14 websites that get as weird as they possibly can(not!)

weird websites

The weird allure of the world is what makes it beautiful, whether it be the aspects of it in all realness or the websites of virtual prominence instead. In chancing upon such unique assertions of identity, sometime in amusing and at other times in irritating versions of them, these many addresses of weirdness abounding the world wide web make for a rather different experience altogether. Whether it to be while away your time, to cure yourself of boredom while surfing the other more important but at times tedious span of the pages across the internet or simply to further the discovery of some accidental landing, checking out these websites of eccentric leanings make for a fun prospect in some work and some play-

I’M Feeling Unlucky

Not just weird but also interesting among the multiple websites that you would somehow chance upon across the vast world of the internet is the Feeling Unlucky Today page that makes though for a revelation of sorts. This is seemingly an unofficial version of Google, devised to deliver though the last result of any search query you type in on to the world’s most popular search engine. Sure unlucky would be the tons and hundreds of results yielded by any Google search that does not manage to land up on the first couple of its pages and this website projects that basis of hard luck as its USP.

Rather inventive a concept for a website to develop across is what the unluckysearch.com typing in of URL lands one on, across a simulation of sorts that seem almost like Google indeed. And while the point of ‘discovering’ the inglorious final entity in the comprehensive summation of the knowledge that Google seeks to provide might be a notion rooted in obscurity, this still is a website that makes for an interesting find.

Do nothing for 2 minutes

Do nothing for 2 minutes
Source: gHacks

Weird? Perhaps. Wise? Definitely. Do nothing for 2 minutes is a website that will have you stick to its proclamation of indeed doing nothing for 2 whole minutes with a countdown to track your idleness along those couple of the moments. And idling away those precious oodles of your busy time, you would also end up relaxed with the website therapising you almost with the gentle sound of the waves playing with an accompanying display image of the sea to almost transport you to that world of what it aspires to offer.

Passive Aggressive Passwords

Featuring among the list of weird websites, the Passive Aggressive Passwords though would count as quite genius a creation by its founder. While the premise of it all is definitely banter with imaginative insults hurled at every password one attempts to enter, this is still a handy enough website that lets one come up with such codes that they will never forget indeed. Only upon entering a rather long password of at least a whopping 20 characters would the passive aggressive take on your choice cease to ridicule what you hoped would make for a decent password.

Eel Slap

Eel Slap
Source: YaksGames

You know those days when you are so cranky you really want to slap just about anyone and everyone out there? Well the real world might be too ‘ununderstanding’ of that occasional state of the mind which is why the weird world of the internet comes up with such websites that indulge your exact desires. Eel Slap for instance is the savior in this particular case when the slapping urge takes over so intensely that you might indeed go and really hit someone in the face but have to resort instead to the unreal realm of the internet in order to avoid the dire consequences of what might otherwise follow. So go on and indulge in that spree of slapping in an alternate version of reality with as alternate a ‘device’ of an eel of course!

Corgi Orgy

Till the time Corgi Orgy stays true to its name in being a website depicting a bunch of happy corgis swimming all over your compute screen, it is plain and pointless. Stay on it for long enough though and you see the weirdness unfolding in such dramatic extensions of it that might even land you on some random person’s Instagram page! Talk about being eccentrically excited at all that silliness.

Will Robots Take My Job

As an website that offers in fact a reality check, this should not really count as weird a page to land up on. For those of us constantly worried about the simulated humanoid form of the robots replacing us from our jobs anytime in the future, this is the place to affirm all our fears and apprehensions in certainty. It is perhaps this ‘helpful’ nature of the Will Robots Take My Job site that make it stand out as weird as well, albeit in a different kind of manifestation of its weirdness.

Hacker Typer

Websites sure does not get any weirder than this. In the facade of its appearance on screen as a page filled with the minute pixelated scribblings in green upon a black background, akin to what typifies the display of programmers and/ or ethical hackers and such other folks involved in the intricacies of web pages and the like, landing up on the Hacker Typer page is a sureshot way of owning those feels in the ingeniousness of developing expanses of the web. Just randomly glide your fingers all over the keyboard and there you have it- the screen lighting up with such assertions of your deft feeding in of instructions and commands that is sure to make a layman convinced about all the intense work you are indulging in!

Is It Christmas

For those of you so obsessed with the setting in of the Christmassy time of the year to have squandered away all reason and ponder constantly, consistently over whether Christmas is here yet, this is a website genuinely attempting to address your queries. Depending on that time of the year when you land up on its webpage, Is It Christmas tells you exactly what is so blatantly apparent and evident in its name, with the answer also being no less an assertion of what characterise the reality in the season. Come December and you will be confirmed about your festivities beginning to set in; log in sometime in summer or spring instead and the website would only be affirming what each one of us knows all through in all certainty.


Weird does not necessarily mean useless but type in witdafuk.com in the address bar and you will land up on yet another of the websites that is utter nothingness. A barrage of colorful writings of the flashing ‘WTF’ expression is what will greet you quite unsurprisingly from across this page of pointlessness making it a completely (un)forgettable URL to bookmark.

This Website Says It All

This is a website that says nothing but the truth, the truth happening to be the ‘It All’ it proclaims indeed to say. For a description so senseless and confusing and weird, this sure is one of the websites that the web does not need but so are a dozen of such other pages existing just cause. Literally saying what it makes so evident in the very title of it is this website that sure might thing it to be the most brutally honest of reviewers on the internet.

Rainy Mood

Petrichor might make for a peculiar experience in nostalgia emanating from the ground after the first shower from heaven but that isn’t the only emotion that the magical beauty of the rain encompasses. Equally soothing is the sound of rain pouring from the skies that acts like therapy and serves almost as a way to happiness. And rain being a marvel of nature which means that we cannot seek solace in the weirdly comforting drown of its typical sounding any time we have that ‘craving’ in our soul, the rainymood.com website seeks to tap into this exquisite allure of this phenomenon in immense beauty. This might not count exactly as being among the weird websites but it sure is different than any other chance encountering upon the world wide web even in its offering in profusion of surprising pleasantries.

Weird Or Confusing

Weird Or Confusing
Source: Reddit

There is no other way for this website to occur than as being weird and confusing in its self proclaiming assertion of identity but the working of it is based on a principle uncharacterising of the others on the list. The main page has a ‘Sell me something weird or confusing please’ direction writ upon it for visitors to click on and once they adhere to that instruction, the website redirects them to a different page offering on sale some of the most unusual items ever in perhaps the history of shopping. A quirky way indeed to indulge in some online shopping the next time you feel that surge of needing to splurge!

Is it dark outside?

Syncing almost with the aforementioned Christmas cheer spreading across the list is the Is it dark outside website that gets once again as obvious as it can. Answering indeed your perplexing query in is it dark outside yet as you land up on this page in weirdness from under the covers, oblivious totally of the nature of the outer world is this page that offers more rapidly changing a response as compared to the questioning of the season of yuletide.

The Useless Web

In serving the purpose of listing the world’s most useless websites to exist, The Useless Web offers an experience of the internet in as weird connotations of it as possible. As a collection of websites that each serve their own useless purpose in uniqueness, this probably is the most prominent of them all when it comes to gauging the level and extent of encompassing weirdness as part of their very nature and intention. Rounding up therefore this list of the world’s weirdest websites with this ultimate weird index seems to be the logical way to sign off indeed.