Things women never ever want to hear from you

things women never ever want to hear from you

It’s International Women’s Day– the celebration of all females, unapologetic and unstoppable. And even as we catch on up to the enthusiasm this day of the encompassment of female power generates, we can’t help but roll our eyes at the world of stereotypes that engulf all women.

If you are one of those women, undaunted and spirited, here’s a list of 9 things you would have been tired of hearing and would never, ever want to hear again-

#1 Stop with all that feminist shit of yours

The fact that you are saying this is the reason why I had to start with my ‘feminist shit’ in the first place.

#2 You’re one beauty with brains

You might think that you are gratifying us by acknowledging the brains that sits atop our beautiful face. But people, you have got to know that this one phrase is perhaps the most condescending of ’em all ever. Because you are leading us to believe that we are destined to be pretty, and anything over and above that is something that is not so natural about a woman. Bullshit!

#3 You are too emotional

Yeah, feeling about each and every matter deeply, no matter how small they appear to you makes us more human. And if that makes us emotional, in a way you perceive as weak, it’s about time you change your mind. Because we ain’t gonna change ourselves for you.

#4 You are too brash for a woman

So what made you think you are perfect as a person? No one dictates the code of our nature, so if I am ‘quiet’ that’s because I’m a soft natured person and not because I’m an ‘expected to be oh-so-feminine’ woman persona.

#5 You got someone to pay your bills

Yeah kiddo, everyone’s got their parents or guardians to pay off their bills till the time they are working. And just because there’s someone who would like to get me stuff doesn’t mean that I am always relying on them to take care of my expenses or that I expect them to let me swipe on their card.

#6 Women can’t drive smooth.

But we sure can run into you the next time such ridiculous thoughts find way out of your mouth. Just like you defiantly say all men aren’t trash, you should also know that not all women are bad drivers.

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#7 You look so beautiful without makeup, unlike other woman

You might think you are obliging us as you put us on an ‘elevated’ pedestal as a natural beauty, but no, you are doing it all wrong. Exalting us by deriding other people, women or not, is one of the lowest you can stoop to in an attempt to impress.

#8 I’m surprised you aren’t bitching about that girl you picked up a fight with

Because I fought for valid reason, with valid judgement and we have even sorted that out. Whatever we had to say, we did right to each other’s face unlike you who were waiting to be amused with all the bickering you so obviously expected of us. Sorry to disappoint you one time but man, you disappoint us every day!

#9 How come you don’t want kids?

And how come you don’t expect me to punch you in the face after you asked me this like it’s the universe’s ultimate truth? Just because I bear a body that has the ability to rear an offspring doesn’t mean I am expected to do so unfailingly. Being a functional, responsible, good- and sensible- person has nothing to do with wanting or not wanting kids.