What are the qualities of a good scientific researcher?

What are the qualities of a good scientific researcher

Research and scientific activities are used throughout ages. Any human being has always intended to know the world where he lives. Social significance and the need in science are eternal.

A researcher, organizing and conducting his research, performs two main functions:

  • Systematizing and accumulating the knowledge gathered by humanity;
  • Learning something new, developing a scientific field he is interested in.

To implement these functions, a researcher must possess a number of qualities and characteristics that create a solid foundation of his personality.

Researching activity is an extremely tense, creative work that requires complete commitment, perseverance, patience, dedication, imbued with creative thinking, a sense of the new, and a desire to discover the unknown. The mastery of a researcher is a general culture and erudition, professional knowledge, research abilities and skills, research orientation.

All the above mentioned professionally significant personal qualities determine the authority of a researcher, whose components are:

  • Deep versatile special knowledge;
  • Possession of professional and research skills;
  • Presence of psychological and pedagogical abilities;
  • Ability to communicate with people;
  • Behavior in accordance with the norms of professional psycho-scientific ethics.

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The effective conduct of the scientific work of a researcher is impossible if he does not have a thorough preparation, including:

  1. Methodological knowledge;
  2. Skills of methodological reflection, i.e. the ability to comprehend and evaluate his own research activities.

To provide the researcher with a real “working” methodological tool, it is necessary to bring the results of work in the field of methodology to the applied level, i.e. present in the regulatory form. Strengthening such an orientation would allow more successfully combating the shortcomings characteristic of a significant part of a research, which includes, for example, the unreliability of conclusions, abstract reasoning about the truths already established by science, a low level of substantiation of recommendations.

It is possible to overcome similar weaknesses in the practice of research work, provided that the concrete methodological support of the researcher for his scientific tools is streamlined.

Success, as one can determine, largely depends on the personality of a scientific researcher himself. With no doubt, his intellect, special psychological knowledge play a crucial role in determining the results of scientific work. However, it depends exclusively on the level of moral qualities evolution of a researcher. A good researcher should respect what has already been done on the issue by others. That is why such qualities as modesty, objectivity in assessing the personal contribution to collective work are essential as well.

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Science requires great diligence, efficiency, long-term ability to overcome stress. These qualities significantly influence both the theoretical and experimental research, as well as the process of generalizing its results and introducing scientific recommendations into the researching practice.

Therefore, a researcher is a person who is professionally responsible for explaining the reality to humanity, creating and introducing innovations. However, at the same time, it is worth understanding that such a phenomenon as the “fame of a scientist” is very specific. The great researcher is a scientist whose work has been read by 4–5 thousand people working in the same field as him. Then what is great in being a scientific researcher? Researchers are engaged in science not for those who can study it, but for those who cannot live otherwise. Scientific research is a very special level of freedom.

When erudition, professionalism, understanding of science meaning and true freedom unite in one place, a discovery is born and it turns the life of an entire epoch.