These social media challenges can break the freaking internet again in 2019

social media challenge

The internet has forever been game for challenges. The year gone by witnessed quite some viral challenges that were fun and humor, and some that were outright dangerous. Nevertheless, these challenges did spruce up 2018. Inevitably then, these viral social media challenges can return to rule even in 2019!

#1 Kiki Challenge

Undoubtedly the challenge of the year. Starting in mid 2018, rapper Drake took internet by storm with his single In My Feelings from his latest album Scorpion.

But what enthralled people across the world was not only the catchy beat of the song, but also the Kiki challenge. It all started when internet comedian Shiggy posted a video of him dancing on the streets to the song that sparked the challenge.

The Shiggy challenge, or the Kiki challenge, as it is popularly known now took internet by storm. And soon enough social media was buzzing with video of people dancing to the beat of the song, in sync with the motion of a moving car. But as crazy and fun it might sound, the Kiki challenge actually posed quite a threat to human lives and traffic police were seen losing sleep over the ‘perpetrators’ of this challenge.

In India, the Kiki challenge was particularly popular and people from all walks of life, from celebrities to commoners made a rush of their dance videos on Instagram.

Two farmers following the trend while on plough with their cattle became an instant hit throughout the world. Trust Indians to challenge themselves. They will truly outdo the rest of the world!

#2 What The Fluff Challenge

This was one of the most adorable challenges that had social media go awww in 2018. Unsuspicious, clueless cuddly paws out there to melt you with all that naievity has to be the best form of challenge ever.

The challenge has pet owners confuse their furry children by holding up a blanket to hide, then dropping it and running away. The lost souls are left wondering “what the fluff?” as they stare blank at the space their owners once stood. Cute pets looking around cluelessly as to where their parent humans disappeared has to be the most amazing things to have a meltdown.

#3 Neymar Challenge

FIFA World Cup 2018 will sure be remembered as the year of the antics. Brazilian footballer Neymar in particular was the star of the show with his on field exploits, with pursuits other than sports.

And this peculiarity that Neymar brought to fore in the footballing world soon turned into a challenge. Known as the Neymar challenge (like, obviously), the footballer’s reactions to tackles became one of the most popular memes of the year.

From children to elderly people, fans and non- fans erupted in unison to bring social media at par with the rolling challenge. Not to forget, Neymar himself partaking of the humour he had endowed the world with. Whatta player!

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#4 Falling Stars Challenge

If it isn’t whacky and wacky, it’s not worthy of being a social media challenge. 2018 saw yet another out of the world challenge ruling the roost on social media. Known as the Falling Stars Challenge, this particular game had people posting pictures of themselves lying flat on their face as if they have just fallen down or passed out. However, what began as a challenge taken up by the rich to show-off their privileges from exotic cars to a yacht, it quickly spread among all who trolled the privileged by recreating it with kitchen utensils and vegetables!

#5 Dele Alli Hand Challenge

Another challenge in 2018 that has its roots in the footballing world is the Dele Alli Hand challenge. Alli’s quirky hand celebration created quite a storm as people tried replicating his gesture soon after his epic celebration.

The typical Elli hand-salute covering his eye with a looped finger and odd twist of the wrist, created quite a buzz, with many trying different ways to successfully recreate it. Soon after, this became one of the most fun challenges that ruled social media in 2018.

#6 Hum Fit Toh India Fit

Closer home, it was Union Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore who propagated the challenge fever locally in the country. The fitness frenzy caught on with the country as Rathore nominated celebs for the challenge, who in turn nominated another set of chalengees. With hashtag #HumFitTohIndiaFit, from Twitter to Instagram, workout videos of Indians flooded social media sites.

#7 The Hand Fist Challenge

The hand fist challenge is essentially the ‘magic trick’ you show to entice kids into believing in your aura. And though it is actually a no brainer, it still managed to catch the fancy of netizens when it went viral in 2018. An optical illusion where you think you see the performer’s fist go through their other hand, the Hand Fist challenge is totally worth partaking of all the fun!

#8 Invisible Challenge

This has to be the most hilarious of all challenges spamming social media in the year gone by. Cashing in on the gullibility of little children, the trick involves making the child believe that he has gone invisible by pretending you can see him no more. It may sound somewhat silly, but you can’t unsee the awe that passes over the child’s (or sometimes even an elder’s) face. Now that’s a real prank.

#9 Zoom Challenge

Another of the song challenges of 2018, the concept behind the Zoom Challenge is pretty simple. Lil Yachty’s song “Mickey,” which has the lyrics “Trappin’ out the back streets, runnin’ through the packs like a track meet–ZOOM!” is the scene set up for this challenge.

The challenge has people filming themselves dancing through the song. Till on the point of Zoom, however. Come “zoom,” and whoever was enjoying the song gets yanked out of the frame by their legs (quite violently). Dangerous, since the people or animals generally end up hitting their heads real hard.

#10 Tide Pod Challenge

Stray humor taking over the internet is not an alien concept. So when detergent major Tide introduced little blue pods for easier laundry, pranksters set into work.

The Tide Pod Challenge has people popping the capsules into their mouth and biting into it. Or cooking them in frying pans, then chewing them up before spewing the soap from their mouths. Fun or not, this certainly is one of those hazardous challenges around.

#11 Snoot Challenge

Adorable canines playing along as you try to get them into a challenge has to be one of the most heartwarming things ever. The challenge has dog owners making circular shapes with their hands and the fluff balls inserting their snouts through it. Precise training setting up the cuteness alert at an all time high- 2019 sure needs this again!

#12 Bottle Cap Challenge

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