Top 19 celebrities who are the OGs of marijuana [unexpected names inside]

celebrities who smoke marijuana
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Creativity seems to stem from the most unique of avenues- like cannabis. Yeah, it sure does. If you take a list of all the celebrities who smoke weed like that’s the thing with the least qualms of all, you would perhaps be left gaping at the audacity. Yet, celebs are as nonchalant characters in real life as they are on screen. Here’s raising the pipe to 19 such celebs who smoke marijuana like it’s legal (and like they are the earthly incarnations of the celebrated Lord Shiva who smoked bhaang to puff up his divine owers)!

#1 Ranbir Kapoor

#2 Natalie Portman

#3 Robert Downey Jr

#4 William Shakespeare

#5 Daniel Radcliffe

#6 Gauri Khan

#7 Snoop Dogg

#8 Bob Marley

#9 Sanjay Dutt

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#10 Patrick Stewart

#11 Radhika Apte

#12 Miley Cyrus

#13 Honey Singh

#14 Rihanna

#15 Wiz Khalifa

#16 Elon Musk

#17 Susanne Khan

#18 Jennifer Aniston

#19 Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake
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