27 Photos which will make you go “Yeh toh thug life hai bhai!”

Photos which will make you go

The world is indeed a bizarre place to live in. And ironically, it’s also the only place for us to strive and survive. Nature as well as natural beings have time and again provided such moments interspersed with humor and disbelief, and spewed with contradictions of the laws of existence. A look at 27 such unrealistic depictions of the real world that has #thuglife written all over ’em!

Icy cheats

In Antarctica, it isn’t only liquid that freezes. The sub zero temperatures ensure that even solid food freezes in mid air.

Catty vibes!

This totally non chalant cat can give any resting bitch faced person a serious run for their money!

The web of deception

You think it can only be a blanket of snow? Move over, people. In Australia, it’s the spiders that weave magic with their webs.

Ape honcho and the crew

These sophisticatedly dressed monkeys are sure setting off the winter chills in more style than some humans!

Tea and blokes, or instead some cloaks?

Coats chilling without their persons indeed says- why should humans have all the tea?

Anatomy gone wrong!

An inverted pyramid seems more real than this inverted human!

Sun gone wrong?

Suraj chachu here seems to be a victim of sun lifting!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

When life gives you trees, you don’t care about the peeps.

Wait, what??!

Hairbands are passe, snake bands are in.

Pizza anyone?

For once, no thanks! I don’t need this pizza!!


Tornadoes will come and go, but hurri(can)edly mowing the lawn so that the wife doesn’t morph into a thunderstorm!

Picture perfect?

Deliriously protecting my water image because no one owns me, I was born a free bird.

What the truck!!

Trucks loaded into trucks being loaded into trucks till innfinity.

Living a nomad’s life

Apartment loading into a bus. Is it the world or just me going crazy?


More like copy cat, no?

The human tree

Camouflaging has never been any more exact, has it?

Eiffel tower, really?

From being offset in the background by some spectacular view to being the spectacle it actually is, the Paris wonder seems to have come a long way.

A space computer?

High tech is fine but is this man high on weed as well?

The ultimate thug life!

The obviously unwanted intruder in his home sure isn’t making the dog happy.

Eyes on you

Weren’t the CCTVs enough that the roof needed to have inbuilt eyes for supervision?


Its me in the dumps, not my attitude though.

Now this is what I call a lost cause!

LOL! Was that supposed to be a candid?!

Hallucinating heaven!

I wonder if no one has ever bumped into that man made sky!

Literally, the mouth of the fall!

Clearly, we don’t need nature to have a waterfall!

Rooster rules!

A hen perched on my head for an enhanced wifi. The future of wireless technology is finally here!

Stretching goals!

A tiny squirrel acing a mighty athlete. Life deceives in ways you can’t even imagine!