Best tricks on how to remove holi colors from your hair, skin, nails, clothes… basically everywhere!

holi expectation vs reality

Holi as the festival of colors is celebrated with much enthusiasm in India, But to remove those colors and stains from your hair, skin, nails, clothes, that is basically everywhere, is one of the toughest tasks. Here are the best tricks on how to wash away those stubborn colors and return to your normal life post the Holi celebrations-

for Skin

#1 Wheat flour

A paste of wheat flour made by mixing a few drops of lemon juice or oil applied all over the body right before a shower will ensure that your skin will get rid of all those hues.

#2 Coconut oil

Rubbing your face with coconut oil by dabbing it on a piece of cotton will help to pull off much of the holi colors.

#3 Glycerin

Wiping your face with glycerin also wipes out colors and helps to reduce itchiness and irritation.

#4 Amchur powder

Soaked amchur powder applied on the skin is also an effective remedy for those marks left by Holi celebrations.

#5 Cleanser

Cleansers that are rich in lemon and aloevera content are also effective at removing Holi colors from your skin, while also lending a soothing effect.

#6 Moisturizer

Applying moisturizer all over your body before getting drenched in water and colors ensures that you will be warding off most of those tough color spots.

#7 Sunscreen

Sunscreen also acts similarly to moisturizer to make sure those Holi colors don’t stick on to you for long.

#8 Foundation

Applying foundation on your skin also protects from all those colors since you already have a ‘protective mask’ on.

#9 Vaseline

The moisturizing effect that vaseline has on your skin helps keep it protected and also does not allow those harsh colors to settle for too long.

for Hair

#10 Castor or Olive oil

The greasy property of oils, specially castor and olive oil comes handy when you want to play with colors but still want to have silky (uncolored) hair afterwards!

#11 Egg yolk or curd

Both egg protein and curd are very good hair nourishers. And to remove those pesky colors from your hair, it’s vital that you apply either of these two ingredients on your hair and wait for sometime before shampooing them off.

#12 Mustard Oil

Massaging your hair with mustard oil before and after playing Holi also is a safe bet to escape uncolored and also undamaged.

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#13 Coconut milk

Similar is the effect coconut oil has in restoring and decoloring hair.

#14 Herbal shampoo

In addition to removing colors by shampooing you hair, it’s also important to protect your tresses from the harshness of those colors. Herbal shampoos come to your rescue to rock flowing, healthy tresses even when you have played Holi like crazy.

for Nails

#15 Nail Polish

A coating of nail paint protects your nails from being permanently embedded by holi hues. When you are done playing, simply scrape off the polish from your nails and you will be left will stain free nails again.

#16 Vinegar

Immersing your nails in vinegar after fiddling with gulaal also will give you clean nails afterwards. Lemon juice can also lend the same benefit.

for Clothes

#17 Lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the most handy cleansers when it comes to removing any kind of stains and colors. Simply rub a piece of lemon over the spot you want to decolor and you are done.

#18 Window cleaner

Suprisingly, a very effective product to eliminate color blots from clothes is to wash them with window cleaner. A clear ammonia based window cleaner applied on the stain and washed off after some time will make your clothes look as wearable as ever!

#19 Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol on colored spots is an equally guaranteed remedy for stain free clothes.

#20 Toothpaste

Even the humble toothpaste has much use when it comes to removing Holi stains from clothes. Apply some amount of toothpaste over the colors and scrub it with a toothbrush. Then wash it off.

So go on, play Holi to your heart’s content and fade away all the colors later, but not the memories!