Top 10 newspapers in the world which people rely upon

Top 10 newspapers in the world

The mirrors of society as they are, newspapers necessarily need to survive in the existential ambit of every modern day civilisation. And because these pages of paper that bring news to us thrives on what the society has to offer to them, newspapers also are critical in keeping us connected with the ground reality when things seem too rosy in hindsight. Because the words in print are preserved for eternity, these newspapers also serve as a source of history. No wonder even in the global times people still rely on their daily serving of news from the pages to concede to the facts. Here’s listing the top 10 newspapers in the world people still rely on for their utmost credibility-

The Wall Street Journal (USA)

Winner of a whopping 37 Pulitzer Prizes, one of the most prestigious awards in the field of journalism and journals, and you can well imagine just how adept The Wall Street Journal is in its interpretation of the code of authentic journalism. With a name that spells out Wall Street, the journal obviously is largely one encompassing the financial scene. But even in its intensive focus on business, there is a holistic coverage on such news impacting other aspects of society, life and existence making The Wall Street Journal also one of the largest newspapers in its home country of the United States by circulation.

Printed continuously since its inception in 1889, the journal however took its modern shape and prominence in the 1940s and has been thriving as a reliable source of news among the public ever since. With also its online version emerging as the largest paid-subscription news site on the Web at one point of time, it is evident where The Wall Street Journal stands in its status as being one of the absolute best among top 10 newspapers of the world.

In its reputation of ‘non- partisan reporting’ as hailed by other news networks, The Wall Street Journal has also been the recipient of the Worth Bingham Prize for Investigative Reporting apart from the Pulitzer Prize on numerous occasions. Spanning across a range of journalism from editorial writing to criticism as well as to commentary, each of the 37 Pulitzer Prizes bears testimony to The Wall Street Journal’s commitment to adhere to the highest standard of journalism that makes it among the most popular newspapers in the world.

The Guardian (UK)

A four times winner of the National Newspaper of the Year award in the UK, The Guardian is among the top 10 newspapers in the world. With a legacy spanning almost two centuries having been founded in 1821, The Guardian came into existence as The Manchester Guardian before taking its present name decades late in 1959. The most-read of the UK’s “quality newsbrands” and also the most trusted print edition in the country, The Guardian’s online site also makes for the fifth most popular newspaper site in the world.

Co-winner of the 2006 World’s Best-designed Newspaper as awarded by the Society for News Design, The Guardian is known for its brand of transparent journalism that has led it to break some of the most shocking news in world history. Ranging from the 2011 News International phone-hacking scandal to the news of the secret collection by the Obama administration of Verizon telephone records to exposing then British Prime Minister David Cameron’s links to offshore bank accounts, The Guardian has been utmost dutiful in its journalistic pursuits. This led the newspaper to rank first in a study on transparency of 25 mainstream English-language media vehicles, conducted by the International Center for Media and the Public Agenda of the University of Maryland.

Also the co recipient of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for public service reporting for their coverage of the NSA’s and GCHQ’s worldwide electronic surveillance program and the document leaks by whistleblower Edward Snowden, The Guardian stands true to its ideals of ‘Conscience, nurtured by Truth’.

The New York Times (USA)

The New York Times (USA)
Source: Mother Jones

Winner of the most Pulitzer Prizes in the prestigious awards’ century old history is The New York Times of the United States. Founded as the New-York Daily Times back in 1851, the paper continues its untiring march into reporting a century and a half later under its slogan of “All The News That’s Fit To Print”. Within a decade and a couple of years of launching its online site in 1996, The New York Times emerged as the the most visited newspaper site with more than twice the number of unique visitors as the next most popular site.

With a national and international “reputation for thoroughness” developed over time, The New York Times is held in high regard among journalists, emerging to be named the best American paper in 1999. From being called “the most respected newspaper in the world” to winning also a host of George Foster Peabody Awards, The Times however also have had its share of criticism and controversies. From propagating gender discrimination in employment to facing accusations of bias and racial discrimination, The New York Times has encountered as many brickbats as laudings in its illustrious run to emerge as among the top 10 newspapers of the world.

The Washington Post (USA)

Distinguished in its impeccable political reporting that has earned it a staggering 69 Pulitzers, The Washington Post another US daily that is esteemed enough to be counted among the top 10 newspapers of the world. In existence since 1877, The Washington Post led the American press’s investigation into what became known as the Watergate scandal leading to then President Richard Nixon’s resignation. In its taut slogan of Democracy Dies in Darkness, The Washington Post has firmly established itself as the fourth pillar on which the basis of governance stands true to the people it represents.

China Daily (China)

top 10 newspapers in the world China Daily (China)

Boasting the widest print circulation of any English-language newspaper in China is China Daily which has been in circulation since its founding in 1981. Targeting mainly the international audience including foreign diplomats and tourists by translating major Chinese newspaper articles in its editorials, the daily aims to present “China and China’s news to a unique group of readers and to provide services and entertainment specially suited to those readers.” Even in its online presence, China Daily is notable in being not just one of the first major online Chinese newspapers but also in its huge base of global audience.

The Independent (UK)

The National Newspaper of the Year at the 2004 British Press Awards, The Independent continued as a printed newspaper for three decades since its beginnings in 1986 before shifting over to the digital realm. Also nominated for the Responsible Media of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards, The Independent has been a visible fragment of the British society in its take on responsible and fearless journalism embodied by its catchy slogan of “It is. Are you?”.

The Times of India (India)

top 10 newspapers in the world The Times of India (India)
Source: Brand Equity

The largest selling English language daily in the world, The Times of India is a reputed name when it comes to the top 10 newspapers globally. Ranked among the world’s six best newspapers by BBC and called the “the leading paper in Asia” by Indian Viceroy Lord Curzon, The Times Of India is also the second-oldest Indian newspaper still in circulation since its first edition published in 1838. Beginning its illustrious journey as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce, the journal however has been criticized for being the first to institutionalize the practice of paid news in India. Nevertheless, with its wide range and expansive reader base, The Times of India still commands respect as being one of the trusted news sources worldwide.

The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

top 10 newspapers in the world The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

The Sydney Morning Herald saw the light of day in 1831 as Sydney Herald and has thrived to now be the oldest continuously published newspaper in Australia. Its website also gains popularity as one of the most visited in its country of origin. The paper has also been partially digitised as part of the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program project of the National Library of Australia and stands testimony to it being one of the best 10 leading English dailies of the world.

Daily Mail (UK)

Britain’s eight time National Newspaper of the Year, the Daily Mail is the highest-circulation daily newspaper at present in its home country. With a majority female readership that makes it also quite unique among the other leading UK dailies, The Daily Mail was founded in 1896 as a middle market newspapers that diverts somewhat from the realm of all serious news to bring also entertainment tidbits to the public forum.

Though somewhat disputed for its presentation of sensational and inaccurate news stories as well as for copyright violations, the Daily Mail has withstood the test of time to be among the top 10 newspapers of the world as of 2020. Notable in its numerous remarkable stories that fetched it both criticism and praise including its campaigns against plastic pollution, the Daily Mail has long stood firm and resolute in seeking to establish itself as a daily that translates as effectively a medium of reliable information in its online presence, rising to become the most visited newspaper website in the world.

Dawn (Pakistan)

The oldest, leading and most widely read newspaper in Pakistan, Dawn dawned in 1941 as a mouthpiece for the Muslim League. With regular syndicated articles from other top 10 international newspapers like The Independent, The Guardian, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post, Dawn has itself emerged to be a reliable source of news characterising the world.