UFO mystery sightings by baffled observers in Vietnam and Egypt

UFO sightings

Mystery and enigma have always been at the forehold of human beliefs. With a mind that borders on the surreal and is mystified with the other world and the like, it is only natural that alien objects and matters have always captured the sapiens’ attention.

While fear essentially rules any claims about the unknown, more often than not, curiosity takes over and brings us to such an affinity for the unexplored that any rare occurrence essentially becomes fodder for speculation.

The world outside our universe have forever held us spellbound, and any unidentified object becomes our case study. True, UFO sightings are rare but nonetheless, not unheard of. Specifically in history there have been reports about UFOs that seem to over rule any explanation of the known.

UFO sightings
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The Vietnam War in this respect assumes prime importance. With host of unidentified sightings creating havoc during the war, the political aspect of the event is somewhat over ruled.

But even then, the Asian country is not the only one in recent history to have encountered mysteries. Egypt, in particular, is another land that has been the subject of some unexplained occurrences.

But maybe standings of the Vietnam war regarding the alleged sightings are more credible. With the Vietnamese forces not resorting to aircrafts as a means of warfare, it is naturally unexplainable when naval fleets were subjected to air strikes. And without any evidence of enemy wreckage doing the rounds in subsequent explorations, this remains one of the most mysterious evidence of alien interference.

UFO sightings
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A survivor of the Vietnam war, Pete Mazzola reportedly told before his death that he saw more than a few unusual ‘shooting stars’ that manoeuvred in a way no meteor could.

The land of the Pharaohs, and obviously that of the pyramids, the world recognises Egypt’s importance as a wonder land. The pyramids, are however, famous not only for their history and their geometricity. There is something even spectacular about this resting place of the Pharaohs. Courtesy, speculated UFO sightings.

UFO sightings
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But alien encounters have also been embedded in Egypt during its ancient times.

The Tulli Papyrus, a rather typical Egyptian papyrus has an underlying importance to it. The text describes a huge UFO sighting supposedly occurring in Ancient Egypt during the reign of Thutmosis III.

Flying saucers or ‘circles of fires’ appeared over the Egyptian pyramids as far back as 1500 BC. Given the fact that ancient Egyptians were much advanced in astronomy, it is unlikely that the sightings were mere misinterpretations.

UFO sightings
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Of course, these reportings are subject to deliberations, in that the Tulli is actually a translation of an ancient Egyptian text and may not necessarily be the original report of the fact.

Of course, any claim over sightings of UFOs or existence of aliens has not been substantiated by concrete evidence yet. Even then, we cannot rule out connections with the outer world. With numerous reported sightings over history, it is not acceptable that all such accounts were mere misinterpretations or coincidences.

In what strives to keep lesser mortals engaged in the realm of make believe, alien presence and UFO sightings in particular serve as an escape to fantasy. And even with the fear looming by virtue of the ‘aura’ of uncertainty, outer space migrants continue to occupy a special place in the expanse of human existence.