Top 10 cutest breeds of cats for you to adopt

top 10 cutest cats

There’s no scope for any debate on the fact that cats are born cute. A rotund face full of whisker, a disconcert that makes them all the more attractive and of course that soft whispering of the meows, our feline friends stand for every definition of cuteness. With such a world of adorableness built into them, how can anyone on earth possibly avoid wanting to adopt one and make them their own? You for sure wouldn’t! Make your pick then from among these top 10 cutest breeds of cats that will bring to your life a whole new ‘litter’ of endless joy-


In its very name, the Munchkin presents itself as one of the top 10 cutest breed of cats for you to pet. Considered to be the original breed of dwarf cat because of its rather short legs that which happen also to be the distinctive feature of it, munchkins are a rather recent breed. It indeed is the dwarf structure of Munchkins that make them one of the cutest cats around but that which is in fact the result of a genetic mutation.

Nevertheless, even with concerns surrounding the health of this breed owing to their mutated form, Munchkins are also adorably playful. In their kitten like physicality that characterise them lifelong because of their short stature, Munchkins tend indeed to be much like those tiny characters of “The wonderful wizard of Oz” tale after whom they have come to be named. Even in their demeanor, these otherwise normal sized cats come across as rather endearing of felines with a cute quotient that goes beyond merely their appearance.

Scottish Fold

Of course originating from the Scottish expanses, the Scottish Fold is a cat breed that takes the other end of its name after the genetic mutation trait characterising it. Cute in not just their appearance marked by their folded ears but also in their reputation as being loving companions, Scottish Folds were initially set to be named lop-eared or lops after the lop eared rabbit. Appearing somewhat owl like to the looks, this is a rare breed that has therefore come to be coveted pets even with celebrities, famously songstress Taylor Swift. Apart from its ‘breed defining’ ears, it also is the broadly-spaced eyes of the Scottish Fold that endows it a “sweet expression”, making it a prime presence among the top 10 cutest cats of the world.

Playful and good natured as well, Scottish Folds however are not born with the folded ear but rather ‘grow’ to exhibit the folds within a couple of weeks from birth. Also with not all individuals of the breed growing to develop the folds, there might be no way to ascertain them as Scottish Folds at all, unless of course you are an expert in cat culture!


Fluffy beyond measure and a sight to behold in its beauty, there exist a volley of references that make the Ragdoll among the top 10 cutest cats, aside from its name. Named due to the tendency of individuals from the original breeding stock to go limp and relaxed when picked up, Ragdolls are also rendered very beautiful in their striking blue eyes. Extremely docile a cat breed that which loves so much to cuddle and are adored for their floppy nature, these are more of puppy cats that are extremely fond of their humans. Lap cats in the truest sense of the term, these cuddly balls of fluff are so much of a delight to hold onto that, combined with their physical features, make them all the more coveted a breed to adopt and pet.

Maine Coon

For those who believe that cuteness is inversely proportional to size, there’s a Maine Coon out there waiting to prove you wrong! Touted to be the oldest cat breed on earth and also the largest domesticated cat breed, Maine Coon is the official state cat of Maine in North America and hence the name. Popular all over the world for its affable and friendly nature, Maine Coons also look pretty with their thick fur and large eyes. No wonder cat lovers consider them to be one of the top 10 cutest cats and therefore pet them exceedingly everywhere. A large bodied cat that has a distinctive ruff neck and tufted feet as well as a bushy tail, the Maine Coon can be surprisingly calm and non fussy for its seemingly dominant appearance.

As a cat type that goes along well with everyone from fellow cats and human children to even dogs, having a Maine Coon is definitely a rewarding perk to petting. Nicknamed therefore ‘the gentle giant’ because of its rather affable characteristics for a cat size this big, the Maine Coon also have tufts of fur on their paws that only adds to its cute aesthetics apart from its fluffy mane and tail.


Another of the cats that readily give away their presence among the top 10 cutest breeds is the very enticing sounding Ragamuffin. A domestic cat that which is easily identifiable in their thick, rabbit like fur, it also is the appearance of this breed that makes it so much of a eye candy for all pet lovers. Somewhat similar to the Ragdoll not just in nomenclature but also in physicality, the Ragamuffin is described also as having a sweet overall expression, establishing therefore its popularity on the cute horizon.

A classic lap cat despite its large size, it also is the soft furry delight that the Ragamuffin is that makes it so delightful a pet to cuddle up with in all its encompassing cuteness. Interestingly, Ragamuffins could have ended up with more of a ‘human’ element in their name instead of the food one. All set to be named Liebling which is the German word for darling or sweetheart, the breed was instead named Ragamuffin to retain its close characteristics with the Ragdoll. With all the fondness this breed harbours for being held by their favorite human, the sweetheart tag would perhaps have been more appropriate!


As one of the smallest cat breeds in the world, the Singapura is also one of the top 10 cutest cats around. Indeed, with its very name the Singapura asserts its identity as being a native from Singapore. A natural breed, this of the felines is rendered adorable with its big eyes and ears that particularly stand out for its stout and muscular small sized body. High on energy and therefore active and playful, Singapuras tend also to be somewhat rare and therefore might not be as readily available for adoption. However, these agile cats do make for wonderful pets and in their tendency to frequently perch on high places to allow themselves a better view of the surroundings, come across as rather showpiece like specimens of the cat family.


top 10 cutest cats Birman
Source: Vetstreet

The Sacred Cats of Burma, Birmans are also one of the top 10 cutest felines on earth. Distinctive in their silky coat, deep blue eyes, and contrasting white “gloves” or “socks” on each paw, these are stocky, silent cats that have come to assume their place of importance as ‘celebrity pets‘, most notably of that of eminent fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. And indeed, in their round, deep sapphire blue eyes sitting pretty across a rounded face, Birmans present a picture of beauty even when the trademark characteristics of this breed happens to be its pure white, symmetrical “gloves” on each paw.

Uniquely marked across its white coat that which endows it with an appearance quite unlike most casts, the Birman is perhaps rendered even more enigmatic also with the mystique that lies behind their history. Speculated to have originated as the companions of temple priests in northern Burma in the Mount of Lugh, the Birmans most probably came to France in the 1920s and in fact takes their name after Birmanie, the French form of Burma.

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is a cat breed that does immense justification to its name. With its bobbed tail that is roughly one third the length of its body, this breed makes for an extremely cute pet even when there is a somewhat wildness to its appearance. Their look however also speaks intuitive and that’s exactly how American bobtails happen to be. Playful and intelligent, these fluffy cats also make for excellent pets to cuddle and stroke. Among the sturdier cat breeds, these shiny and fluffy felines however is an uncommon catch, thereby making it one of the more expensive among cutest pets to own.

Sand Cat

While sand cats might not be the most readily available of cats for you to adopt, there’s no denying their status as one among the absolute top 10 cutest feline breeds out there. A small wild cat that which retains its kitten like appearance all throughout, these inhabitants of the deserts also come with paws full of tufts of hair that render them all the more ‘cosy’ an appearance, testifying further their cute reputation.

Terrific hunters on their own and capable of living for days without water, this really peculiar of cats however do not look any inch the tough guy that they tend to be. Little in size, wide eyed and sandy colored, sand cats come across as the most adorable of cats there can ever be. Petting them however is not as feasible an option, despite the many human hearts that would want to cuddle up with them forever, since keeping them in captivity can be detrimental to their health and survival.


Fluffy stemmings from Persia, Persian cats are among the top 10 cutest as well as most popular breeds in the world. With their big eyes and luxurious coats, it is no surprise that Persians are most favored as pets to adore and cuddle. Equally prominent is their flat faced appearance that perfectly offset their deep set eyes and short muzzle. Adorable and sociable, Persian cats make for really good pets even when they can depict typical fussy cat behavior. Interestingly this breed of cat is what they call the Iranian cat in the Middle Eastern countries while Iranians call it the Shiraz. Together with their short limbs and allover fluffy appearance, these generally quite kitties also are playful with their owners which makes them all the more preferred cat breeds in India as much as elsewhere around the globe.