Amusingly weird traffic laws around the world

weird traffic rules around the world

Driving might be an unexciting chore when you need to drag along the city with your relatives. But it might be an interesting prospect when you set off on a long drive with the love of your life. Needless to say, being in charge of the wheels can be quite adventurous a task because you never know if you are going to runover someone or end up getting knocked down instead! And making things more fun and edgy are peculiar traffic laws that ensure you are always on for the drive of your lifetime. Here’s listing some such weird laws from around the world that will make your time on the road much more classic an experience-


dirty cars
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Are you often disgusted by the sight of people driving really filthy cars? Like the ones shrouded in so much dust that makes you wonder,how the heck anyone managed to get in there. If so, then the Russian capital city of Moscow is where you need to set foot upon, for never even a fleeting view of vehicles that aren’t sparkly clean. The reason- car owners in Moscow are slapped a fine for driving ‘dirty’ cars. And it isn’t just the exterior, the vehicle must even be sparkling clean from inside. As they say, real beuty comes from within!


  • Splashing might be fun but getting splashed upon is the worst that can happen to you on a busy day in a busy street. No wonder Japan has all our hearts in its traffic law that deems it illegal to splash mud or water on pedestrians. Especially during the month of June, when an increased activity of typhoons makes roads more puddled and passerbys more susceptible to a good drenching.
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  • Japan seems to have some of the most sensible traffic laws in the world. Despite its somewhat weird sounding assumption, it’s a law in the country that forbids anyone from owning a car if they do not have enough parking space for it. In fact the dictum is followed seriously enough in Japan where you have to actually show proof of a valid parking facility to the car dealer before you make the purchase.
  • While drunk driving is a serious offence of traffic rules almost anywhere in the world, there’s one particular law in Japan that makes this an offence of an even severe degree. Tripping about in a car through Japan even when you are totally sober can land you in trouble if your driver is inebriated. Like the other traffic laws of the country though, this too is not without good reason.

South Africa

driving in south africa
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While pedestrians are accorded dignity in Japan, South Africa accords a similar status on its wildlife. Slowing down or stopping for allowing herds of livestock to pass by is a common sight in the African country, that which is brought about by its strict law adhering to the same.


The United State of America is pretty much united by its frivolous traffic rules. America has some of the weirdest traffic laws (as weird as Donald Trump, we presume) anywhere in the world. Most of its cities cites some really ridiculous laws that even sound very whimsical. But if you are ever in America, you need to do it the way Americans do. Which therefore means-

  • You cannot wipe your car clean (or otherwise) with an underwear in California. Doesn’t really matter if that has been some old protector of your dignity or a brand new one that you discovered doesn’t fit you right. The law sure is weird; but it gets even weirder when you think as to why would anyone resort to drying their car with some piece of underwear?
  • In what should just be common sense rather than any law to abide by, Alabama deems it illegal for anyone to drive blindfolded. It however allows driving wrong way down one-way streets if you have a lantern attached in front of your car!
  • The law is especially weird for women in California since it prohibits the fairer sex from driving around while wearing a dressing gown, for whatever probable or improbable reasons in the world.
  • In another instance of ‘differential treatment’, women in the regions of Memphis and New Orleans cannot drive a car unless they have their husband or some other man in front of the car with a warning flag. And they say the western world isn’t sexist. Duh!
  • Georgia has this really bizarre rule that prohibits people from spitting from inside a moving car or bus but keeps nothing on hold for folks moving around in trucks!
  • Fancy black cars for their sleekness in style? Think twice before splurging on one in Denver, Colorado that restricts you from taking the beast off on a good drive on that relaxing Sunday if it happens to be black!
  • Dunkin’ Donuts might be famous for its convenience of ‘drive thru’s. But try obstructing the ease by parking your car right there in Maine and you can be convicted of crime. And rightly so!
  • Maine has a partner in crime it seems. Arkansas deems it against the law to honk at any place serving cold drinks and sandwiches after 9 in the night!
  • Coming to honking, it’s essential for everyone to absolutely mind only their own business in Missouri. The midwestern US state considers it illegal to honk the horn of a car that isn’t yours.
  • Minding your own business is also the norm in Milford of Massachusetts. The law of the town deems it illegal to peep through the window of someone else’s vehicle.
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  • In New Jersey, you can be doing something as ‘instinctive’ as frowning at a police officer and land yourself in legal trouble!
  • You know how’s this fetish with folks sitting in the midst of a picturesque highway to pose for pictures that cater to their ‘cool’ social media image? Not so cool when you are in The States however. The state of Michigan considers it illegal to sit in the middle of the road to read a newspaper. While in California, you simply cannot lie down on the road for posing, for sleeping or for any reason whatsoever.


Even when it might sound quite weird a law to keep your headlights on whatever time of the day you are driving, it’s in fact quite a necessity in Sweden. For a cold country like this northern European one that remains shrouded in darkness for most times of the year, it’s indeed a necessary precaution that all drivers who hit the road need to keep their headlights switched on throughout.


pollution emission of cars
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One really absurd traffic law that pertains to India relates to the pollution causing aspect of vehicles. While it is illegal in the country to drive your vehicle without a pollution control certificate and also to exhume smoke beyond permissible limits, what is bizarre is the quantum of fine. Any failure to produce the certificate yields a fine as high as 10,000 rupees. But in case of the other offence which practically has more of an environmental impact the fine is a mere 5% of the former. Definitely way weirder than anyone can conceive!


  • So if moving about in a dirty car is a matter of offence in Russia, moving about in a vehicle laden with snow and ice is no less an offence in the American country of Canada. This however isn’t as much weird a law if you view it in retrospect; snow covered exteriors can pose as a serious hazard to driving which is why the fine on it stands justified.
  • Some places in Canada also consider it against the law to speed faster than a horse or carriage. Now that’s what we would call weird!


  • Sundays in our land means that everything in the house needs to get its weekly cleaning regimen. Even cars. Not so in Switzerland where it is actually illegal to wash your car on Sundays! Perhaps the Swiss really appreciate the endowing of Sunday as a day not meant for the chores.
  • Another uncommon traffic rule that you need to abide by in Switzerland has to do with slamming of car doors. It is prohibited in the country to loudly slam car doors shut after 10 at night. More basic than weird for a country that even doesn’t allow for a flush of the toilet after 10 p.m.!


The Germany of today might be fortunate enough to escape the tyrannical rule of Adolf Hitler. But the Nazi attitude continues to ‘torture’ people till day in the country. In what is only an extension of its years of authoritarian history, Germany makes it mandatory for all car owners to maintain an ‘efficient’ vehicle. Which makes it strictly illegal to break down for any reason whatsoever on the ‘autobahn’- even when it stems from a mere running out of fuel!


Irrespective of whether or not your car sports a windshield, it however needs to have a working windshield wiper. The hows and whys of this really bizarre law in Luxembourg however remains shrouded in quite some ambiguity.


The weird traffic law of Denmark that we would be talking about is in fact one steeped in sensibility. Driving in the European country makes it mandatory to check under the car for any humans or children. This of course is to make sure that you don’t end up trampling anyone while making a trip.


Cyprus’ weird traffic law has everything to do with food on the wheels. The laws of the country forbids anyone driving a car from eating or drinking anything while on road. Forget alcohol, not even water or any food is allowed no matter how starved and parched you would be. Perhaps because the seductive effects of food can be enough cause of distraction for drivers to lose control!


Drinking and driving might lend you in some soup if the cops’ breath analyser finds you intoxicated. In France however, the same breath analyser can be your ticket to prison in an unusual way. The European country mandates every car driver to possess their own breath analyser for quite obvious reasons.


For everyone who loathes Mondays, the pearly premises of Philippines can be your abode of perfection. As a country that deems it illegal for cars with number plates ending in 1s or 2s to move about on Monday, you sure can delay those week’start’ blues by another day!

Costa Rica

driving with beer in hand in costa rica
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While Costa Rica‘s laws relating to drunk driving are pretty much the same as anywhere in the world, there still lies a weird element to it. The American country very much prevents drivers from being high on booze while taking to the wheels. But that does not mean that they cannot hold a can of beer in their hands; of course only as long as they manage to remain ‘appropriately’ sober.


driving shirtless in thailand
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The land of smiles can lend quite a smile to your face with its amusing traffic law. The picturesque country might be famous for its many beaches that see topless visitors basking under the sizzling sun along its glorious sands. However, venture out of the beach and into your vehicle and you need to definitely exercise some restraint upon yourself. Singapore needs you to have your shirt on if you intend to drive there, lawfully and peacefully.


In great consideration of the many perils that pedestrians often are subjected to, the country of Singapore requires all drivers to maintain at least some 50 meters distance away from people on foot.


  • Australia seems to be quite a quirky land when it comes to its traffic laws. The prevailing legislations in the continental country deem it illegal to splash any pedestrian waiting for a bus or alighting from it with however no such regard for anyone who do not take the bus route!
  • Another peculiar law from the land of the high jumping kangaroos uses ‘slowing’ as a way to collect traffic fines. While speeding might be a traffic offence all right, going painfully slow is also no less illegal. Not just in Australia however, this is a law in also some other regions of the world.


  • For people with vision problem who choose to drive around in Spain, the expenses go a bit higher. The law of the country requires anyone with glasses to keep an extra pair handy even when they are already wearing one.
  • So while glasses are encouraged, flip flops are discouraged in Spain. Sporting a pair of flip flops while driving around in the country makes you eligible for a hefty fine.
  • Another weird traffic law in Spain that however has nothing to do with what you sport relates to parking specifics. Some cities regulate parking woes by allowing parking only in front of houses with even numbers on even days and with odd numbers on odd days!