11 weird feats enlisted in the Limca Book of Records

limca book of records

India has been a land that has forever been creating buzz with the weirdest of feats. But however bizarre and unconceivable these feats might seem to be, they are still celebrated and lauded.

The Limca Book of Records has been tirelessly honoring all such attempts towards excelling at oddities since 1990. Here are 11 weird Limca book records that will leave you gaping at the seemingly unreal opportunities the country presents-


Udaipur’s tree house enlisted in the Limca Book of Records definitely counts as one unique record. While the idea of a tree house seems too simplistic yet magical, the one executed by a businessman named K P Singh was far more difficult. Because the tree house was conceived to be constructed in a way that would not allow for a single branch of the tree to be cut down.

Where many engineers and architects failed, a small artisan from Surat did the job so well that it made way to the record books.


Suresh Sharma of Jaipur earned a recognition that not many can boast of. With the recitation of the value of pi correct to 70,030 decimal places in 2015, the Indian mnemonist is enlisted in the Limca Book of records for a feat extraordinaire.


In a bizarre record of sorts, Tamil Nadu man E Jayarama made his way into the Limca book by talking 360 hours non stop from June 9 to June 24 in 1989.


A teacher from Assam Dr Paulose VD found his name in the Limca record book for penning down a mono syllabic poem. The 1002-line poem titled “Elegy Written at Elavoor” was published in a 2012 book Home Thoughts written by Paulose who originally hails from Kerala. Not only this has been the longest ever monosyllabic poem in the world, but it also holds the rare distinction of containing more number of words than syllables.


A 57 year old chimpanzee of the Delhi zoo recently discovered another enclosure- the pages of the Limca book of records. Recently, the chimp Rita found mention as the oldest in India and probably the oldest in the world as well. The chimp originally came from Amsterdam in 1964 but has been a part of the Delhi zoo ever since.


Ahmedabad boy Vimlesh Chandra’s claim to fame falls back on the pursuit of a weird hobby. The mechanical engineer found recognition from the Limca book of records with his collection of over 300 pictures of uniquely numbered railway coaches.


In another case of weird records, a Haldwani based businessman has made thousands of deposits and withdrawals in odd sums. A total of 4200 transactions in odd numbers has earned Pramod Kumar who is also an avid collector of rare currencies, a coveted place in the Limca book of records.


Businessman M L Shubhakumar’s innate inclination towards attempting odd stuff has made him the holder of a weird record. He entered the record books in 2008 by holding more than 24 eggs in his right palm! Ten years later in 2018, he successfully attempted another no mean feat as he placed 20 burning candles in his mouth!


Hyderabad whips up such delicious biryanis that are only befitting of the Nawabs. And it’s only apt that a restaurant of the city has earned itself a mention in the Limca Book of records for an ‘exploit’ of this hugely popular dish.

Paradise Food Court from the city created the record by serving a whopping 70,44,289 biryanis in a single year.


A part-time still-photographer and assistant cameraman has forayed into the realm of weird records with his undying passion for Bollywood. Sandeep Boyat has been translating his passion into reality by a means that can only be considered unconventional. Boyat has been putting together a collection of stamps that has a connection to the film industry since about four years ago. With a current collection of 350-400 stamps, Boyat was inducted into the Limca Book of records only recently.


A woman from Mumbai also landed up amongst the pages of Limca Book of Records by becoming a mother! Sounds bizarre but this indeed is true. Mumbai based Ria Gala Mangal has three sons, all born on the same day(and they aren’t triplets)! While Mangal’s first child was born on 9th December, 2013, she became mother to a set of twins on the same date three years later! Now that’s what we call a record to beat!