37 untranslatable words that capture the essence of your love more than just Te Amo!

untranslatable words

How very beautiful it would be to love someone in all the depths and all those highs the universe can fathom? While love is a luxury exclusive only to some, experiencing the euphoria that love lends on to you isn’t necessarily as much of an elusive beauty.

Literature isn’t just a tryst of unfathomably beautiful words striving to up the ante of your emotions. It’s as much about stirring feelings and passions as it is about elevating to your richest moments of ecstasy. And indeed, words never are just what they say, words are more about what they mean!

Here are 37 untranslatable words that capture the essence of your love more than just Te Amo!

#1 Forelsket (Norwegian)


the first euphoria of love

#2 Anhimmeln (German)


to adore someone so much that you gaze at them as dreamily as you would gaze at the sky

#3 Kara Sevda (Turkish)

kara sevda

“black love”, an uncontrollable blinding desire for your unrequited love

#4 Gunnen (Dutch)


being happy by wishing happiness for the one you love

#5 Cwtch (Welsh)

Cwtch (Welsh)

a cuddle or hug with your loved one that makes you feel so safe and complete in their arms

#6 Kilig (Tagalog)


that rush of excitement when you experience the many firsts of love

#7 Hai Shi Shan Meng (Chinese)

Hai Shi Shan Meng the promise of eternal love

the promise of eternal love

#8 Litost (Czech)


Getting in touch with an ex only to realise that you aren’t over them yet

#9 Cafuné (Brazilian Portuguese)

Cafuné (Brazilian Portuguese)

tenderly running your fingers through the hair of a loved one

#10 La Douleur Exquise (French)

La Douleur Exquise

The anguish of loving someone when you love someone who can never be yours

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#11 Honmei-choko (Japanaese)


gifting chocolates to the one you love

#12 Alaaqa (Arabic)


the second stage of being in love when you start getting attached

#13 Ya’aburnee (Arabic)

Ya'aburnee (Arabic)

“You bury me”, wanting your loved one to outlive you because you don’t want to live without them ever

#14 Razbliuto (Russian)


the sentiments for someone you used to love

#15 Flechazo (Spanish)

Flechazo (Spanish)

Love at first sight

#16 Mamihlapinatapai (Yaghan)


Two people looking at each other each wishing the other to do what both desire but either is hesitant to

#17 Manabamate (Rapa Nui, Easter Island)


loss of appetite when you are in love

#18 Saudade (Portuguese)

Saudade (Portuguese)

The love that remains even after you have lost someone.

#19 Queesting (Dutch)


Inviting your lover for some pillow talk

#20 Yuanfen (Chinese)

Yuanfen (Chinese)

that belief in destiny to bring you love

#21 Cheiro No Congote (Portuguese)

Cheiro No Congote

to gently nuzzle your lover’s neck with the tip of your nose

#22 Koi No Yokan (Japanese)

Koi No Yokan

realising that you might fall in love with a person the instant you meet them

#23 Onsra (Bodo)


the heart wrenching feeling of a love that won’t last

#24 Csokolgat (Hungarian)


to shower someone with kisses

#25 Galocher (French)


a passionate French kiss

#26 Shaghaf (Arabic)


the love that is an affliction to which you have given your all

#27 Iktsuarpok (Inuit)


that anticipation that makes you await the visit of someone

#28 Gezelligheid (Dutch)


The warmth of being with loved ones

#29 Viraag (Hindi)

Viraag (Hindi)

the painful restlessness of being away from your loved one

#30 Oodal (Tamil)


passionate love tangle between couples

#31 Gigil (Tagalog)


the urge to squeeze something out of love for something that is irresistibly cute

#32 Fensterla (German)


climb through someone’s window in order to have sex with them without their parents knowing about it

#33 Huyum (Arabic)

Huyum (Arabic)

love that makes you lose all reason and drives you to insanity

#34 Takana no hana (Japanese)

Takana no hana

loving someone who is unattainable

#35 Retrouvailles (French)

Retrouvailles (French)

A feeling of hearty happiness on meeting someone you love after a really long time

#36 Mo chuisle mo chroi (Gaelic)

Mo chuisle mo chroi

The pulse of my heart

#37 Dor (Romanian)


Longing for the one you love

An affliction with all things love is never a nativity, it is a universal phenomenon. No wonder the grandeur of love finds reflection in all languages of the world. Here’s to a parallel world of love filled wordy wonders. Let the love flow throughout!