What does your sleeping posture speak about you?

To all the sleepyheads out there,‘sweet dreams’ is not just another phrase but a pleasant whisper that helps you to hit the sack! All you need is a comfy bed or a lullaby to go to sleep and let the dream catcher do its job.While living a monotonous and fast-paced life, people often long for a sound sleep and look forward to a peaceful night without any office calls or any other sort of disturbance. Have you ever noticed that when you sleep, you lie in one position and by the time you wake in the morning, you find yourself in another pose?Do you know that your sleeping posture tells a lot about your personality and thoughts?

Researchers and psychologists have been studying sleeping patterns to understand the traits of different human beings. Read on to know more!

#1 Fetal position

How does a baby curl up in the womb? That’s exactly what this position refers to! Fetal position is the most popular posture in which one falls asleep in a side-lying position, with their knees, curled up toward their chest.If you find comfort in this position that means you can be described as someone with a tough exterior, but you are a soft-hearted and shy person on the inside.

#2 Free-fall sleepers

If you lie on your bed facing downward, resting on your stomach with your arms wrapped around the pillow, then you are a free-faller. Though this awkward position is not recommended by doctors, the free-fall sleepers are usually free-spirited people. Such people are gregarious and bold on the outside, but deep inside they are nervous and are oversensitive to criticism.

A little suggestion –don’t be a perpetual free-faller. This position can have an adverse effect on your body as your muscles get stuck in one position for a long time, resulting in muscle spasm, stiff neck,and chronic pain.

#3 The military stance

The soldier position is not quite a favorable one. As the name suggests, people with soldier stance are of serious demeanor and are highly focused. This is a position where you sleep on your back with arms on both the sides as if you are alert even while havingazizz. This posture denotes that you tend to have a reserved nature and you set high moral standards for yourself.

#4 Star-fish

This is the funniest stance while taking a nap! With arms sprawled out beside your head and the legs stretched out in a carefree manner, the star-fish position is also called ‘spread eagle.’People who sleep like a star-fish are usually known for their loyalty and will go an extra mile when their friends need help. Rather than being the center of attraction, they choose to listen to others’ problems.

#5 Sleep like a dog

If this is your favorite sleeping position, then you must be someone who passes out like a log (lying on your sides with arms and legs extended straight). People with such sleeping style are friendly and sociable. These social butterflies are gullible because they trust people way too easily.

#6 The yearner

Do you laze in bed with your arms stretched out in front of you? If yes, then you can be labelled as a yearner. Your style of sleeping (as if you are reaching out for something) depicts that you have a little complicated persona. You are very open, friendly and inviting, but you have a hard time trusting people. Hence, you are cynical. You are a slow decision maker, but once you make up your mind, nothing can hold you back.

Which one of these postures is your type? Do you think that any of these characteristics mentioned above align with your real personality? Well, only five percent of people have reported that they get their cozy slumber in different positions every day, while others develop a consistent sleeping pose throughout their lives.Well, it does not matter in which position you sleep as long as you are sleeping tight. The only concern is that you must spare time to complete your 6-8 hours of sleep which is recommended for a healthy and happy living. It is evident that nowadays people skip their sleeping time because of their night shifts or overload of work, but they don’t realize that sleep deprivation can have chronic negative effects on their health. So, work hard, sleep harder.