Toughest courses in the world you could be a part of!

toughest course in the world

There hardly would be any course of study in the world that would be a breeze of air. Of course, it helps when we are naturally inclined to a particular subject, for it then drains out the monotonous nature of all things academia to make it fun and exciting. There still however dwells a certain degree of toughness in such courses even when they are pursued out of sheer passion and interest. Be it the structure buildup of the course or their expansive area of study, there are a host of them that still make it as among the toughest in the world. Here’s looking at top 10 such courses that rank high on the hard quotient-

Chartered Accountancy

The course that needs you to clear one of the toughest examinations in the world would for sure be also one among the toughest of picks by any standard. The level of toughness encompassed by the chartered accountancy course makes it a hard nut to crack, especially in its final stage. With a study range that is diversive and inexhaustible, this is a course that needs to be completed in its three stages viz. Foundation, Intermediate and Final. But notwithstanding its tough reputation, pursuing the course is preferred by a majority of commerce students as it is also one of the prestigious professional courses, offering high paying employment avenues.


One of the most expansive fields of study, also one of the most rigorous and lengthy universally, is the one that concerns medicine and health. Medical students have to pursue one of the toughest course as part of their professional curriculum, irrespective of wherever in the world they choose to do it.

The reason why medical sciences comes up as such a hard scope of study has to do with its extensive attention to detail. Since students in the medical field are the future doctors, they need to acquire knowledge pertaining to a wide range of aspects since they would be involved in a profession that leaves them liable for mortal lives. There also exists an insane amount of competition, given how majority of science students aspire to be doctors and practitioners. There also is the need to specialize in a particular field of interest for further adeptness which multiplies further the toughness of the medical course. In being a course that need you to devote to the intricacies of the field, medicine shapes up as a really hard range of study.

Fashion Designing

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In being a course that is pursued mostly out of passion and rarely owing to conventions, fashion designing should be exactly the fun job it sounds like. And indeed it is. But the course that one needs to pursue to call themselves a professional fashion designer is still isn’t the easiest to cover.

In its essential element of designing, this is a rather tough course since it involves the crucial drawing in on mathematical understanding. Of course the theoretical, formulaic jargon of the study of numbers does not make their way into this otherwise highly creative field of study. But there still exist essential derivatives of maths, mostly geometry, in the study of fashion design which is another course among the toughest in the world. The toughness of the course is further compounded by what it is in essence. In having to map out two dimensional figures of such creations that will essentially be needed to cross over into the reality of the three dimensional world, fashion designing also is a complex exercise to undertake, either as a course or as profession.


Another much preferred line of study for students aspiring to go the scientific route is engineering. With numbers and angles forming the crux of this course, there is evident enough argument to establish why this course is among the toughest of the world. Expansive and inexhaustible in structure and exerting quite in terms of skill testing, engineering gains distinction as a course immensely tough yet popular. A wide range of tactical and analytical skills as well as reason and critical thinking abilities are what makes the engineering world a smooth track to glide across. Not just the course, even securing entrance to the most reputed engineering institutions is as challenging a matter, preparing aspirants therefore for a course that is immensely tough but nonetheless rewarding.


In being a gargantuan mix of the nitty gritties of technicalities and the subjectiveness of the artistic kind, architecture is one course that stems up as among the toughest in the world. From accurate measurements, perfect sketches and precise designs to concentrated effort and immense analytical thinking, this is a line of study that needs students to immerse themselves wholeheartedly into the course. There also is a need of considerable patience and perseverance, with the added assiduousness of a certain approach to learning that is defiantly conditioned and sufficiently pliant all at once.


As a field of study that grants you some upper hand in discovering the innate workings of the human mind, psychology might sound like an exciting area of research. No less daunting however is the task at hand since gaining insight into the complexities of the mind is not something quite effortless. It requires considerable depth of understanding as well as phenomenal amounts of patience and effective communication skills to sail across the many exerting nuances that this toughest course in the world sets you up for. From developing good listening skills to honing your intuition as well as diversifying your observational attitude and inherent grasp of the human psyche, the study of psychology demands your all as a field of expertise that can grant you inroads into the inner depths of the expansive universe that the mind encompasses.


A sneak peek into the study room of any student of law and you will understand why this is one course among the absolute toughest in the world. With books and files meticulously hardbound into sections, each comprising the acts, articles and sections that a particular action entails, this is a course that needs you to be utterly conversant with its every listing. There also is a strong emphasis on reasoning to come up with valid arguments for and against every point that can win or lose you cases.

Amongst the preferred career options that is exciting, exerting and exhausting all at once, a detailed insight into the confines of the world that the study of law treads reveals its many diligent requirements. From factual establishment of claims to analytical review of cases, every expansive read on law calls for the mental strength to prepare for one of the hardest courses catering to the ambit of professional study.

Computer science

As a course of study, computer science might be one that entices a lot of passionate, talented youngsters both for its exciting range of work as well as for its high in- demand professional curriculum. And while over the years the interest spurred by this branch of study has not waned a single bit, the emergence of newer scope and possibilities has strived to make this course one among the many in the world that are the toughest to master. The challenge lies in getting yourself accustomed to the many intricacies of coding and the high level of attention it demands, which can tend to get a bit weary at times. Concept clarity is the absolute requirement, as it is with all other tough branches of study, while the newer programs and updates on the tech horizon is another aspect that can leave enthusiasts drained.


toughest course in the world Journalism

Journalism might not exactly strike in popular perception as being the toughest course in the world. But the domains that this dynamic range of study treads into makes also this professional course one of the hardest to undertake. However the concept of journalism being a tough course to undertake has more to do in its practical exertion than in it being a rigorous course in study.

From taking to the field at the most unearthly of hours to accessing remote areas in conditions not always conducive to the traditional concept of class based study, journalism prepares you for such aspects and avenues of daily life that are challenging in themselves. Keeping tab on the latest happenings, prepping yourself for such situations that venture regularly out of your comfort zone, handling criticisms and being able to handle the complexities of the media world are only some of the many things that anyone pursuing a course in journalism have to rigorously undertake.


As a term, finance sounds pretty commonplace and familiar. As a course of study however, its vastness and complexity render it as the toughest in the world. In dealing with money matters such as financial management and planning, investment, equity, capital and a host of interrelated as well as diverse concepts, financial study can help in influencing numbers for effective management of businesses and assets. Which is perhaps why in its credible but tricky domain, finance shapes up as such a hard course of academics to study.