Top 10 most handsome cricketers

top 10 handsome cricketers

Touted as the gentleman’s game for long, cricket commands crazy fan following. However not every buzz about cricketers stems for their durability in the sporting arena. Nor do all exemplary cricketers boast of a legion of fans even in their numerous achievements on field. Like every other celebrity on earth, sportspersons also receive adulation and generate a frenzy driven also by the sheer power of their looks. And cricket is no alien to some of the most handsome faces and dashing personalities gracing its interesting field of play. Throughout the times, the game of cricket have had the good fortune of nurturing such exceptional players who are no less than any actors or models when it comes to their charming looks and charisma. A bevy of cricketing giants have been at least as adored for being quite the hotties, as they are celebrated in delivering some incredible shots.

Below we list the top 10 most handsome cricketers of all time who can keep even those not very enthusiastic about the gentleman’s game still glued to their screen in a hunt for the hotness-

Virat Kohli

The best cricket player in the world at the moment, Indian skipper Virat Kohli emerges also at the top in being the most handsome of the lot. Named among the hottest men in Asia in 2018 and the ninth sexiest Asian male in 2019, Kohli sure sets a lot of hearts fluttering with his dashing looks. Innately charming and impeccably handsome, it is also the attitude of Kohli that puts him absolutely at the top among the 10 most desirable cricketers in the world. The charisma of this equally fantastic cricketer is such that he has even been named the seventh sexiest Asian in the last decade, by the UK-based Eastern Eye newspaper. As also the only sportsperson finding mention in the top 10 for his appearance, Kohli sure is a superstar both on and off the field.

Named also by men’s fashion magazine GQ as the best dressed sportsperson in the world and also as one of the 10 best dressed international men, a lot about Kohli’s charisma sure is also about his style. Whether that be his personal picks in fashion or his aggressive style of cricketing, Kohli’s characteristic mannerisms has made him the darling of the world. Also the only cricketer to feature in the Forbes’ list of top 100 highest paid athletes in the world for the year 2020, it also is Kohli’s looks and charm as much as his brand value that earns him some really lucrative endorsement deals. One of the world’s most famous athletes according to ESPN, this hugely successful Indian cricketer is undoubtedly a rare talent.

Alastair Cook

One of the most prolific batsmen of the modern era, English man Alastair Cook is also among the top 10 most handsome cricketers of all time. In his cricketing career with England, Cook has been party to numerous distinctions. A former captain of the England Test and One-Day International teams, Cook is the fifth highest Test run scorer of all time. He also is the first captain worldwide to score a century in his first five Tests and also the all-time highest non-Asian run scorer in Asia.

Equally awe inspiring as his on field exploits with the bat are his handsome looks, mostly his chiseled jawline that make him a fan favorite across the world. Named the sexiest man in Essex by EssexLive and also the only cricketer in the 30 strong list, Cook is as much a wonder in his attractive looks as amazing he is a player in his many phenomenal records.

Brett Lee

As famous for his looks internationally as he had been in his reputation as one of the fastest bowlers in the world is former Australian cricketer Brett Lee. A lanky 6 feet 2 inch stature, a smile that could literally kill and such amazing cricketing talent that had the world in awe of his mavericks, there is little about Brett Lee that would not make him instantly endearing to anyone who have had the good fortune of watching him.

There also is another dimension to Brett Lee outside his cricketing talent that particularly complements his handsome looks to make him among also the top 10 most popular cricketers. A part of the rock band Six & Out, Lee’s strumming with the guitar strings perhaps have also done much to enhance his mass appeal among his many fans and admirers. He is particularly a mass phenomenon in India as his many artistic entrails into the country have lent him massive popularity. Lee’s killer smile and equally killer looks have also made him try out his luck in acting, again in a project that sees the Australian great collaborate with Indian names.

Kevin Pietersen

In his style and sophistication, Englishman Kevin Pietersen is invariably one of the 10 handsome cricketers the world swoons over. Good looks apart, there also is a different charm to this man who rests in his own aura, be it in cricket or controversies. Called the most complete batsman in cricket by The Times, the 6 feet 4 inch tall Pietersen is as much a glorious self in person. Noted for his unusual haircuts, Pietersen has time and again proved how daring he can get when it comes to fashion and that undoubtedly translates in making him so cool a handsome stud to the world. In his modelesque presence and outspoken attitude, Kevin Pietersen sure is more handsome a cricketer than what he comes by across on field.

Kane Williamson

Ever since the heartbreaking loss to eventual champions England in the 2019 ICC ODI World Cup final, New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson has won over all with his sportsmanship and grit. Even in his grief stricken vulnerability, the gentleman that he is made Williamson respond with a spirit that endeared him to legions of cricket lovers across the world. It only is fitting therefore that a man with such impeccable spirit is also striking enough in such looks that make him among the top 10 most handsome cricketers.

Also the Player of the Tournament at the 2019 World Cup, Williamson’s looks are a pristine mix of innocence and refinement. In his trademark gentlemanly class and charming personality, Kane Williamson is perhaps also one of the most admired players the world over. A man with a golden heart, a player with exceptional skills and a guy with good looks writ all over him, Kane Williamson can just be the perfect gentleman ever!

Imran Khan

Handsome and enigmatic is often how one of Pakistan’s top 10 most famous cricketers is often revered as and the still prominent Imran Khan definitely had been a captivating presence in world cricket of his times. As one of the more prominent among all rounders, Khan stood out already with his cricketing talent. But beyond the skills, this lanky man also had quite the charm to make his way into the fantasy books of his fans at a time when international cricket was taking precedence in the subcontinent.

The heartthrob of an entire generation of cricket fanatics, Khan’s refined looks and his seeming composure earned him adulation and fame. Even in his public image as a playboy, Khan continued to charm one and all with his stately looks and demeanor. Suave in his Oxford educated refinement yet raw in his appeal, Khan is a perfect combination of style, in the appeal of the dashing and the allure of the privy. Flamboyant in his batting then, there still resides this aura in Khan that has held him in good stead in catapulting him to power as the current Prime Minister of Pakistan. In his indelible handsome impression on cricket, Imran Khan sure has a legacy of his own to boast of in every sphere of his controversial life.

Mitchell Johnson

Source: Herald Sun

Rugged in his looks yet sculpted in the face, Australian pacer Mitchell Johnson is a deadly combination of the striking and the enticing. Equally deadly is of course his cricketing exploits that has earned him the ICC Test Player of the Year award while also making him a two time Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy winner. Captivating in both his skills as well as his looks, Johnson boasts of a formidability that places him absolutely amongst the top 10 most handsome cricketers. His exceptional match winning skills perhaps further enhances his appeal both in person and in the sport.

Shane Bond

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New Zealand’s best fast bowler since Sir Richard Hadlee- while such epithet is enough to make cognizance of the massive popularity Shane Bond must have enjoyed as a cricketer there also is something other than his talent that makes this legendary player one such widely admired cricketers across the globe. One of the most stylish cricketers of his time, Bond also has been a handsome presence in the international cricketing circuit for the entire decade he enthralled the world with his cricketing range.

In his calm, composed self, Bond harbours a charm that renders him instantly likeable. Much like his career which was short lived but impactful, Shane Bond’s looks are also a fancied attribute of his subtle yet striking handsomeness. Also having served as the bowling coach of the New Zealand cricket team, this veteran cricketer have made an indelible imprint in the realm of international cricket through his presence.

James Anderson

top 10 handsome cricketers james anderson
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The all-time leading wicket-taker among fast bowlers of the cricketing world, English man James Anderson is also one of the all time winners when it comes to looks. Emerging to be one of the biggest stars in English cricket just months after his debut, it was as much his style and attractive looks that earned James all the attention as did his exploits on the cricketing pitch. Equally prominent is his style statement and his good dressing sense that further ups his aura to place him among the top 10 most handsome cricketers in the world. The first cricketer to model naked for Britain’s biggest selling gay magazine Attitude, it also is Anderson’s charismatic style and his very prominent hair styles that makes him so much a hit with the ladies.

Faf du Plessis

For people who believe in letting the eyes do all the talking, Faf du Plessis should be an instant bowl over! A former captain of the South African national cricket team, Plessis is also the first of his country to record centuries in all formats of the game internationally. Beyond his achievements in cricket however, a great deal of Plessis’ popularity has to do with the way he looks. The swashbuckling batsman and part time bowler has a smile that can charm everyone to no end. Additionally, his dimpled cheeks and magnificent style makes Plessis a natural charmer and places him firmly amongst the top 10 most handsome cricketers in the world of all time.