Uniquely Summery Things you are eagerly waiting for


What comes to your mind when you think of summer? The heat? Sure, the weather gets unbearable at times but we’re sure you can think of a thing or two that can compensate for the copious amount of sweat.

Summer Fruits

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Summer gives us some of the sweetest treats from nature’s bounty – whether you’re a mango lover, a lychee lover or someone who can’t resist watermelons, you’re bound to find something to satiate your sweet tooth.

All Those Beverages

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You have endless choices when you’re off picking beverages, whether they’re flavoured sodas or healthier options like fruit-infused water. Or perhaps your pick is the natural goodness that is Coconut Water?

Longer Days

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Isn’t it great that summertime means your curfew can be stretched out to include more valuable minutes since the days are longer?

Water Parks

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Water Parks are a great option for a day of unadulterated fun with friends and family. Just remember to slather on some waterproof sunscreen first!

Ice Cream/Gola

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Another foolproof way to cool off is ice-cream! Your choice could be the milky and creamy variant or popsicles. Or you could find more pleasure in India’s answer to shaved ice, golas!

Summer Fashion


What better time to buy some comfortable cotton clothing in fun colours?! Take a stroll in some flip-flops, wear a floppy hat, sport some shades. Go neon, go bold, go pastel; again, the choice is entirely yours.

The Wait for Monsoons

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We’re all aware of and secretly await the monsoons. It’s only a matter of time before the rain makes its presence felt in the larger part of the nation.