many kings. They were passionate about collecting coins of various kingdoms and stored it in their royal treasury. There  are no specific historical  records as to when the hobby of coin collection begun. Apart from seeing it as a source of fun and enjoyment, people collected coins from a particular historical period, on the basis of metal types, on the basis of the shape of figures minted in various coins etc. Coins were also collected on the basis of future perceived value as they can become good sources of future investment as time passes. Some coins have been sold at auctions for a whopping amount of money.

Today many museums and coin collectors preserve ancient coins. In the festival of Dhanteras, it has become a trend among Indian people to buy gold coins. Some famous celebrities are very passionate about collecting coins and preserving them.

These two hobbies of stamp and coin collections have been the hot topics of research among many historians and academicians over the years.