Things You can Relate to when you are a Newbie at the GYM

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After looking like a baby elephant for quite sometime, I have started going to the gym. Yes, I finally made my journey to the Gym. It was quite fascinating in the beginning of my Gym journey, because I watched few YouTube videos before going to the gym. But the scenario is not the same as what I had expected.


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Looking at the mirror and start posing like you are the ultimate body builder.

Where else you can see yourself from top to bottom, left to right other than the Gym? Have you remembered those days looking at the mirror after 3 sets of push-ups?


Looking at hunks and thinking – Ab to mera v Abs ayega.

When you look at your fellow Practitioner, what usually comes to your mind?

What I think a large person sees when they see themselves in the mirror at the gym.

The non bearable post workout pains

Trust me; I was not able to sleep, nor walk for two days. Have you also?


 It needs a decade to come out of the gym after the leg day.

After so much of self esteem, I finally managed to finish my first ever leg day and after that all I wished for was a wheelchair.


 Asking everyone at the office – Am I looking Slim?

I am not a joker but I used to ask my colleagues  – Am I looking Slim? Only to convey one message.  Yes! Started bloody Gymming.

Gym things
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The post workout meal – Jo mile kha jao.

First day First show. I ended up having 10 bananas. Then 500ml of milk and tons of Oats. Only because I started Gymming.


How can you forget the last set of your workout?

tired after gym
Source: Strava

On a serious note, every Gymmer can relate to this fact. Last sets are always painful.


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