Top 10 Most Important Foreign Languages

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Thinking of picking up basics of a new language over your Summer Break? Here’s a list of all the most important ones, as per the British Council.


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With 570 million total speakers, it’s no wonder this fiery and passionate language is at the top of the list!


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Mandarin boasts about 960 million native speakers and is spoken in Northern and South-Western China. Having a few Mandarin phrases ready to go will only help you.


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French has about 274 million native speakers. Would you like an omlette du fromage while you polish your conversational French?


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Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world, with about 280 million native speakers. Did you know the first letter of the Arabic alphabet is called Aleph?


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guten Morgen! German is spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Liechtenstein, amongst other places. About 95 million people are native speakers.


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Well, you’d be able to order as many pizzas as you’d like once you have the basics down of this lovely language, along with its 59 million native speakers.


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Perhaps the reason why Dutch is so high up on this list despite having a comparatively lower number of native speakers – approx. 22 million – is because of how easily English speakers can pick up this foreign language.


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Another useful language to pick up and hone with its 205 million native speakers is Portuguese.


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You may already know bits and pieces of Japanese because of the undeniable power of anime and manga. If not, you can enroll in a class and join 125 million of its native speakers and watch anime without waiting for subtitles or English dubs.


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Borscht? Maria Sharapova? Putin? Knowing some Russian would help you communicate better with its 160 million native speakers.

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