Things men hates about women

things men hates about women

Men hates about women what women like about themselves. No prizes for guessing that this not any universal truth has not been formulated by any no less than iconic personality themselves, stemming instead from the mind and thoughts of yours truly trying to come up with the terms and conditions that often come attached with the emotions humans feel for others of their kind. Even when that ‘kind’ happens to encompass individuals different from each other in the most natural distinction of biological basis, the feelings free flow in all their fleetingness, morphing from one to another even while holding on to their own definite essence. In this case, the contradictions manifest as the two most explored experiences of love and hate by humankind with men hating on women as readily as they tend to love them.

So what exactly are the reasons that drives the men in our life to sometimes hate women in as much passion in expression as what characterise also their unbounded love for those same people as an universal continuation in existence and sustenance itself? Let’s find out in our nuanced understanding of the seemingly simple but in effect impenetrable almost an expanse that what identifies itself as being the male human heart-

The #allmen thing upsets indeed all men

Of course the thing that men most hates about women would be the tendency to generalise all of the opposite sex as being alike in their behavior and mentality. The ‘all men’ mindset that generally finds expression in conversations and across discussions is indeed a typical typecasting of males that tend to dominate the perception of mankind. And while this resort to believing women as being judging of the malefolk in this aspect of their existence is indeed as generalised a matter not again applicable to all women, it still is such unreasonable viewing of an entire spectrum of population in the no doubt larger but not necessarily wholly accurate light of them being all the same. In being a biased representation of men and in such aspect not anyway favourable, it is quite certain why this ‘all men are same’ thinking by women should be so offensive.

Men hates being friendzoned

men hate being friendzoned
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There perhaps would not be anything more upsetting for a man than to be friendzoned, even when the one placing him in that category of very interesting relational conceptualisation isn’t someone he is really interested in being more than just friends. Women tend to make their intentions very clear at the beginning by asserting their deep founded faith in the friendship bond they might want to pursue with the people in their life, and that is something men hates despicably.

Whether that is because a sidelining into the friendship zone ends up hurting their ego or thwarts instead any chance they might have of eking a romance out of the existing fore of the relationship, or simply because they do not like the ‘vibe’ of that highly conflicting space of existence not physical but more than impactful even than perhaps any no man’s land of the real world (exaggeration definitely effected), this friendzoning assertion does not go down well with most men. But with the ladies simply being fair and clear about their intention, this is something perhaps men needs to learn to accept in all good faith.

Men hates that women hold no secrets

things men hate

Call it jealousy or whatever but most men definitely hate the ‘sisters before misters’ pledge that women swear by. It no secret that girls go all out with their besties when it comes to divulging every single detail of their lives. Be it personal matters or relationship issues, boyfriend babbles or random rantings, however cringeworthy or how much private a matter in happening, girl gangs bonds over their strong belief in the no holds barred adage. That would be something understandably baffling for someone not used to such exclusive sharing of the most personal accounts of their life in such revealing detail. And specifically for men who anyway tend to not make their emotions too much known perhaps in adhering to the stereotypical expectations of them, it occurs as a displeasing reality indeed that some women they had confided about themselves in should rattle it all off to someone else.

They might consider it as an unwarranted intrusion on their privacy or even a complete upturning of the faith they had on someone. And with those men who see even their romantic relation rarely harbouring any sacred moment in exclusive owning by them, it is more than obvious that they cannot help but almost loathe such assertion in excessive bonding by women with whoever that might be.

Duck faces spell quack for most men

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Not all men but sure most of them absolutely hates it when women pout and pucker their lips out all together while clicking selfies or even in living the ‘real’ life. Again, this might not be exactly something very exclusive and universal a feminine trait or way of doing things. But the general state of affairs that has been the norm for quite some time seems to be a put off for men in general. It might be that they are more in favour of you smiling right from your heart in all genuine affections of yourself or it even might be the understanding that people who make those duck faces more than often are more likely to be neurotic. In exhibiting therefore such trait pointing to possible harbouring of drastic or irrational behavior, duck faced women might trigger men to not really fancy that view in supposed appeal.

Men hate the biased expectations of them

One thing men absolutely hates and in all valid reasons of it as well is the expectation that they need to pay for the women they are with. Particularly when it happens to be someone they are courting or are meeting up for matchmaking, the onus is always on the male partner to attend to the commands of the bill. As a notion long perpetuated in society and furthered indeed by some women who justify such behavior in obvious unfairness as being exhibiting of the man’s chivalry, this exclusive ‘right’ of men to the dues whether it be at the restaurant or in the mall is what has men revolting though in subtler assertions of it.

Chivalry should be about behavior and not about bearing the expenses of others, at least not when it is exclusively expected and not really done in willing, and certainly not something that should pertain as being ethics attributable to gender. Naturally then, women who harbour such notions of their entitlement are hated upon by men in all unison of their hearts and minds.

Men do not like to be played along when it comes to gaming

Hate might be too strong a term to describe something that is more annoying than any feeling else but men really really do not look forward to being interrupted in the middle of their favorite game, whether it be the one they are playing with pals or one in which they are rooting for their favorite team instead.

Not to say that women are not into sports and stuff but the tussle that often sees a tug of war for the remote or even worse, silent tactics of manipulating into giving up that ultimate controlling device between the opposite sexes, whether it be unfolding as the more typical altercation between the husband and the wife or common still references of mother and son or between siblings and of course also between friends finally managing to eke out time to catch up with each other, is what essentially makes for episodes of hate to stream between the Adams and the Eves. And men almost hates it indeed when they come into conflict with the many women in their life in moments of such profound importance as attending to a thrilling game of play.

Men hates that women remember everything

This should occur as offensive in fact to the ladies of the world but men secretly hates that women are so inclined to remember every single thing in such precise details of them. Whether it be the first time you met or anniversary dates, that specific item of minor importance on the shopping list that managed to avoid the scrutiny of the son or the information about having to attend your dearest friend’s birthday slip out somehow from their memory, and numerous such things of different levels and intensities and extents of importance, women are more than adept at having everything at their fingertips. Men on the other hand falter more often than not in this particular aspect of adulting, preoccupied as they are with whatever that manages to rake up their convoluted interests, such that the more essential memories escape from being embedded into their brains.

Lesser endowed beings therefore of the world, as they realise to be every time they find themselves in such a spot as pointed out indeed by the women in their lives, men might come across as hating on the fairer sex but it perhaps would be a strong feeling of jealousy with as strong an assertion of awe taking over them at such display of remarkable perfection by their female counterparts.