Learning by doing, that’s how Vivashwat Thakur embarked on the entrepreneurial journey

Vivashwat Thakur

It isn’t very often that the world comes across such enterprising entrepreneurs who started out so young that they overlap into the whole order of being a budding student, an enterprising ‘businessman’, a farsighted undertaker, all in one. Yet these supremely talented and most importantly dedicated minds are now becoming a tribe less rare than before, which perhaps speak more of their zeal ‘to do something’ rather than some instinct stemming just from some prodigious talent.

One such enterprising prodigy we want to talk about today is Vivashwat Thakur, a young gun from Bihar who still is pursuing his higher secondary but possesses more than enough credibility to eke out his own identity already. A 16-year-old school going student from
Darbhanga, Bihar who is also, ‘by profession’ a 16 y/o Indian Entrepreneur, Developer, Business Geek, IoT, AI & Robotics evangelist, Wikipedian, Tech prodigy, Technology Enthusiast and even a Speaker by passion.

This journey from being a child to a business geek, from a son to a developer, from a brother to a speaker seems indeed like a steady path to walk up on but it is more painstaking than what the world endeavors to deem it as. Success isn’t just an overnight achievement but of working hard, dreaming and believing, and Vivashwat believes in turning ideas into execution, straight up and straight there. It indeed is such conviction that let a young Thakur launch his very first website at the age of twelve.

Vivashwat Thakur
Source: innfinity.in

While most children of his age would be bogged down by homeworks and tuitions, Vivashwat has always been different. As someone who has always found his happiness in learning things online and preparing himself for the entrepreneurial journey, a eight year old Vivashwat discovered the computer as being his best friend. An ambivert, Thakur channelised his inner introverted trait to beneficial end, spending more and more time in getting to know the new ‘toy’ more!

Starting out with making random pictures on MS paint, Thakur got used to the Microsoft software in a few years. His entrepreneurial journey started much before he officially launched Navsite Solution as a 11 years old. By class IX, Thakur was assiduous enough to be working whole nights on his companies!

However, all his success and enterprise did also mean that Thakur lost out on quite some things in life. A friendly guy in school, Vivashwat however met with ridicule from his very friends when he set about working on his dream company. As his peers laughed and isolated him, it spelled a whole world of loneliness for a young Vivashwat who considered it in his best interest to never build up any friendship ever! Even with such a crucial price to pay for his dream, the young boy persisted with his efforts and eventually found success.

Thakur credits his dad for playing a very crucial role in whatever he has achieved. As a mentor, teacher, father, and best friend, Thakur’s father did everything in his capacity to ensure that his young son’s vision sure sees the light of day.

Vivashwat Thakur
Source: innfinity.in

It was in 2017 that an educational institution approached Vivashwat regarding help to get
them an online presence and a website .They discovered him through his work portfolio that included projects for some MNCs. It was while working on the criteria of these Institutions that Vivashwat learned various things about digital marketing. Not very technically savvy back then, the zealous kid invested his time in various certification courses like Google Analytics and Google Digital Marketing that helped hone his entrepreneurial abilities further while also setting him up as a Mobile Sites professional and a Hubspot Certified Professional.

While working with his earliest clients, Thakur noticed that there have been a lot of small
businesses and startups doing great work but they weren’t able to showcase their work to the world. And the wall which resisted them was the overpriced Digital Marketing industry. So to help these Small Bussines and Startups get their presence online, Vivashwat Thakur founded ‘Navsite Solution’ at age 13 as a tech company. Now a Website and Digital Solution company, Navsite ended up being Thakur’s first tech startup- and one that significantly spurred his professional career.

Navisite Solution
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Navsite Solution is the enthusiastic and energetic team of members from different fields of Web Development, Graphics Designing, Digital Marketing and many more. You’ll get all the services in one website at a reasonable cost. Currently, the team is working on a School
Management System to make every school a part of Digital India. As Navsite started getting recognition for their work, their portfolio expanded tremendously and at present Thakur boasts of a venture that has worked for more than 12+ Projects for small businesses, startups, and MNCs. Vivashwat has been continuously featured as a young entrepreneur in 9 learners Media and more. Starting from his study room and study table, Navsite Solution has its branches now in more than 7 Cities in India. (Darbhanga, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Bhopal, and Jabalpur)

Currently studying in Class XIth at Darbhanga Public School, Dilli More, Vivashwat Thakur also mentor aspirants through Zoom Consultancy in helping them learn website development and digital marketing every Sunday.

Undoubtedly an inspiration in his resilient and entrepreneurial spirit, Vivashwat owes also his success to his school’s director sir, Mr. Vishal Gaurav. who have nurtured him and helped him cope with demanding studies and are proud of his work. They provided him
with the right exposure and resources when he needed them the most. Without their support, Thakur couldn’t have been working toward his dream with such fervor. For someone blessed with unconditional support and guidance, Thakur remains very grateful for all the trust his parents and teachers showed on him as he set about pursuing his passion in life. They helped make him who he is at present. They are the ones who goads him into doing the impossible by trying hard enough, and the only reason that Thakur believes he reached where he is.