WedMeGood, because every wedding deserves to be a fairy tale!


Gone might be the days when weddings and marriages occupied the top position in the hierarchy as events and occasions that change life altogether, or rather, defined it in more ‘real’ terms. With changing scope of life whatsoever, the wedding isn’t the only big day in the life of an individual, irrespective of whether they happen to be a male or a female or not confined to any gender else for that matter. This seemingly losing charm of the exaggerated plump show of what is commonly known as tying the knot however does not rule out the exquisitely fancy folds of what encompasses a dream wedding even in more focussed times of today. For, as dewy brides dream away a happily forever after with their prince charming, it is only a reinstation of the human desire for the grandeur of romance and the flurry of fantasy that leads us all to be waiting with bated breath for this one among the many significant days in our life.

Planning a big fat Indian wedding however is a gargantuan task. Right from the crucial pick of the venue to the choiciest show of decorations, from the flare of the dulhan’s lehenga to the flair of her dupatta, the dazzle of the groom’s sherwani or the elaborate wear of pride on a celebration well carried out- every aspect needs to be carefully scrutinised over to bits for a memorable album of vows and wows, of betrothal and bliss.

Stepping in to downside your worries so that you glow more in the wedding afterthought is a name that has emerged to be India’s Favourite Wedding Planning Platform. WedMeGood is a wedding website that has been curating the loveliest weddings since 2014 and is essentially a celebration of love by its founders who themselves share the romantic bond. Founded by husband- wife duo Anand Shahani and Mehak Shahani, WedMeGood seeks to make the walk into the plunge of eternity a moment of fond remembrance for all couples out there quite apprehensive about figuring out how to make it all worthwhile.

It helps that WedMeGood was born out of Mehak’s own need for similar assistance when she went about taking the vows in an unknown city. While wedding blogs have been quite a presence in India for quite some years, there was the lack of a singular source wholly dedicated to making marriage a more comfortable affair for the bride and groom involved. WedMeGood therefore was born not just as another wedding website that will help you match up and leave you at that or even a platform that lets you set your heart on venues and costumes only to be letting you fumbling around for availability at the last moment.

And it helps indeed that WedMeGood has devoted its heart and soul to building a website that isn’t just functional and helpful. Any landing on the gorgeously designed site will likely revert again for the sheer prettiness of its feel, if not for anything else. A riot of peaches and pinks and such blossoms that will instantly teleport you to dreamland, a warm vibe of happy engagements and color decked comfort, mesmerising looks and jaw dropping outfits– WedMeGood is a display of everything gorgeous the mere mention of a wedding sets up one for.

Add to that its absolute spot on offering of such wedding services that are difficult to attain even after considerable scrounging. With a carefully curated vendor listing and a blog that holds a reservoir of wedding tales for anyone to seek inspiration in, WedMeGood caters to every aspect of a modern wedding in the Indian context. Be it photographers, makeup artists, decor, jewelry brands, designer wear and catering firms or even some unique out of the box wedding inventiveness, this one stop shop for weddings is really the cynosure of all eyes anticipatedly waiting to live the best day of their lives one grand time. They also have a curated photo gallery that has some great images of all the latest trends. From the beautiful bridal mehndi designs to the latest decor trends, from bridal accessories to the groom’s outfit it has a whole lot of inspirational pictures.

With extensive user generated content and a very impressive audience engagement, WedMeGood is however phenomenal more than its basics. Indeed in being a digital entry into the traditional realm of marriages in India, the platform is a prime prospect in the multi million dollar wedding market of the country that is slowly upscaling its way beyond the physical rush. But no less instrumental in WedMeGood being the mass presence that it is today is its unique approach towards planning a rewarding wedding experience.

In its curated offerings as well as in featuring honest customer reviews, in documenting brides and grooms on their marriage day and in doubling up as a style blog in helping clients choose the ideas that work best for them, WedMeGood has ventured somewhat out of the realm of selling products, concentrating instead on delivering an experience that works both in the interest of their customers and their business as a whole. Equally enriching is how WedMeGood cares for its enlisted vendors as much as it does for the happy brides and grooms. Be it in its glittering social media presence or the whole hearted efforts it makes in ensuring that every wedding serves to be what it should- a celebration of beautiful beginnings and a saga of living the longings for a really remarkable phase of lives eked out with sheer love. In appealing to the eyes as well as the emotions, WedMeGood has swelled up as a distinctive wedding platform waiting to deliver a life of love to all those who choose to take recourse to it.