Things every face that hates the camera will relate to with all heart and soul

things you relate to if you hate having your picture taken

There’s nothing wrong with you if you are someone of the lesser species who don’t absolutely like to get clicked. Irrespective of how the world might repulse over at your abomination, this is no crime you are guilty of. Of course there will be worldly elements that will strive to make things difficult for you but you know you are not living a lesser life just because you don’t like something the majority does. Here’s some instantly relatable instances for all those who loathe facing the camera anytime, anyday!

You either make faces or you don’t make any at all!

making weird faces

For all those who hate facing the camera even in the supposedly most fun way will know that striking a pose is a hard deal. We are so programmed to not ever being ready for the lens that we always are at a loss when we are made to face it. No wonder what we all end up doing is making as weird and contorted faces as possible or not any at all. So there you are in every (rare) click of you- either looking like a fool because you indeed are that clueless or staring there awkwardly because that’s the best version of you can be, at least on camera!

You lose sense of your self

awkward in photos

It might sound a bit too much outside the radar when we say this but you need to be in our shoes to understand the reality. Indeed every time a camera tends to flash on you you lose all sense of yourself- you forget how to smile, you tend to forget how to even fake it! It indeed is that awkward- you just stand and glare there with million thoughts on your mind and with a zillion rebukes for each and everything that let you on in such a situation. Flashing your teeth so consciously it might even make you look like the devil, and yet that’s the only way you could be doing it. It’s all so very pathetic.

And yet, people think you are photogenic

Not Photogenic
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Not looking like even your remotest self on camera- that pretty much sums up your every after pic rendezvous. Either because you are awkward and fidgety or because you make such faces, but rarely do you look your person in photos. And yet there exist people who claim that you indeed are photogenic and you seriously need to get yourself clicked! Whether that’s a real compliment (not for us anyday though!) or just a scheme to have us posing, it’s something totally incomprehensible for us. And all those who think your remark will turn the tables on us, mind you- it’s never happening!

You hide (and never seek)

evading the camera
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Because there can be no other way you can evade the flash and lights, you try to hide your poor being behind anyone or anything generous enough to offer you some shade. A tall fellow is always a savior and say what, even medium heighted ones will do- you have no problem slouching or bending or even doing the half- sit if it means it will drive you out of sight and out of mind! Oh, how you covet Harry Potter’s invisible cloak during that time to have seamlessly gone into hiding!

Your photo is seldom your own!

hate getting clicked
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Naturally almost every photo of you ends up being a snap of your hands or dupatta that makes the cut everytime you seek to duck behind those saviors. Or even your hair covering your face making for that perfect ghastly effect. There’s no limit to the extents you would venture into just for the sakeof not doing what you don’t like and don’t intend to do at any point of time in your life, ever!

Hating folks who prods you on for a photo is your passion

Source: Not Photogenic

Don’t get me wrong but in a world where majority of the people are forever up for the clicks, it’s hard to find many who would understand your situation. While their indeed are people who leave you alone after some initial effort, there also are those who make it their resolve to have you clicked. Okay guys we appreciate your enthusiasm but we seriously are better off without any of that! And when you don’t understand our plight we sure begin hating on you like we hate no other. We aren’t always that adamant but when you are someone hell bent on making us do something we loathe we can really be scathing rude!

You don’t even understand the need to go “Aw, Snap!”

Source: The Daily Beast

Okay we don’t understand the compulsive desire that people showcase when they go about click, click and click but we aren’t complaining. Not yet at least. I mean it does not really make much of a sense to me- and for sure to at least some others like me- when people get all so frantic about taking selfies and all for the sake of memories and celebrations. But as long as it’s you who are in the frame, we have no qualms either about or against it. Because we believe in’live and let live’, we let you go about your business without (at least visible) grimace and hope you would let us do the same as well. Amen!

And social media tags can infact get you tagged a murderer!

no photos please
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Even far less comprehensible to us is the social media butterflies who upload every pic online and then tag you in them! Like what’s the need for that dude? Do whatever you like with your pics but leave us alone at least after the misery you put us through by having us clicked. Needless to say, we hate you with all our heart for taking our recipe for despise to another level altogether.

But you also know how to pay it back

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It however also isn’t that we are always the victim. There are times- read all times- when that prodding of ‘just one pic of us’ gets so much to your head that you intentionally ruin what had the potential to be a great click- as least as far your friends are concerned. All it takes is one weird pose for us (we are somewhat of pros at that!) to photobomb a snap that would likely have garnered all the likes and loves. Serves them right also- for putting us in such spaces we don’t want to be in. Tit for tat goes the world! (And guess what, it’s all impromptu most of the time!)

Dreading social events naturally gets into our psyche

hiding behind things

This fear or despair of photos is so deep rooted in us that it makes inroads into many other facets of our lives as well. Like we might be dying to catch up with that old friend who’s finally in town but there’s this one thing that sets us off instantly. In the viral age that we are living in, it’s highly unlikely that any meeting, however casual or laidback or fancy or whatever it might be will go uncaptured and unchronicled. This very necessity works so much so to repel us that we have to ditch even friends or abstain from meeting them in person because there’s no way we would be willing yielding into dictums and well, peer pressure. Because people, priorities matter and trust me our clan have their priorities sorted like no other soul on earth!

You don’t go cheese, you live more at peace!

But all this fear or despair or despise or aversion actually puts us in better stead. Because with that compulsive urge to go snap, snap omniabsent, you are forever there living in the moment and enjoying it completely without any check on what your latest pic would likely be like. That my friend is pure bliss and that essentially what life is, in all its simplest pleasures!