Twitter is buzzing with hilarious expressions of Zelda the cat

zelda the cat tweets

As curious as a cat! If you have been entertained by the Internet catty sensation Zelda you will know exactly what we mean. An adorable black kitty with a white bib, Zelda has made fans with its permanently startled expression brought about by its large, rotund eyes. Ever since Curious Zelda debuted on Twitter, netizens have been having a field time being entertained by the curious eyes staring at them beneath funny, enticing rhymes. What’s more, Curious Zelda has gone so popular that the legacy has been legit spawned into a book named The Adventures of a Curious Cat. Zelda might be curious but it also knows how to arouse the curiosity of savvy netizens to garner the followers and the retweets. Here’s how Zelda is living up to all the love on Twitter-

The Zelda welcoming


Marketing done right

Curiosity hid the cat

Apocalypse ‘cat’efined?

Curious like a cat


The dilemma of a cat

Of all things to be!

I fits. I sits.

Committed to hoomans

Tele- Zelda!

I might have died, but here I hide

It’s night also to the cat’s sight

Too curios to be secretive

Another #’of all things to be’

The perfect brand cambassador!

Because that’s what cats do

Just Zelda Things

But I’m a cute furry sack

Reality of Zelda kitty

You are in a fix!

I am a cat, I earn what I get

Just Cat Things

That’s how Zelda rolls!

Zelda is just all of us

And you can be Zelda as well if you do all of these!

Another #’Just Zelda Things’

Zelda knows some courtesy

Zelda might!