Exploring the most unique flowers of the world

unique flowers of the world

Pretty and pristine and pleasant, flowers are one of life’s many blessings. In all their myriad hues, flowers embody a world of color- one that entices you to fall in love with life itself. Be it as a means to further your beauty or simply to liven up your soul and drive you to such happiness that is pleasurable and satisfying or even infusing your life with the sweet sniffs of their fragrance, flowers make this world all the more beautiful a place to live in.

With shapes that range from simple to sophisticated and patterns that can be unique and commonplace and of course such a sea of colors that span anywhere between the expanse of the bright and the subtle, there is always so much to be captivated by when it comes to embracing the grandeur of the floral beauties of the world. Diving this time into the variegated world of blooms by exploring some of the most unique flowers there ever have been-


dragon skull flower
Source: Kuriositas

With a name as dramatic as snapdragon, it is no wonder that these make for among the most unique of flowers in the world. The nomenclature indeed is deriving from the very appearance of the flower, that which is also popular as dragon flowers, making apparent immediately its resemblance to something as ‘unflowerly’ as dragons! Wildly popular in their many bright colors and enticing fragrance, snapdragon flowers indeed resemble dragons opening and closing their mouths when the flowers are squeezed.

While that itself is quite interesting a characteristic to make a flower, the dragon reference does not end here. In their death, Snapdragons bear even more uncanny a resemblance to these creatures of folklore. Once the flower dies off, it leaves the seedpod behind that, believe it or not, come to resemble dragon skulls! In life as well as in death therefore, Snapdragons do justice to their dragon terminology and makes for hence some absolute mavericks of the floral universe. Also the very prominent dragon base has also meant that ancient cultures placed these flowers on a supernatural pedestal, believing it to possess such powers that are able to restore youthfulness and beauty to any woman who ate them.

Lithops Weberi

unique flowers of the world Lithops Weberi
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Camouflaging plants are nothing new to us but for a flower to be able of such deception as what the Lithops Weberi tends to do is indeed a revelation unique enough to make it among the most unusual flowers of the world. Native to South Africa, these small plants are distinctive in their stone like appearance that which have also lend the species its name. Discovered in 1811, these plants have evolved to be particularly suited for their region of origin where they tread an expanse of stone and stand in almost indistinguishable an identity. The daisy-like yellow, pale orange or white flowers with many petals, open in the afternoon of sunny days and close again in late afternoon, emerging from the fissure in between leaves in such stark fashion that make it all the more worthwhile a wonder to watch in full bloom.

Happy Alien

As if dragons were not enough, the floral universe boasts also an alien among its ranks! This one however is much more pleasant a sight to watch in full bloom, far removed from the macabre premises upon which the Snapdragon comes into ghastly glory. Discovered by Charles Darwin and therefore known also as Darwin’s Slipper, they hail from Tierra del Fuego in the southern region of South America. While indeed these flowers look like some ecstatic otherworldly beings in their shape, it perhaps also is the vibrant yellow and orange color of it that lends it its’ happy’ distinction!


As a flower, the udumbara comes across as unique not just in appearance but also in its ‘legacy’. A revered flower in one of the oldest religions of the world, Buddhism, udumbara means an ‘auspicious flower from heaven’ and find belief as blooming once in every 3000 years! A sacred flower that comes from the realms of the Buddha, the rare bloom of the flower made it particularly apt to symbolize such events of equally rare and therefore perhaps divine occurrence. A parasitic tiny flower, that which encompasses not more than 1mm in diameter, the Udumbara comes across as a delicate fleck of the purest white in the rare sightings that it has guaranteed over the years. Despite their minuscule presence however, the Udumbara is a very pleasant smelling flower, with a mild but noticeable sandalwood like fragrance that only enhances it sacred status within the purview of Buddhist beliefs.

Jade Vine

unique flowers of the world Jade Vine
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In its striking blue color and astounding growth mechanism that which sees it stemming to some 20 meters high, the Jade Vine has to be among the most spectacular of flowers in the world, if not the most unique. A rather unassuming draw from the pea and bean family of plants, these turquoise color hangings of floral exquisiteness are endemic to the Philippines and are also somewhat of a species in danger due to the destruction of its habitat and the decrease of natural pollinators.

Prominently showy in its hue that which is a result of copigmentation as well as in its spectacular cascading trusses, the jade vine, popular also as the emerald creeper is however most unique in its highly unusual color. With the blue tending to be some shade varying from blue-green to mint green, it’s surprisingly easy also to miss out on the blooms in strong sunlight which is a feature quite opposite to what characterises the plant at night. Naturally pollinated by bats, Jade Vine flowers exhibit luminosity in the dark, making it quite ethereal a flower to witness in all its glory.

Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos
Source: Google Sites

In its very name, it is already quite evident just why the Chocolate Cosmos makes for one of the most unique flowers in the world. Native to Mexico, this rich reddish brown colored bloom is reminiscent of our forever favorite indulgence, chocolate, in more ways than one. While the color itself is close to resembling chocolate in appearance, it also is the prominent chocolaty aroma emanating from it that makes this flower all the more aptly named in all its uniqueness. Blooming in late summer evenings, the dark chocolate fragrance with also some hint of vanilla becomes particularly pronounced as the day wears on making the Chocolate Cosmos a flower that appeases all of your senses and the soul.

Sea Poison

With an aroma that is over the top sweet and an appearance that are as cheery as a cheerleader’s pompom, the Sea Poison flowers seem to be stemming from an inaccurate nomenclature. Not really however when you find out that these dainty looking beauties stem from a tree that is poisonous in all its parts. Native to mangrove habitats from islands of the Indian Ocean in the west to tropical Asia and islands of the western Pacific Ocean, this pinkish white flower bearing tree comes also with fruits that are as unique. Somewhat square in shape, almost like a box, that have also lent it to be named Box Fruit, Sea Poisons are definitively among the most unique plants with the prettiest flowers in the world.

Hooker’s Lips

Hooker’s Lips
Source: CGTN.com

Technically not flowers yet, that is in the state in which they look like the lips alluded to by their naming, but with an appearance so captivating, the Hooker’s Lips had to find mention among the unique most presences in the flower world. The bright red ‘lips’ of the namesake plant are bracts that remain in their kissable state for a few days before opening to reveal the little yellow and white flowers within.

Undoubtedly its flashiest of features, these red bracts are what lend the flower its name in their very definitive vision and has led to such extents of overharvesting of it that, combined with also its exploitation for medicinal uses, has now left it endangered. Beyond also the allure of its ‘lips’ to the human eyes, these bright red features serves the purpose of pollination for the plant, particularly since it does not give off any enticing scent.

Swaddled Babies

A variety of orchids, tulip orchids to be exact, Swaddled Babies take their name from what the flowers of it appear to be like. Tiny, blanket swathed babies make for the large flowers of this orchid variety that also are noted in their as prominent fragrance. Discovered in the Colombian Andes between 1777-1788, these spring bloomers however happen to be quite complex flowers despite how pleasantly surprising a vision they encompass. Also distinctive in being one of the largest plants, the cream colored and cinnamon scent flowers of it are definitely one of the most remarkable you will ever witness anywhere in the floral realm.

Beehive Ginger

Again one of the many unique flowers of the world that owe their name to the shape of it, beehive gingers are popular also as Ginger wort or Malaysian ginger. Mostly grown as an ornamental plant obviously for the shape of it, this is a plant with also medicinal properties to boast of. The unusual inflorescences of the plant which resemble a skep beehive however do more than just lending the plant its identity, in name as well as in appearance.

The little honeycombs or beehives also perform the important function of collecting water to sustain its produce of what it claims to be- a ginger plant. That again might come as a surprise to many since despite the obvious stating in its name, the honeycomb like structure of its flower makes the plant more resemblant of pine cones. Even the tiny flowers appear just like bees sitting on the beehive tract, making this plant all the more unique and amazing a botanical wonder to marvel at.


Most known as a plant that finds use in the realms of the culinary particularly in Africa, dawadawa however is as pretty a sight to savor as it is nutritious a condiment of cooking. With its red lantern like flowers that look so much like some kind of Christmas decorations, this is a tree hosting one of the most unique flowers of the world that however do not receive much attention, tending to blur away into the background on account of the many medicinal and culinary uses of its seeds and pod instead. Their decorative beauty apart however, the flowers also find usage in traditional African medicine, encompassing therefore also the wholesome significance that the Dawadawa tree possesses.

Skeleton Flowers

Despite how hideous it might sound in its name, the skeleton flower is definitely one among the prettiest of blossoming beauties. Found only in the colder regions of China and Japan, and within the United States’ Appalachian Mountains, this really pretty cove of whiteness with a standout bright green and yellow center is rendered all the more unique in its ‘transformative’ properties. Particularly during rainy days when it is exposed to water, the already pretty flower takes on a different hue of magic with its petals that turn transparent, making for a sight that is pristinely unrealistic and captivating beyond measure.